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13 Best Console Game To Date

When it comes to gaming consoles, memories awaken. Although the first models became available in the 1970s, the breakthrough of this new entertainment media around the world did not occur until 1989 with the game console. The small, portable Game Boy, which almost always runs Super Mario games. That delightful little device comes from a somewhat unknown manufacturer called Nintendo. Since then, gaming and computer consoles have grown into billion-dollar businesses and attract not only children and young people, but many adults as well. Games and game series such as Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda or Star Fox are mass favorites. Currently, the three manufacturers Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft dominate the market for the best gaming consoles. There are also lesser-known brands whose home consoles are often cheaper.

best console games

The following comparison describes the 13 best gaming consoles with their features, properties and game options. The following guide answers frequently asked questions about game consoles and discusses, among other things, about game selection, backward compatibility and important purchasing criteria.

13 of the best and popular game consoles in a big comparison

best console games

1. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro game console

The list of features of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro game console is extensive and varied. According to the manufacturer, this gaming console with a one terabyte storage capacity offers impressive graphics and stable performance. According to Sony, the PS4 Pro is stronger, faster and more powerful than its predecessor. This fourth-generation console offers 4K resolution, which means the latest games can be rendered just as sharp as content from streaming services.

PlayStation4 games are played at least in Full HD resolution. Included with Sony's fourth-generation home consoles are:
  • PS4 itself with terabytes of storage
  • Dualshock 4 . wireless controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Power cable
  • A mono headset
  • One coupon code for two games
With the attached voucher, the games "Epic Neo Versa Outfit" and "Epic Neo Phrenzy Back Bling" can be downloaded from PlayStore, can be played directly. This requires a PlayStation Network account and a stable internet connection. Both games cannot be accessed in Save the World mode.

The RAM of the Playstation 4 Pro has a size of 8 gigabytes. According to the manufacturer, fast frame rates and a powerful graphics card ensure smooth gaming pleasure. Connectivity via WLAN and Bluetooth is available with Sony's acclaimed fourth generation game consoles. Sony home consoles come with:
  • 3x USB ports
  • 1x optical digital output
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x AUX
  • 1x Gigabit LAN
PlayStation games are operated via a wireless controller. The Fortnite Neo Versa bundle contains download codes for Fortnite Battle Royale game content.

best console games

2. Microsoft Xbox One X game console

The Microsoft Xbox One X game console is available in various versions: The version described here includes the full digital version of the "Star Wars Jedi" game. The game's age rating is 16 years. As a further option, the console is available as a bundle with the "Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed ​​​​​Champions" or "Gears 5" games.

Xbox can play MP3 files, movies, and videos. Thus, the console can be used not only as a game console, but also as a playback device.

The storage capacity of the console is one terabyte, RAM is 12 gigabytes. The console is equipped with an AMD processor with eight cores and a clock speed of 3.8 gigahertz. According to the manufacturer, the high-performance graphics card offers smooth gaming in 4K at up to 120 frames per second. There are three USB 3.2 ports, a LAN port and a power cable connection, as well as an HDMI port. WLAN connection is possible.

Game consoles come with the necessary cables to connect them, including a 4K-capable HDMI cable, and an Xbox wireless controller. Buyers also get a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Access services.

best console games

3. Nintendo Switch game console

The Nintendo Switch is a mobile gamepad. The device has a 6.2-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, equivalent to HD. According to the manufacturer, various modes make this device an all-in-one:
  • In TV mode, the game console is docked, which is connected to the TV. So you can play in HD quality on TV.
  • In table mode, the console turns into a small screen to compete in multiplayer mode.
  • In handheld mode, both Joy-Con controllers connect to the console for on-the-go gambling.
Mobile game console system memory has 32 gigabytes. This 6.2 gigabytes is reserved for the console operating system. Communication options are via WLAN and Bluetooth. The USB-C port is used to charge the console. According to the manufacturer, the stereo speakers ensure good sound during gaming sessions.

The Nintendo Switch console offers immense flexibility. Gamers no longer have to stop their game, but simply continue playing at home on the TV, on the move in handheld mode or with friends in tabletop mode.

