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7 Best Bluetooth Keyboards

Operate a smart TV with a keyboard from the couch, type quickly on smartphones and tablets without using a touchscreen, or simply cut down on messy cables on a desk, the best Bluetooth keyboards make this possible. This makes it a versatile companion in the home cinema or in mobile work life. But sometimes there are big differences in terms of function and the nature of the buttons and their general equipment. The question arises: Which Bluetooth keyboard is suitable for whom?

best bluetooth keyboards

The following comparison of the best Bluetooth keyboards shows the most important features of the 7 products at a glance. This guide then explains how a Bluetooth keyboard works and what its advantages are. He mentions the different types and criteria that are most important when buying a Bluetooth keyboard, gives tips on cleaning and more.

Big comparison of 7 best remote Bluetooth keyboards

best bluetooth keyboards

1. OMOTON KB066 Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Wireless connectivity technology
  • PC, Tablet, Smartphone compatible devices
  • Number of keys 78
  • Number of buttons 78
The OMOTON KB066 Bluetooth keyboard has rubber dome keys and a scissor switch. According to the manufacturer, a scissor-like mechanism ensures additional stabilization of the buttons and allows for an overall flat design. Therefore, the keyboard was developed for greater comfort: thanks to the absence of a numeric keypad, it takes up less space on the desk and offers a pleasant writing experience.

Optimized for Apple devices: According to the manufacturer, Bluetooth keyboards are optimized for Apple devices and are compatible with iMac PCs or MacBooks (Apple notebooks). Therefore, connection to a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone is also possible.

The OMOTON keyboard has multimedia keys to adjust the volume or to fast-forward and rewind videos in the integrated F-key and can be used with the FN key enabled. KB066 is available in white or rose color. It has a QWERTZ layout and is 28.4 centimeters wide and 11.9 centimeters deep. It is 5.1 millimeters (0.5 centimeters) tall without the battery compartment.

What is a rubber dome lock? The most common type of button is called a "rubber dome". It has a rubber dome under the button cover, which ensures that the button returns to its original position after being pressed. The rubber dome lock has a soft pressure point and quiet keystrokes.

  • Optimized for Apple devices
  • Scissor switch
  • Available in two colors
  • No lighting
  • There is no Bluetooth version at this time
best bluetooth keyboards

2. Logitech MX Keys Bluetooth Keyboard

With MX Keys, Logitech offers a Bluetooth keyboard that works with energy-efficient Bluetooth technology. According to the manufacturer, the curved Perfect Stroke button is the result of decades of experience. Thus, they adapt to the shape of the fingertip and produce pleasant haptic feedback - regardless of which area the button is pressed. This should ensure precise, natural and smooth typing. Each key has a matte finish and the fingers should glide smoothly over the surface.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy Technology? Low Energy is an additional function for Bluetooth devices available starting from version 4.0. This allows for lower power consumption at lower transmission power. This allows for longer battery life. Signal transmission is slightly slower and transmission range is reduced slightly. However, in practice, this is hardly noticeable.

According to Logitech, the keys have improved stability, which reduces typing noise and improves responsiveness. In addition, the Bluetooth keyboard has a white key light that turns on automatically as soon as your hand approaches the keys. When the proximity sensor detects that the hand is moving away again, the light goes out. The intensity of the lighting should automatically adjust to the lighting conditions. Alternatively, it can be set manually.

Robust thanks to the metal plate: The Bluetooth keyboard housing is held together by a single metal plate. According to the manufacturer, this makes the keyboard sturdy and prevents it from slipping on the table.

As for power supply, the MX Keys come with a rechargeable battery that the manufacturer says can last up to 5 months when the lighting is off - with the lighting on for about 10 days. multimedia keys to control music playback or to forward and play back videos are on the integrated F-key. For lighting settings, there is MX Keys access to the Logitech Options software.

In order for a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech to be connected to a computer that does not have Bluetooth functionality, it has a USB wireless receiver. Equipped with an easy toggle button to switch easily between multiple Bluetooth devices. This allows the keyboard to switch between up to three connected Bluetooth devices at the touch of a button. As Logitech states, the wireless keyboard is Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS compatible. It is available in three color variants: graphite, silver and pink.