According to the manufacturer, battery life for on-the-go gaming pleasure is up to 6 hours, of which battery life depends on the software used and application conditions. According to customers, the battery only lasts about 4 hours in graphic intensive games like "Breath of the Wild". The manufacturer sets the charging time as 3 hours when the device is in standby mode.

What types of game consoles are commercially available? The range of game consoles is huge. Among other things, interested parties have a choice between a stationary console and a flexible handheld variant. The guide explains more about the game console type after the product description.

Nintendo Switch can be used in either local multiplayer, local wireless multiplayer, or online multiplayer.
  • Local multiplayer played with friends or family at home on TV. Depending on the number of players, additional controllers may be required.
  • In local wireless multiplayer mode, up to eight players with Nintendo Switch Lite or Nintendo Switch consoles can connect via WiFi and play against or with each other.
  • Online multiplayer is only available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Nintendo memberships also offer the ability to play NES and Super NES classics with modern online features with players around the world.
best console games

4. Nintendo Wii Family Edition game console

Nintendo Wii Family Edition game console bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Party games. In addition to the console and two games, the set includes:
  • Game board
  • Controller with nunchuck
  • AV component cable
  • A power supply
  • AV Cable
The Wii game console from Nintendo has no hard disk space, the data is stored on the SD memory card. The maximum possible memory expansion is 32 gigabytes. This console is online capable and is equipped with WLAN and Bluetooth. The controller is powered by two AA batteries, which are not part of the shipment.

According to the manufacturer, the Wii remote control offers a variety of motion controls. Depending on the game, the remote control functions as a sword, steering wheel, tennis racket, drum or golf club.

The controller is ergonomically shaped and transmits player movements to the console. Due to the Nunchuck connection option to the Wii remote control, this combination offers maximum gaming precision thanks to motion control. The following connection options are available on the game console:
  • Two USB 2.0 . ports
  • Integrated Wi-Fi function
  • SD card slot for storage expansion
Up to four Wii remote controls can be connected to the game console via Bluetooth. According to the manufacturer, the console receives signals from a distance of up to 10 meters. The Wii console remote control is equipped with speakers. The Wii Family Edition includes several games.

What is a nunchuck? Nunchuck is a controller add-on for the Nintendo Wii. The Nunchuck has a motion sensor, allowing for better interaction.

best console games

5. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim game console

According to the manufacturer, the PlayStation 4 is the best-selling game console in the world. With the PlayStation 4 Slim, Sony has launched a slimmer and lighter console. Compared to the previous model, the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim game console is 30 percent smaller and 16 percent lighter. In addition, power consumption has been minimized: According to the manufacturer, the new console consumes 28 percent less power than the previous model.

The Slim variant of the PlayStation was released in 2018. It's quieter and slimmer, and offers more power and storage than the previous model. The compact PS4 has terabytes of storage capacity.

The console offers 4K resolution and is equipped with HDR technology. It can be used as a Blu-Ray and DVD player. The console comes with two DualShock 4 wireless controllers (the predecessor to the DualSense PS5), an HDMI cable, a power cable, and a USB cable. The device is equipped with LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth and has two USB ports. Power is supplied via the internal power pack.

What does the abbreviation VR mean in relation to game consoles? VR stands for "Virtual Reality" and describes a new gaming trend. Gamers perceive VR games as three-dimensional experiences that completely block the real world. There is more about Virtual Reality in the guide following the product description.

The PlayStation 4 Slim has 8 gigabytes of RAM and, according to the manufacturer, ensures that the process runs smoothly. According to the manufacturer, the AMD Radeon™ graphics chip ensures high depth of field during playback.

best console games

6. AtGames Atari Flashback 8 HD Retro game console

AtGames Atari Flashback 8 HD Retro Game Console belongs to the retro game console category. It comes with 120 games pre-installed. This is a classic Atari from the 1980s that can be played in HD quality compared to consoles of the time. Games include classics like Missile Command™, Asteroids and Centipede™.

80s retro style design: Game console design reminiscent of the 1980s. But technically, the console is equipped with modern elements such as a wireless controller and an HDMI port.

The retro console comes with two wireless 2.4G wireless controllers with integrated joystick, HDMI cable and power supply unit. Save, replay or pause games with the AtGames Atari Flashback 8 HD Retro Game Console. Some of the pre-installed games include:
  • Asteroids
  • Konami Frog
  • River Raid™
  • Activision™ traps
Which is better: a game console or a computer? Playing is possible on both devices. The guide explains the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two variants after the product description.

best console games

7. Nintendo Switch Lite game console

The Nintendo Switch Lite game console is a portable game console, called a handheld. This small console weighs 275 grams and measures about 10 x 20 centimeters. It is available in four colors.

Up to eight other consoles can be connected to the Switch Lite game console to play against or with each other in multiplayer mode.

The Nintendo Switch Lite game console features the following product features:
  • 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen with HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Customized NVIDIA Tegra processor
  • 32 gigabytes system memory
  • Memory expansion via microSD memory card
  • Communication options via WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC
  • Stereo speakers
Compared to other Nintendo handheld game consoles, this version does not support TV playback. Games that do not support handheld mode are not available with all game functions on this device.

What is a capacitive touch screen? The capacitive touch screen responds to light touch. In comparison, there is a resistive touchscreen, which only reacts to stronger pressure. This guide explains more about the differences between these two display types after the product description.

best console games

8. Nintendo Classic Mini Game Console

According to the manufacturer, the Nintendo Classic Mini game console is a modern, technically upgraded version of the Nintendo Entertainment System NES from the game console's early days. This console is very compact with dimensions of 133 x 45 x 104 millimeters and weighs 174 grams. In comparison, the original model is much larger: its dimensions are 255 x 85 x 202 millimeters and it weighs 1,248 grams.

The Nintendo Classic Mini game console was a mini version of the second TV game console to hit Europe in 1992. The mini game console brought the popular 16-bit video game hits of the 1990s to fans.

In modern variants of the NES, power is supplied via Micro-USB. The modern version of the entertainment system from Nintendo includes a USB charging cable, HDMI cable, and two Super NES controllers. The console is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, after which you can start playing right away. This console comes with 21 built-in games. This device offers multiplayer mode. You can choose between:
  • CRT filters - image processing to simulate old screens and televisions
  • Obsolete image display in 4:3 . format
  • Native resolution, where the game is rendered like the original.
Classic games that can be brought back to life with the Nintendo Classic Mini game console include
  • Country Donkey Kong
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Kirby Superstar
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Star Fox
  • Fox Star 2
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fight
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  • Super Mario Karto
  • Super Mario World
  • Yoshi Island
From what age are game consoles suitable for children? According to psychologists and educators, children can already play child-friendly games at preschool age. Parents should pay attention to the time limit and, above all, the age rating of the game. This guide explains more about this after the product description.

best console games

9. Nintendo 2DS XL game game console

The New Nintendo 2DS XL game console is a portable handheld game console with a 4.88-inch display. It weighs 260 grams and, according to the manufacturer, can be used comfortably on the go. With this console, the manufacturer took the so-called clamshell design.

This console is equipped with NFC connectivity. According to the manufacturer, close communication offers support for Nintendo collectible numbers and Amiibo trading cards, which helps gamers with this console to get bonuses and special functions in some games.

Nintendo's handheld battery life is between 3 and 5 hours - depending on the game. The console is equipped with a WLAN module, so games can be downloaded over the home network.

With the New Nintendo 2DS XL game console, popular Nintendo 3DS games and 2DS games are played in 2D quality. According to the manufacturer, increased computing power ensures higher download speeds and shorter loading times. With its pressure-sensitive C-Stick and ZL/ZR buttons, this little console should allow for better control of movement while gaming, according to the manufacturer.