  • According to the manufacturer, sturdy construction thanks to metal plates
  • Perfect Button Stroke for the ultimate feel
  • Luminous button with proximity sensor
  • USB receiver
  • Easy toggle button
  • Relatively heavy
  • No information about Bluetooth version
best bluetooth keyboards

3. Bluetooth Keyboard Microsoft QSZ 00006
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, PC
  • Includes components Contents: 1 item
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard Series
  • Number of keys 105
  • Single Style
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 12.4 x 43.5 x 1.9 centimeters
Under the designation QSZ 00006, Microsoft offers a Bluetooth keyboard with rubber dome keys and Bluetooth version 5.0. Manufacturers talk about a pleasant typing experience as well as a sleek and modern design. Two AAA batteries are required for power supply. The manufacturer does not provide any information about the runtime. multimedia keys to manage video or music playback are on the integrated F key.

With emoji buttons: Emojis (face icons with different emotions) are now an integral part of digital communication. The Bluetooth keyboard has a dedicated emoji key that you can use to open a selection of emojis across various messenger services – such as Facebook or WhatsApp – at the touch of a button.

An additional Office 365 button allows you to open the Office 365 software with the press of a button. Office 365 is a combination of online services - Office web applications - and Office software subscriptions. Office 365 is generally used for editing text and tables. It is offered as a single or family version for personal customers or as a business package. The range of functions differs depending on the version.

If needed, a Bluetooth QSZ 00006 keyboard is available with the mouse. There are three different Bluetooth mouse options. The Microsoft wireless keyboard has a black color scheme and a compact format with rounded edges. It is 43.4 centimeters wide, 1.9 centimeters high, and 12.3 centimeters deep. It weighs 461.6 grams.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth version 5.0? In order to achieve better transmission rates and more stable wireless connections, Bluetooth technology is constantly being developed further. In general, the more up-to-date the Bluetooth version of the keyboard, the more stable the signal transmission and the lower the power consumption. The current version is 5.0 with extensions 5.1 and 5.2.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Emoji button
  • Available in bundles with different mice
  • Office 365 button
  • No lighting
  • No information about runtime
best bluetooth keyboards

4. TECKNET 600045 Compact Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Description of Multimedia keyboard
  • Connectivity technology Micro usb, usb, bluetooth, wlan, Kabellos
  • Wiederaufladbar special features
  • Compatible devices laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Includes USB-cable components
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 24.5 x 15 x 0.5 centimeters
The TECKNET 600045 Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with rubber dome keys. According to the manufacturer, a scissor-like mechanism ensures better button stabilization and allows for a generally flat design. Thus, Bluetooth keyboards offer comfortable typing and can withstand up to 5 million keystrokes. multimedia keys to control music and video playback are on the integrated F-key. The signal is transmitted via Bluetooth 3.0.

Compact and lightweight for travel: The Bluetooth keyboard from TECKNET has no numeric keypad and is extremely compact with dimensions of width, height and depth of 24.5 x 0.5 x 15 centimeters so it can fit in many backpacks and bags. Its weight is relatively light compared to other models, 203 grams. According to the manufacturer, the keyboard is a good choice for use when traveling.

The TECKNET 600045 is powered by a rechargeable battery. To increase battery life, the wireless keyboard has a power-saving mode that turns it off automatically when not in use. The Bluetooth channel button makes it possible to switch between up to three connected devices. For example, you can type text on a PC with a Bluetooth keyboard and switch to a tablet with the press of a button to reply to a message.

Who needs a numeric keypad on the keyboard? While gamers and frequent travelers usually do without a numeric keypad for space reasons, it can be a useful accessory for writers who write frequently. Because the numeric keypad allows for faster and more intuitive input of numbers than the top row of numbers because the numbers are arranged in blocks.

  • Light and compact
  • Bluetooth channel button
  • Power saving mode
  • Lasts up to 5 million keystrokes
  • With Bluetooth 3.0 there is no current version
  • No lighting
best bluetooth keyboards

5. Logitech MX Keys Plus Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • Connectivity technology 2.4GHZ, Bluetooth, USB
  • Special features Backlit, Recharge
  • PC compatible devices, iOS devices on iOS 9 or later
  • Includes Keyboard component
  • Series 920-009404
  • MX Keys Plus style
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 13.2 x 43 x 2 centimeters
The Logitech MX Keys Plus Bluetooth keyboard features curved Perfect Stroke keys. According to the manufacturer, they adapt to the shape of the fingertip and create pleasant haptic feedback - regardless of the area where the button is pressed. This allows for natural, fluid and precise typing. The matte button covers are meant to ensure that fingers can glide smoothly over the surface.

According to Logitech, increased key stability reduces typing noise and increases the responsiveness of the Bluetooth keyboard. MX Keys Plus has white key lighting for use in the dark. Thanks to the proximity sensor, it activates automatically as soon as your hand approaches the button. Once they move away again, the light turns off by itself. It saves energy.

Included palm rest: Bluetooth keyboards from Logitech have a separate palm rest for comfortable handling. Since they are not permanently attached to the keyboard, the pads can be placed individually. In general, a palm rest should contribute to a more natural wrist position and relieve pain from the strain caused by frequent typing on the keyboard.

The Logitech MX Keys Plus keyboard is battery operated. According to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 5 months when the lighting is disabled. With the lighting activated, it lasts up to 10 days. the multimedia keys are on the integrated F key. Logitech Options software is used to set the keyboard backlight.

The easy-switch button on the Bluetooth keyboard allows you to switch between up to three connected Bluetooth devices at the touch of a button. Thanks to the USB receiver, the wireless keyboard from Logitech can be connected to end devices that don't support Bluetooth. Without a palm rest, the width, height and depth are 43 x 2 x 13.1 centimeters and weighs 810 grams.

  • Separate palm rest
  • Easy toggle button
  • Luminous button with proximity sensor
  • Perfect Button Stroke
  • USB receiver
  • Bluetooth version information is missing
  • Relatively heavy
best bluetooth keyboards

6. Bluetooth Keyboard ODE00 0713
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Compatible devices Laptops, Bluetooth enabled devices, tablets, smartphones
  • Includes component USB cable
  • ODE00-0713 Seri Series
  • Number of buttons 59
  • bluetooth keyboard style
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 25.8 x 17.3 x 0.9 centimeters
The 1byone ODE00 0713 Bluetooth keyboard has rubber dome keys and Bluetooth version 5.0. According to the manufacturer, it offers a pleasant typing experience and has quiet keystrokes. By doing without the numeric keypad, the Bluetooth keyboard has a lightweight and compact design. It should be easy to store and transport. Into the F key are integrated multimedia keys for managing music and video playback.

With multi-touchpad: 1byone's Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with a multi-touchpad. This is a touch sensitive area under the spacebar that acts as a mouse - just like on a laptop. According to the manufacturer, the multi-touchpad is capable of processing multiple inputs simultaneously. This allows for more precise operation.

The all-black 1byone Bluetooth keyboard has ABS plastic keys and, according to the manufacturer, can withstand up to 5 million keystrokes. Thus, the integrated battery achieves a runtime of up to 90 hours. To save energy, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode after 30 minutes if there is no input within 30 minutes.

What is ABS plastic? The acronym stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. ABS is a thermoplastic material. This means that it can easily deform under the influence of heat. Due to its high impact and scratch resistance, as well as its resistance to oils and grease, such as fingerprints, ABS plastic is a good choice for making keyboard key covers.

  • Multi touchpad
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Power saving mode
  • Holds up to 5 million keystrokes
  • No lighting
best bluetooth keyboards

7. iClever BK10-EU-Black Bluetooth Keyboard

The BK10-EU-Black Bluetooth keyboard from iClever has rubber dome keys with a scissor switch, which the manufacturer says helps stabilize the keys and allows for the keyboard's flat design. As such, the flat keys offer haptic feedback and have enough key drop for comfortable typing. According to the manufacturer, Bluetooth keyboards are designed for a lifespan of up to 3 million keystrokes. For easy control of music and video playback are multimedia keys into the integrated F key.

What is the main journey? Key drop describes the path the key travels from its neutral position to a stop. Whether a longer or shorter key travel is preferred depends on personal taste.

The BK10-EU-Black works with Bluetooth version 5.1 and is battery powered. According to iClever, the battery lasts 90 hours of pure write time and charges in under 2 hours. The keyboard shows the remaining battery life via the charging indicator. The iClever Bluetooth keyboard has ABS plastic keys and a stainless steel frame. It is 36.6 centimeters wide, 1.1 centimeters high, and 12.5 centimeters deep.

Splash resistant: According to the manufacturer, the buttons and housing are splash resistant. This increases the chances of the keyboard surviving an accidentally spilled glass of water or a sudden outdoor rain without injury.

  • Splash proof
  • Power saving mode
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • With charging indicator
  • Only 3 million keystrokes
  • No lighting
What is a bluetooth keyboards?

bluetooth keyboards

The Bluetooth keyboard is a type of wireless remote control. Bluetooth technology allows the keyboard to connect wirelessly to a computer. This reduces the risk of tangled cables and allows the PC to be operated from several meters away. The keyboard can not only be connected to a computer via Bluetooth, but also to a television or game console.