With the gaming console for travel, shoppers receive an XL touch pen, a microSD card with 4 gigabytes of storage volume, and a power supply unit. The New Nintendo 2DS XL game console also offers the following features and functions:
  • Automatic adjustment of screen brightness to outdoor environment
  • Online multiplayer games possible
  • Co-game possible via local wireless connection
  • Mario Kart 7 already installed
  • Compatible with Nintendo DS . games
What is game console clamshell design? The handheld from Nintendo in this design has two parts: A 180-degree hinge connects the top display to the touch-sensitive bottom display. The two halves can be opened at any angle to each other. The design is reminiscent of a laptop.

best console games

10. Lexibook JG7425 game console

The Lexibook JG7425 game console comes with a mini SD card that has 200 games pre-installed. There are also several photo, video, and music apps that you can use directly on your television. The scope of delivery includes two wireless controllers. The console can be connected to a TV set via an AV cable. Games come from the fields of action, sport and skill and, according to the manufacturer, offer fun for the whole family.

The Lexibook JG7425 game console not only provides entertainment for single players but also has multiple titles for multiple players.

The game console is equipped with the following games, among others:
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Box
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Athletics
  • Fence
What is an AV connector? AV stands for Audio Video. This is a now obsolete connection for transmitting audio and video signals. Modern televisions are usually no longer equipped with AV connections. However, with an adapter for an HDMI connection, devices with an AV connection can also be used with modern televisions.

best console games

11. SEGA Mega Drive Mini Games Console

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini game console comes with 42 classic games, including hit games like Tetris®, Vectorman, Mega Man® and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2. The console connects to the television using the supplied HDMI cable, after which the manufacturer says it starts playing immediately. .

This mini game console comes with two classic 3-button controllers, but according to the manufacturer, the look has been given a new "paint". AC adapter is not included. The power connection is made via a USB cable which can be connected to any standard smartphone charger. Visually, this mini console is reminiscent of the Mega Drive console offered by Japanese manufacturer Sega from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. However, this mini console is only about half the size of the original. This small console weighs 800 grams and measures 176 x 270 x 73 millimeters.

What to pay attention to when buying a game console? Game consoles are available in various versions, either as portable or stationary models. Which console is right for whom and which properties should be described in the guide after the product description.

best console games

12. Retro Game C64 Mini Game Console

The Commodore 64 ushered in a new era when it was introduced in 1982. 8-bit home computers still have many fans around the world today. With the C64 Mini, manufacturer Retro Games has remade the original "bread box". But only optically, because ARM CPUs work inside and emulate the basics of using Linux in order to run C64 games and programs. Plus, the retro console is only about half the size of the original.

Retro Games thought of everything in terms of design. However, the keyboard is not working. Two USB ports on the side of the console allow the connection of the keyboard and joystick included in the legendary eight-button Competition Pro design.

With Basics! A highlight for all retro fans is the possibility to use The C64 Mini like a home computer. This means the Commodore Basic programming language is available when a USB keyboard is connected. With the same functionality as the original from the 1980s.

A total of 64 preinstalled games are included. This is a more or less famous classic from the companies Epyx, Gremlin Graphics, Hewson, Talamus and The Bitmap Brothers. Among other things, these highlights are among the games:
  • Rock Run
  • California Games
  • Eagle Eye
  • Nebula
  • Paradroid
  • Speed ball
  • Summer Games II
  • Winter Games
Thanks to the integrated HDMI connection, game consoles can be easily connected to modern televisions. Pixel filters ensure better graphics with higher image sharpness and scan line emulation. Memory function is also available. Firmware updates can be imported via USB storage media.

What is a retro console? Game consoles were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Some manufacturers offer consoles in past designs, but with the latest technical equipment. In this way, fans can play the classic games of their youth, which are not compatible with modern consoles and computers, and thereby relive memories. Some older console manufacturers have even managed to get some sort of ray tracing to work on older consoles.

best console games

13. Thumbs Up A0001401 Orb Retro Game Console

Thumbs Up A0001401 Orb Retro game console is a portable console with a retro design, on which 153 games in 8-bit format are installed. The affordable console runs on three AAA batteries, which are not included.

This small console has built-in speakers and a 1.8-inch LC display. Measuring 9.2 x 2.2 x 5 centimeters and a very light weight, for which the manufacturer does not provide any specific information, this small handheld console fits perfectly into a trouser pocket.