What to know about the predecessor of the keyboard: The layout or arrangement of keys on the keyboard comes from its predecessor - the mechanical typewriter. This seemingly random arrangement was essential to the typewriter's function: it had to be constructed so that the typewriter's letter levers didn't get caught in one another. For this reason, letters that are frequently pressed one after another should be separated as far as possible. For the sake of simplicity, the settings for the keyboard have been adopted unchanged.

How do bluetooth keyboards work?

The basic functionality is the same for all types of keyboards: Each key has a conductive metal section on the underside, which creates a connection between two electrical conductors when the key is pressed. Closing the line sends input commands from the keyboard to the computer.

Unlike a wired keyboard, the signal is transmitted between the keyboard and the computer wirelessly using a Bluetooth chip. Bluetooth is a licensed radio technology for short-range wireless data transmission. The transmission range of most Bluetooth keyboards is 10 meters.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a computer?

The only requirement for the connection between the computer and the Bluetooth keyboard is that the PC has Bluetooth function. This is often not the case, especially with stationary desktop PCs. If the Bluetooth function is available on the PC, the connection can be made in just a few steps. In Windows 10, for example, the connection between a PC and a Bluetooth keyboard is as follows:
  • Use the "Start" button to select the "Devices" tab and then the "Bluetooth and other device settings" tab. Enable the Bluetooth function here using the slider.
  • Press the Bluetooth button on the keyboard to enable wireless data transfer.
  • After pressing the Bluetooth button, the PC automatically recognizes the keyboard and displays the model name.
  • Establish a wireless connection between the PC and the keyboard by clicking "Pair".
Can a Bluetooth keyboard be connected to an Apple PC? Yes, most Bluetooth keyboards connect to an Apple MacBook or iMac. With the Apple operating system macOS, the Bluetooth function can be enabled via the system settings under the "Bluetooth" tab.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bluetooth keyboard over a wired keyboard?

The advantage of a Bluetooth keyboard comes from a wireless connection to the computer. This reduces cable clutter on the desk, increases freedom of movement and makes it possible to control the PC from a greater distance. At the same time, going wireless can have a positive effect on keyboard life. Because one of the most common defects in PC keyboards is damage to the cable. Where there are no wires, there will be no broken wires.

Compared to wired USB keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards are versatile. They are not only suitable for table use. They can be connected wirelessly to a smart TV via peer Bluetooth. The Bluetooth keyboard replaces the remote control and makes surfing or entering search commands on a Smart TV more convenient.

It is also possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet PC. If you use your tablet for work and write a lot on it, you'll soon find that touchscreens are only suitable to a certain extent. Due to the lack of haptic feedback, the operation is less precise, which means that frequent typing errors are unavoidable. With a Bluetooth keyboard, you can type faster and more effectively.

Bluetooth keyboard for operating multimedia systems: Desktop PCs are increasingly being found at the heart of multimedia systems. Combined with a large television and high-quality speakers, this computer offers the perfect conditions for versatile entertainment in home theaters thanks to Netflix, Spotify, and Co. With a Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard, a multimedia PC can be easily controlled from the couch.

While USB keyboards are powered by cables, Bluetooth keyboards have a built-in battery or rechargeable battery. Battery life is often several months, which is why power supply via rechargeable batteries or batteries is not a big limitation. Nevertheless, it is annoying when the keyboard suddenly refuses to work.

Another disadvantage to note is the higher vulnerability to errors in wireless data transmission via Bluetooth. There may be a delay between what you type on the keyboard and how the computer responds. It is almost invisible when working or surfing the Internet. Bluetooth keyboards are only suitable to a certain extent for computer gaming.

bluetooth keyboards

What types of Bluetooth keyboards are there?

Like all types of keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards can be divided into three distinct types in terms of their key structure. The following sections explain how they differ from each other and what advantages and disadvantages they offer.

What is the difference between a wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard? All Bluetooth keyboards are essentially wireless keyboards. Bluetooth is a patented radio technology that can only be used if the two devices to be connected are equipped with a Bluetooth chip. The computer does not need to have wireless technology to connect to a standard wireless keyboard. The signal is transmitted using an external receiver connected to one of the computer's USB ports. This means that a computer without Bluetooth can be operated with a wireless keyboard. The disadvantage: the connection range is usually several meters. In addition, conventional radio technology is considered more susceptible to interference than Bluetooth.