Thumbs Up's small console doesn't connect to the screen. The small device doesn't offer any storage options for games either. Users can only choose from 153 arcade games in very simple graphics.

What is a game console?

A game console (also known as a video game console, colloquially simply called a console) is an electronic device with computer technology intended exclusively or primarily for running video games as opposed to a general purpose computer. Some consoles can also be used for other purposes, such as streaming video and music, or can be customized. Stationary Consoles usually consist of a base unit with one or more controllers to control the game. Standard televisions and monitors are used to output audio and video content. Portable consoles, on the other hand, combine the base unit, controller and display in one handy device, which is why they are also referred to as handheld consoles.

The game console is operated via a controller equipped with various buttons. In addition, there is control via a tablet controller, for example on the Wii U, or voice and gesture controls such as an Xbox.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are equipped with the latest technology, while the Nintendo Wii U is technically a bit slimmer. The latter is designed more for living room games with friends or family.

The most famous game console manufacturers are Sony with PlayStation, Nintendo with Wii and Microsoft with Xbox. Consoles differ not only in their equipment, but also in games, controllers and game variants. The systems are not compatible with each other.

Game console for home and on the go

Gamers don't have to be at home in front of the TV to play with the console. Portable gaming consoles also offer the opportunity to play games on the go. The portable device, pioneered by Nintendo's legendary Gameboy, is characterized by its compact dimensions and low weight and is very popular with children and teenagers.

Stationary game consoles for connection to televisions are often not only suitable for gaming, but can also be used as DVD players. Most devices can also play Blu-Rays. Streaming services like Netflix or Sky Ticket can also be used with the Playstation 4.

Different types of game consoles

Game consoles have been around for decades. The forerunner was manufacturer Atari, who wrote gaming history with games like “Pacman” and “Pong” and co-founded the early days of game consoles in the 1970s. Over the years, brands such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have released game consoles and have been dealing with buyers ever since. These three companies are one of the leading game console manufacturers.

The market leader is Sony, whose PlayStation 2 console is (cumulatively) the best-selling game console worldwide according to With the PlayStation 4, Sony made it to the 4th position in global sales, the PlayStation 1 PSX is at number 5, and the PlayStation 3 is at number 7. Nintendo DS is in 2nd position, and Nintendo Gameboy is in 3rd position.

Trading offers these types of consoles:
  • Stationary game console
  • Portable game console, also called designated handheld device
  • Hybrid game console
Stationary game console

A stationary game console is connected to a monitor or television. While the graphics performance of some consoles match mid-range computers, modern consoles like the PlayStation 4 can keep up with gaming computers. These consoles are usually enabled online via WLAN or Ethernet and sometimes offer extended multimedia capabilities. Some consoles can be used as Blu-ray or DVD players, or the consoles can be used with non-smart TVs for streaming services and other internet features.

Handheld game console

A handheld is a portable device designed for playing video games. The controls used to control the game are built into the game console.

One of the first handheld game consoles to sell in large numbers was the GameBoy, released by Nintendo in 1989 and making the company a huge success. With around 120 million consoles sold, the GameBoy is still one of the best-selling game consoles.

Hybrid game console

The hybrid game console combines the properties of a handheld game console with that of a stationary console. The devices are small, light and portable, and they can also be connected to a television as a stationary console. To do this, the handheld console is connected to the docking station. Control is done via a controller, which is usually removable.

How are game consoles made for gaming?

console game

A game console is a small computer that is connected to a television as a stationary device via an HDMI cable and used for gaming or streaming. The movement of the console is controlled by a controller, a kind of remote control that connects wirelessly to the console via Bluetooth in modern devices. The technical components of a game console include:
  • Processor
  • Hard disk
  • Drive
  • Graphic unit
The operating system is preinstalled on the console at the factory and cannot be changed. Through virtual menus, users control games and programs, manage them, surf the Internet, or watch movies.

How do game consoles work

A game console is a small computer that has its own operating system designed specifically for playing video games. Systems from manufacturers are not compatible with each other, so, for example, no PlayStation games run on Nintendo consoles. Each console component is also comparable to a computer.

The great advantage of game consoles is that game developers can customize their games to suit the console and its operating system. Instead, computer games should be optimized for as many graphics cards as possible in order to run on different computers.

The processor or CPU is the heart of game consoles and computers. The acronym CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. In Germany, the processor is also referred to as the central processing unit. In the processor, the commands given to the computer come together and are implemented.

Commands are implemented in a rhythm known as the clock frequency. The higher the clock frequency of the device, the faster the processor will process the commands it receives. The speed of the processor processing the task is given in Hertz. One hertz is equal to one beat per second.

A powerful processor with a high clock speed generates a lot of heat. This heat can damage the processor electronics. To dissipate heat and keep the processor at operating temperature, some gamers use special fans, which are available as accessories, for games that demand high computing power. This is relevant only for powerful consoles like the Playstation 4.

The graphics chip is responsible for displaying the image on the screen. The higher the quality of the internal graphics chip, the better and sharper the image. High-performance consoles in terms of graphics include the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Game console data transfer speed

Data transfer rate is the amount of digital data that can be transferred from a device in a given period of time. The higher the bandwidth, the higher the data transfer rate of a device. The data transfer rate is also often referred to as the data transfer rate or data rate. High data transfer rates ensure, among other things, smooth gaming.

Game console or computer?

console game

Gamers have a choice: do they prefer to play on a game console or on a computer? In general, game consoles are cheaper than computers in terms of purchase price, but the long-term costs are higher in most cases. While game consoles are readily available in the lower double-digit euro range, mid-to-high-end three-digit or even four-digit amounts should count for gaming PCs.

Here, however, it really depends on what a gamer wants to play on the console. For little money there are only small consoles that don't offer great graphics and can often only be used to play retro games. The fun of playing the game suffers here while gambling. This console is perfect for children or for gamers who want to refresh their childhood and youth memories and enjoy classic games.

If you want to play modern games with high-resolution graphics, you'll have to spend a lot of money to buy a Playstation 4, Nintendo console, or Xbox.

The advantage of stationary gaming consoles over gaming-enabled computers is that they offer a uniform platform, which means that games can be better optimized by developers. On the other hand, there is often more choice when it comes to PC games, as many console manufacturers also offer their games in PC versions.

These are the pros and cons of game consoles

  • Cheap simple model to buy
  • Can be used anywhere as a handheld
  • Top models like PlayStation and Xbox with good graphics and high performance
  • Simple models for kids available
  • Retro console available to fulfill childhood and youth memories
  • Usually higher long term costs by buying games
  • Components cannot be selected freely
  • Reduced game options
These are the pros and cons of PC gaming

  • Games are usually cheaper to buy
  • Can be repaired if a defect occurs
  • Upgradeable
  • More game options
  • Higher purchase price
The biggest advantage of PC gaming over gaming consoles is its ability to put all the components of a gaming PC together in your own way. Many gamers build their own gaming PCs or configure their own devices. They have a choice of graphics card, which processor, and how much RAM a gaming PC should have. If necessary, components can be exchanged or the computer can be upgraded.

Which game console is right for whom?

Which game console is best for the buyer really depends on the intended use. There is a huge difference in terms of price, equipment and play options.

If you want to play modern games with high resolution and lots of computing power, you won't be able to avoid buying expensive consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox, or modern Nintendo consoles. Many gamers opt for the powerful PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox. The Nintendo console is perfect for gaming with the whole family.

Small retro consoles are becoming more and more popular. Small devices, often based on 1980s and 1990s consoles, are popular with adults and young people alike. Adults often use it to refresh their childhood and youth memories that they played on the original console. Even if the retro console has been technically upgraded, no high definition content can be expected from this device. As a rule, they are limited to pre-installed games.

Small handheld consoles are perfect for those who primarily play to pass time on the move, for example to bridge waiting times. Small handheld consoles are also ideal for children, as your little one can play with them without having to have access to a screen. The hybrid console can be connected to the TV, in addition to the handheld mode, multiplayer games can be played on the big screen.