Rubber dome Bluetooth keyboard

Most Bluetooth keyboards work according to the rubber dome principle. Underneath the keys there is a rubber mat that has a rubber dome for each key. This is the eponymous rubber dome. A piece of conductive metal is attached to the bottom. Pressing the button presses the rubber dome, closes the power line and sends a signal to the PC. When the button is released, the rubber dome returns to its original shape by itself.

The biggest advantage of the rubber dome Bluetooth keyboard is that it is very inexpensive due to its simple design. The keys have soft pressure points, are easy to press and often allow for almost silent typing. Many people find this fun. The low-noise keystroke proves useful when used in the office.

The disadvantage is that it wears out faster than a mechanical keyboard. The rubber dome becomes porous over time. They lose resistance, causing buttons to appear more slowly after being pressed. As a result, the general typing experience suffers. Rubberdome keyboards often "only" tolerate 5 million keystrokes.

bluetooth keyboards

Mechanical keyboard Bluetooth Keyboard

mechanical with Bluetooth has a more complex structure than a rubber dome. Instead of a rubber dome, each button has a spring that ensures they pop up quickly once you press them. Between the button cover and the spring there is a middle part - the so-called switch. You decide the haptic and acoustic properties of the keys.

Different types of switches: There are generally three types of switches - linear switches, tactile switches and so-called "clicky switches". With a linear switch, the resistance is the same throughout the course of the key. With a tactile switch, the required pressure is increased until a noticeable resistance is overcome. Tactile feedback indicates that the keypress was successful. Clicky switches work the same way, but they also emit audible feedback in the form of a soft click when the button is fully pressed.

Due to the springs under the keycaps, mechanical keyboards have harder pressure points and usually longer key spacing. Combined with haptic feedback from mechanical switches, they allow for more precise typing compared to rubber dome keyboards. If you are experienced, you can achieve higher typing speeds with a mechanical keyboard.

Another advantage over the rubber dome keyboard is the longer service life. Many Bluetooth mechanical keyboards can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. This corresponds to a service life of about 10 years. Mechanical keyboards are a frequently used alternative to rubber domes, especially for gamers and those who write a lot.

Mechanical keyboards have two drawbacks: Due to their more complex structure, they are usually more expensive than rubber dome keyboards. They also have harder keystrokes. For comparison: The rubber dome keyboard produces a noise level of between 25 and 30 decibels when typing. A mechanical keyboard can be more than twice as loud as 70 decibels. Therefore, mechanical keyboards are usually not a good choice for use in offices with multiple employees. How loud it actually is depends primarily on the type of switch.

bluetooth keyboards

Hybrid bluetooth keyboard

Hybrid The hybrid keyboard has a rubber dome and a spring. This is how they combine the properties of a rubber dome and a mechanical keyboard: They offer keystrokes with haptic feedback, but not as loudly as a mechanical keyboard.

The haptic feedback isn't quite as precise as with a mechanical keyboard and the keystrokes are louder than with a rubber dome. Those who can't decide between the two types of Bluetooth keyboards will find a good compromise in a hybrid keyboard.

bluethooth keyboards

Bluetooth gaming keyboard – here's what it's all about

A gaming keyboard with Bluetooth is a special form aimed at anyone who primarily plays games on a computer. To meet gaming needs, the Bluetooth gaming keyboard has several specifications:
  • Fast reaction time: How much time elapses between input on the keyboard and the corresponding reaction on the monitor plays an important role in the success of fast-paced computer games. For fast, precise gaming, gaming keyboards typically have a fast response time of one millisecond. For comparison: Typical keyboards often have response times between 2 and 5 milliseconds. In a fierce battle, it could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Macro keys: Most gaming keyboards have what are called macro keys. These are additional keys which can be programmed individually. In this way, important in-game functions or abilities can be triggered more quickly.
  • Anti-ghosting function: For more precision when playing games, many gaming keyboards have an anti-ghosting function that prevents erroneous entries caused by accidental pressing of some keys.
Attractive Gaming Design: Almost all gaming keyboards have an attractive design with illuminated colored keys. They fit perfectly into modern gaming settings with powered mice, headsets, and PC cases.

Internet versus specialist stores - where to buy a new Bluetooth keyboard?

Outside of the Internet, Bluetooth keyboards are available at electronics stores or department stores. Sometimes they can be found in the form of limited time offers in supermarkets. If you want to take personal advice as the biggest advantage of local trade, you should visit a specialist shop. However, offline purchases are usually impractical. Bluetooth keyboard options are limited and there are no great comparisons.

The internet offers better conditions to buy a good Bluetooth keyboard quickly and without much effort. Almost all keyboards available today can be found online. In addition, there is a wealth of information on the Internet for conducting targeted comparisons of Bluetooth keyboards. As soon as the best Bluetooth keyboard for your needs is found, you can order conveniently and quickly from home. The bottom line is that the advantages of the Internet outweigh the disadvantages.

How much does a bluetooth keyboard cost?

bluetooth keyboards

There is a wide price range in the Bluetooth keyboard field. The cost depends mainly on the type and function of the Bluetooth keyboard. While rubber dome keyboards with no special functions are available for low two-digit counts, keyboards with lighting and lots of additional functionality can cost you high two-digit or three-digit numbers. In general, Bluetooth keyboards can be divided into the following price ranges:
  • Lower price range: 15 to $30
  • Mid price range: 30 to $60
  • Top price range: From $60
Bluetooth keyboard buying advice: what to consider when buying?

To find a Bluetooth keyboard that fully meets your needs, there are a few things to consider. The important ones in the comparison of Bluetooth keyboards are described using the following criteria:
  1. Bluetooth Version
  2. Type
  3. Numeric keypad
  4. Anti-ghosting feature
  5. Macro button
  6. multimedia keys
  7. Lightning
  8. Ergonomic
  9. weight and height
  10. Folding function
  11. Integrated USB port
  12. Power supply
Bluetooth Version

As a radio technology, Bluetooth is part of the standard equipment of many devices – for example a computer, smart TV, smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth technology is constantly being developed, so it is now available in various versions.

In general, the more up-to-date the Bluetooth version of the keyboard, the faster and hassle-free data transfer will be, and the lower the energy consumption. The Bluetooth version also plays a role in transmission range. With Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher, adjustable energy consumption and stable data transmission can be expected. Bluetooth version 5.0 offers better conditions.

For greater transmission range: Most Bluetooth keyboards have a transmission range of up to 10 meters. The keyboard with Bluetooth 5.1, which offers a transmission range of up to 30 meters, is perfect for controlling Bluetooth devices from a longer distance.


Anyone looking for the cheapest Bluetooth keyboard is in good hands with the rubber dome keyboard. This is especially true for use in the office or for everyday PC applications such as surfing the Internet. Prolific writers and gamers are often better off with a mechanical Bluetooth keyboard. They have better haptic feedback and allow for more precision when typing. Hybrid keyboards represent a middle ground between the two types. If you're still unsure, a look at the previous section on Bluetooth keyboard types will help.

Which type of Bluetooth keyboard is best for an individual depends on personal preference. Those who have gained experience with the different typing nuances on mechanical and rubber dome keyboards have an advantage. It is impossible to say in general which type of keyboard is best suited for what purpose. It depends on the individual feelings of the individual.

Numeric keypad

Bluetooth keyboards are available with and without a numeric keypad. It is located on the right side of the keyboard and contains the number keys from 0 to 9, keys for mathematical symbols for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and an additional Enter key. Alternatively, the number keys can function as arrow keys. Pressing the NUM key switches between the number and arrow keys.

The numeric keypad is very useful for those who type a lot. Typing numbers is faster and more intuitive with the numeric keypad, where numbers are arranged like on a telephone keypad, compared to a row of numbers above the letter keys.

The Bluetooth keyboard is wider with the number pad and takes up more space on the desk. If you rarely use your keyboard to type long texts and don't do much with numbers, you can do without the numeric keypad and get a little more space on your desk.

Bluetooth keyboard without numeric keypad for gamers: Many gamers set their mouse sensitivity low, so small movements of the mouse pointer require large mouse movements. This allows the mouse pointer to be moved more precisely. A Bluetooth keyboard without a numeric keypad provides the space needed to be able to perform such large mouse movements.


anti-ghosting The anti-ghosting function is mainly found in Bluetooth gaming keyboards. With the help of software, the keyboard recognizes which keys to press if some keys are pressed accidentally. If several buttons are pressed simultaneously, only the button pressed with the greatest release force is released.

The anti-ghosting function of the Bluetooth keyboard helps avoid incorrect entries when typing fast or playing busy games. With Bluetooth gaming keyboards, their functionality is usually limited to specific keys. These include the WASD keys, which are often used to move around while playing games, and the E, Q, R, F, and C keys, which gamers often give special abilities to. If you mainly use a Bluetooth keyboard for typing, you should make sure that the anti-ghosting function is available for all the keys.