What to pay attention to when buying a game console?

console game

Interested parties must first decide which type of gaming console they prefer: portable or stationary connected to a television. A good compromise can be a combination of portability with the option of connecting to a television, such as that offered by the Nintendo Switch game console. Below is an overview of other criteria interested parties should take into account when purchasing a gaming console.
  1. An important purchase criterion is the device's hard disk space. The large hard drive storage offers an advantage for stationary game consoles. By installing various games, the console quickly reaches the maximum memory size. As a result, this means that the game may have to be uninstalled to provide additional hard drive space. However, some manufacturers offer the option of connecting an external hard drive via a USB port. In this way, the hard disk volume can be increased quickly and easily. The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One X offer one terabyte of storage space. Handheld hard drive capacity is lower compared to fixed game consoles, but apps require less storage space. With some consoles, the original built-in hard drive can be replaced with a larger one. However, not many manufacturers offer this option.
  2. Graphics and resolution are important features of modern gaming consoles. Not all consoles offer the technology to play games in Full HD resolution or higher. PS4 can play games and movies in 4K quality. It should be noted that a suitable television or monitor that can display 4K content is required. Some games, like those on the Xbox One, can only be played in HD quality. Other devices like the Wii even though the U can theoretically reach resolutions in HD quality, games are often not suited for this quality of playback. In terms of resolution and graphics, handhelds can do a lot more than ever before, but they don't fall short of the quality of playing console games for televisions.
  3. Connection options for data communication and installing updates are very important. Internet connection via WiFi must bring a new device to be able to download important patches and updates. Software upgrades can also be installed using existing data communications via WLAN.
  4. Multimedia functions such as playing DVD, CD or Blu-Ray are a plus brought by some consoles. This means that the game console can be used not only to play games, but also to play videos, movies, and photos. As a rule, there is also an option to connect an external data carrier to the console via a USB interface.
  5. Game options from some devices are limited. There is a smaller range of games and fewer titles exclusive to the Wii than for the PlayStation or Xbox. Anyone enthusiastic about the world of Luigi, Mario and Co. will find these games part of the Nintendo Wii. There are tons of games available for Xbox and PlayStation, including exclusive titles. If you choose one of the retro consoles, you should consider that usually only pre-installed games can be played on it and exclusive titles are not popular games.
  6. Backward compatibility means that, for example, games from previous versions of the PlayStation 2 can be played on the PS4 and PlayStation 4 Slim. However, the PlayStation 3 version will not work on newer consoles. Above all, Xbox from Microsoft convinces with its down-to-earth compatibility. On WiiAlmost all older versions of games can be played. There is a dedicated Wii mode for that.
  7. A controller or gamepad from a well-known manufacturer to control similar game consoles. In most cases, transmission to the console is done via Bluetooth. An LED light or share button, control pad, buttons, camera, or touch pad are standard equipment on most game consoles. An important purchase criterion is the controller or pad charging option. While the PlayStation controller has a rechargeable battery that charges via a USB cable, the Xbox controller uses two AA batteries.
  8. An online subscription offers the opportunity to use the console's various functions and games. Major manufacturers of game consoles operate their own online platforms and portals for this on the web. Additional features, extras and games are available to purchasers through paid memberships.
The most famous game console manufacturer

console game

The biggest game console manufacturers are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. These three companies dominate the market, while consoles from unnamed manufacturers are sold in much smaller quantities. Also worth mentioning are retro console manufacturers like Atari or Sega, which enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, but today with modern consoles they play almost no role in global competition.

Where can you buy a game console?

Game consoles are available in electronics stores and on the Internet. Supermarkets and discounts sometimes also offer the device. Although the selection of models in specialist stores is limited, all available models are available on the Internet. Shoppers can often save a few euros at online retail by purchasing so-called bundles and receiving accessories, gadgets or games for the console for free.

How much do game consoles cost?

For modern game consoles from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, the mid-three digit number must be taken into account. Game consoles from unknown manufacturers and retro consoles are often available in double digits, but you shouldn't expect high computing power or great graphics from these devices. They are more suitable for children or short games in between.

At what age can children play with game consoles?

The Nintendo Wii U is considered a child and family friendly gaming console, which is why it is increasingly being found in living rooms and children's rooms. From what age a game console is suitable for a child basically depends on the games played by the offspring. All games are marked with an age rating. Many console manufacturers offer preschool games to help children learn arithmetic, writing, colors, and shapes.

The age rating of the game is important. Children should always have access to games that are rated according to their age. USK tests all games for age ratings before distribution.

What is USK?

The acronym USK stands for the organization "Entertainment Software Self-Control". This is a voluntary agency of the computer game industry that tests the age appropriateness of computer games for children and adolescents.

USK is state recognized both in the German youth media protection state treaty and in the youth protection law, the online department. At the end of the USK procedure, state representatives issue an age rating for the computer or game console. In the testing procedure, the games were examined both technically and in terms of content.

Game console questions

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What is the difference between capacitive and resistive screen?

The handheld console comes with an integrated display. When it comes to displays, a distinction is made between capacitive and resistive screens. Capacitive screens already react to light touch, resistive screens only react to light pressure.

A capacitive screen consists of a glass plate on which a conductive, transparent film is attached. An electric field is generated through alternating current, which reacts to touch. To determine the position of the operating finger, the flow of the transmitted current is measured at the corners.

The resistive screen consists of two layers. The top layer is made of polyester, the bottom layer is usually made of glass. One of the two layers is placed under a DC voltage. When these two layers are pressed together, a sensor measures the stress on the top layer at the edges to determine the position at which the pins are pressed.

Usually, smartphones and handheld game consoles are equipped with capacitive screens because they are durable and capable of multi-touch.

Which game consoles offer 4K resolution?

The Xbox One S and PlayStation Pro consoles offer 4K resolution. The term 4K comes from the cinema industry and stands for cinema film standard with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels. On TV, 4k resolution, also known as UH or Ultra HD resolution, is 3840 × 2160 pixels.

Why is high resolution important for game consoles?

High-resolution gaming consoles offer sharper and clearer graphics and smoother gameplay. However, gamers can only enjoy high resolution if their television can display this resolution.

Can VR games be played on game consoles?

The PlayStation 4 is the only console that offers the opportunity to dive into the virtual world. Sony offers VR devices with VR glasses that allow players to completely hide the real world and immerse themselves in the virtual game world. Sony also offers games that only work in conjunction with a VR headset. Other games can be played both with VR glasses and on screen. When choosing a game, make sure it is VR compatible.

What is motion sickness?

While playing computer games, some people experience nausea, dizziness or general malaise similar to seasickness or motion sickness. This feeling arises when the brain can no longer process various sensory stimuli that work simultaneously. Motion sickness is very common when wearing VR glasses. Sensitive people may also experience dizziness and nausea when playing fast-paced games on the screen. Anyone who is dealing with computer gaming for the first time should check if they suffer from motion sickness before buying their own gaming console.

What is the maximum time a child should spend on a game console each day?

Limiting the amount of time a child plays each day is important for a child's development, whether they are playing on a portable or stationary console. For children under the age of six, experts recommend daily playtime of no more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time. For children 12 years and over, the maximum play time should be between 30 and 60 minutes per day.

Which TV is the best for game consoles?

The television must match the high-quality technical equipment of the game console so that players can enjoy high-resolution graphics and picture quality. To be able to play games or movies in high resolution, a TV set with HD or Ultra HD resolution must be available.

4K televisions offer an Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels. This is required to play back 4K content in the appropriate resolution.

As far as screen diagonals are concerned, modern console buyers should opt for the largest possible device. It should be no less than 40 inches. For the latest PlayStation, Sony recommends a screen diagonal of 60 inches.


Have you found the best game console for your needs? If you only have time to play at home, take advantage of products that are connected to a television screen. On the other hand, those of you who like to fill your spare time by playing games while traveling can choose a portable product. Don't forget to also check the features and completeness, yes. That way, you can prepare a budget from the start. If everything is well planned, playing games will definitely be more fun!

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