Macro button

Macro buttons can be programmed or assigned any function. In everyday keyboard use, for example, entire passwords can be entered in a text field and specific websites or programs can be opened - with the push of a button. In gaming, macro buttons are useful for assigning frequently used skills and triggering them faster.

To save space and to ensure a compact keyboard design even with additional keys, many manufacturers integrate macro keys into standard keys. It is triggered by pressing and holding the FN key. On gaming keyboards, the macro keys are often found as a row of additional vertical keys at the left end of the keyboard for faster access.

Multimedia key

For many people, computers are more than just a work tool. It is also used for entertainment - for example, to play back multimedia content such as photos, videos and music. Most Bluetooth keyboards have a multimedia key (a special form of macro key) to the integrated F key, where they can be found by pressing and holding the FN key before triggering.


There are many backlit Bluetooth keyboards. It allows typing in the dark and gives the keyboard a modern look. A distinction is made between LED and RGB lighting for primary lighting:
  1. On LED-lit keyboards, all keys usually light up in the same color - often in white. Some LED keyboards can also glow red, blue, yellow, green, or purple. Dedicated buttons, often found in the bottom row of buttons, allow you to switch between different colors.
  2. The modern type of keyboard lighting is called RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue. These are the three basic colors with which RGB lighting creates all visible colors - about 1.69 million different color shades.
Programming the lighting of the keyboard individually: RGB keyboards often offer the option to program the lighting color individually for each key using software if needed.


The trait referred to as ergonomics refers to how well the keyboard can be adapted to working conditions. It plays an important role in the convenience of use. An ergonomic feature that almost all Bluetooth keyboards share is the rear folding legs. This makes it easy to adjust the tilt angle of the keyboard. There are several multi-level legs that allow for more precise adjustment of the tilt angle.

Another ergonomic feature is the palm rest. It's an extension at the bottom of the keyboard. This serves to prevent an unfavorable wrist position and allows for painless typing in the long run. On cheap Bluetooth keyboards, the palm rest is usually made of plastic and is firmly attached to the keyboard. The high-quality keyboard has a padded, removable palm rest.

What is an ergonomic keyboard? This is a special type of keyboard that is split in the middle of the letter keys - like an inverted V. This is meant to allow for a natural shoulder and wrist posture when typing.

Weight and size

The weight of a Bluetooth keyboard plays an insignificant role in terms of ease of use. Most weigh between 300 and 800 grams. The lightweight keyboard can easily slip on the table, which negatively impacts the user experience. Heavy keyboards, on the other hand, are more difficult to move. If you use your new Bluetooth keyboard primarily at home, you should pay attention to its weight at least 400 grams. For mobile use, the lighter the better.

As described above, the numeric keypad mainly affects the size of the Bluetooth keyboard. With the existing numeric keypad, it is about 40 to 45 centimeters wide, without the numeric keypad it is about 25 to 30 centimeters wide. Which variant is preferred depends on your own needs.

Folding function

If you just need a new keyboard for mobile use, you might be interested in a foldable Bluetooth keyboard. This is a keyboard that folds in the middle thanks to a folding mechanism. As a result, they are only half the size and can be transported more easily. Most foldable Bluetooth keyboards are so small and light that they can affect typing accuracy and speed.

Integrated USB port Port

USB is not standard on Bluetooth keyboards. If the equipment is present, it can increase the number of available USB ports, because Bluetooth keyboards do not occupy USB ports, which is very useful for PCs or laptop that do not have many USB ports.

Not suitable for charging: With a wired keyboard, the integrated USB port is used to transfer data from a USB stick or external hard drive and to charge mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Not so with Bluetooth keyboards, because the capacity of the battery or rechargeable batteries will run out quickly. Therefore, the USB port is used here only for data transfer.

Power supply

There are two options for turning on the Bluetooth keyboard - battery or rechargeable battery:
  • Batteries have the advantage that they can be easily replaced. No need to worry about waiting when the battery runs out. Battery powered keyboards are especially advantageous if the keyboard is used primarily on the move and it cannot be assumed that the keyboard can be charged anywhere. If you have a spare battery with you, you can rest assured that the keyboard will not refuse to work because the battery is empty.
  • Power supplies with an integrated rechargeable battery are considered more reliable. In the long term, rechargeable batteries also have a positive effect on operating costs. Because charging batteries is cheaper than buying batteries regularly.
Battery life with and without keyboard lighting: Manufacturers have significantly increased the battery life of their Bluetooth keyboards with a variety of energy-efficient technologies – such as “Lightspeed” from Logitech or “Slipstream” from Corsair. Some Logitech Bluetooth keyboards can last up to 135 days with the backlight off, based on 8 hours of daily use. When lighting is activated, "only" 40 hours. This means the keyboard only has a little over one percent of its maximum runtime with the backlight enabled.

Cleaning a Bluetooth keyboard – what to consider?

bluetooth keyboards

Similar to the appearance of a smartphone, the keyboard is one of the household items where most germs settle. In addition, a lot of dust accumulates in the space between the buttons over time. Not only is this unsightly, it can also affect signal transmission. To avoid this, Bluetooth keyboards should be cleaned regularly. This requires the following steps:
  • Turning the keyboard over and shaking it is enough to remove dirt from between the keys.
  • Remove accumulated dust with a brush. Alternatively, a compressed air spray is suitable.
  • Wipe off any drips of saliva and other debris on the key cover with a slightly damp cloth. The use of cleaning agents is usually not necessary.
  • A mild disinfectant can be used to clean the keyboard from germs. Simply apply to a microfiber cloth and wipe over the button cap. It is important that the cloth is only slightly moistened with the disinfectant. Disinfecting wipes, which are usually only slightly moistened, are even better than liquid disinfectants.
Tips: A good alternative to a compressed air brush or spray is to clean the mucus. It is a tool with a soft and sticky consistency. The slime is placed on the button and pressed. Dirt and dust from the spaces between the keysticks, which should allow Bluetooth keyboards to be cleaned quickly and reliably.

Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth keyboard

bluetooth keyboards

What are the famous Bluetooth keyboard manufacturers and brands?

Among the most famous manufacturers or brands of Bluetooth keyboards are:
  • Apple
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • 1 person
  • Razer
  • csl
Which bluetooth keyboard is the best?

There is no one best Bluetooth keyboard that works for everyone. Everyone has different requirements for quality, features and price. Thus, the best Bluetooth keyboards are only for individuals. Anyone who considers all the tips in this guide has a good chance of finding their best personal Bluetooth keyboard.

What could be the reason the Bluetooth keyboard is not working?

When the Bluetooth keyboard is not working, the cause may be hardware or software. In most cases, the problem is easy to fix. The following steps help:
  • The first and easiest option is to disconnect the Bluetooth and re-pair the keyboard.
  • If reinstalling doesn't solve the problem, restarting the computer can help. Many software related problems can be solved this way.
  • If the first two steps don't solve the problem, it might make sense to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard drivers. On Windows PCs, the option to uninstall drivers can be found in Device Manager. After uninstall and restart, PC will automatically install Bluetooth keyboard driver.
  • If reinstalling the driver does not result in an upgrade, the suspicion of a hardware problem is clear. In this case the manufacturer should be contacted.
  • To substantiate the suspicion of a hardware problem, you can connect the keyboard to another Bluetooth-enabled device. If the keyboard doesn't work there either, it's most likely a hardware problem.
Caution: To find the cause of hardware problems and fix them, you need to unlock and unlock the keyboard. Anyone who is within the mostly 2 year warranty period should refrain from doing so. Opening the keyboard will void the warranty.

How to unlock lock on Bluetooth keyboard?

Some Bluetooth keyboards come with a keypad lock, which can usually be activated with a specific key combination. Many don't know that their keyboard has a keypad lock, which often causes confusion if it's accidentally activated.

Pressing the key combination again will disable the keypad lock. On most keyboards, the CTRL key is used in combination with one of the F keys to use. The respective keys can often be identified by a key symbol.

Are Bluetooth Keyboards Safe?

It is often assumed that signals from Bluetooth keyboards can be intercepted, leaving sensitive data such as passwords or PIN codes in the hands of third parties. That assumption can be overturned by the fact that there is a security protocol for Bluetooth keyboards. This means that the transmitted signal is encrypted and cannot be read.


A keyboard is a computer accessory that can help you with typing work or playing games. After listening to how to choose and recommend Bluetooth keyboard products, have you decided which product to buy?

Instead of just choosing a keyboard at a low price, you should ensure the efficiency and comfort of the keyboard you buy. Also make sure that the best Bluetooth keyboard you choose fits your preferences and needs.

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