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Recommended 12 Best Subwoofers

The best subwoofer ensures an exceptional harmonic sound experience. While the bass at a rock concert rumbles in your stomach, the sound of an action movie makes the walls vibrate. A subwoofer (also called a woofer or bass box) enhances a cinema system or home speakers. It can provide a great sound experience, whether watching a movie or watching a concert on a CD at home. Because special speakers are able to provide the sound pressure needed for strong and clean bass.

best subwoofers

In the following comparison of the best subwoofers, 12 woofers are presented. To localize which subwoofer is worth buying, the following guide provides information on the different types and housings of bass boxes. This text discusses why subwoofers make sense and which subwoofers are a good fit for a home cinema. This guide lists important buying criteria, answers frequently asked questions about the subject and more.

Recommended 12 of the best Subwoofers in a big comparison

best subwoofers

1. NUMAN Ambience UniSUB Subwoofer
  • RCA connectivity technology
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Atmosphere model name
  • Recommended use for Home Cinema
  • Home cinema special features
  • 10 inch subwoofer diameter
  • Installation type wall mount
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 30 x 40 x 56 centimeters
According to the manufacturer, the NUMAN Ambience UniSUB subwoofer is designed for home cinema systems. Therefore, it is specially designed for use in multi-channel receivers with separate subwoofer channels. A receiver is often required for television via satellite or antenna. Antenna or satellite receivers receive and process audio and video data, sometimes text as well. The 10-inch (25.4 centimeters diameter) woofer should impress with strong bass reproduction and ensure more dynamics in the overall sound spectrum. Relocation of the bass reflex port forward should allow more freedom in placement in the room.

Aluminum base against vibration: As stated by the manufacturer, the aluminum base with silicone feet reduces resonance, vibration and unwanted feedback to a minimum.

The bass box should, among other things, thanks to the master volume control and phase reversal which can be adjusted variably and the crossover frequency can be integrated into any hi-fi system. It is available in two colors and, according to NUMAN, has a discreet design to blend elegantly with the environment. Therefore, the woofer is equipped with several rigid, low-resonance MDF housings. MDF means medium density fiberboard. The material consists of wood components and glue. It is considered stable and durable.

Ambience UniSUB has the last line-in and line-out connections used for signal transmission. However, there is no high-level connector (a type of connection for speaker cables). The active subwoofer is downfire type and has a maximum output power (maximum power at dynamic peak) of 280 watts. It has an automatic switch-off and is operated by a power cord. This is included in the shipping scope along with a connection cable, four silicone feet and an operating manual in German and English. The woofer is 30 centimeters wide, 56 centimeters high and 40 centimeters deep.

Subwoofer - what does it mean? The word subwoofer comes from English. In Germany, the terms bass box or woofer are also used. The subwoofer consists of "sub" which means "under". Woofer means nothing more than a woofer – that is, a special loudspeaker for deep tone reproduction = bass. As such, a subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker box that can be integrated into a home speaker system. They are responsible for the reproduction of low-frequency sound waves - bass or deep tones. More information about the functions and areas of application of the bass box can be found in the guide that follows the product description.

  • Standing base to reduce vibration
  • Designed according to the manufacturer for home cinema and can be integrated into any hi-fi system
  • The device is available in two colors
  • Connection cable included
  • No high-level connection
best subwoofers

2. Subwoofer Monacor SAM-500D
  • Connectivity technology wins, LS . terminal
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Special features Very high power reserve for basses up to 46 cm in diameter, channel input, par. Line output, high-level input for parallel connection to speaker wire
  • Table mounting type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 9 x 25.1 x 27 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 700 watts
  • Item weight 2.6 kilograms
  • Power cord
According to the manufacturer, the Monacor SAM-500D subwoofer offers excellent sound as an amplifier module, is energy efficient and has a high power reserve for basses up to 46 centimeters in diameter. With a frequency range between 20 and 200 Hertz and an integrated 3 decibel bass amplifier at 40 Hertz (Hz), it's meant to deliver incredibly powerful and intensive bass. There's also infinitely variable phase reversal in the 0 to 180 degree range to match the active subwoofer to the main speaker and the four existing high-level inputs from the speaker wire to the speaker system.

Pure amplifier module: According to the manufacturer, the Monacor SAM-500D subwoofer can be easily installed in the subwoofer speaker box. For maximum performance, the output stage, as a class D amplifier, must be supplied with an active-mode power supply.

The audio amplifier has a high output power of up to 700 watts in total. It weighs almost 2.6 kilograms, which according to the manufacturer means the overall weight of the box is low. Depending on the rated power (continuous power) it can reach 500 watts - is the impedance between 4 and 8 ohms. The subwoofer has line-in and line-out connections. It can be used in a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and has a distortion factor of less than one percent. The active subwoofer module is available in a sleek black design.

What does the distortion factor say? The distortion factor, also called distortion or harmonic content, indicates the ratio of the components of the tone to the overall signal. It is a measure of distortion in acoustic transmission. The distortion is caused by the non-linear behavior of the device. They appear when there is a difference between the output and input signals. In short, it is a measure of the sound quality of a speaker, subwoofer, or amplifier.

  • High output and rated power
  • Integrated bass boost
  • Four high-level connectors for flexible connection
  • Amplifier module only (without housing)
best subwoofers

3. Polk Audio HTS 10 . Subwoofer
  • RCA connectivity technology
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Recommended use for music
  • Dolby Atmos special features
  • 10 inch subwoofer diameter
  • Table mounting type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 40.9 x 38.4 x 41.9 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 200 watts
According to the manufacturer, the Polk Audio HTS 10 subwoofer is suitable for both home cinema and music systems. It therefore produces powerful bass and is suitable for Dolby Atmos surround systems such as for 2.1 or 5.1 sound systems. The difference between the two systems is the number of tweeters. There are two tweeters on the 2.1 system and five on the 5.1 system. The PowerPort design of the downfire subwoofer radiates downwards and is intended to deliver deep bass impact while minimizing distortion, fan noise and turbulence.

Modern design made in the US: The subwoofer is made in the US and, according to the manufacturer, has a modern design with rounded edges. It is available in black or white.

The Polk-powered subwoofer has controls for volume, a low-pass filter (allows low sounds to pass through and cut out higher sounds), and phase inversion from 0 to 180 degrees. According to the manufacturer, it fits into any home cinema system and can be controlled via an LFE or plugged in an RCA connector. The woofer in the model operates in the frequency range between 30 and 180 Hertz. It is 38.4 centimeters wide, 41.9 centimeters high, and 40.8 centimeters deep.

What is an RCA connector? RCA is a plug connection that has been around since the 1940s. Today's music systems are still equipped with it. The RCA plug head has two poles, divided into a pin and an outer ring. The win plug is designed in white or red for stereo sound.

  • According to the manufacturer with a modern round design
  • LFE connector for more flexible connection
  • The PowerPort design is meant to deliver a far-reaching bass effect
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

4. Klipsch R-12 SW . subwoofer
  • RCA connectivity technology
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name R 12 sw
  • Recommended use for music player
  • Home cinema special features
  • Table mounting type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 54.6 x 49.5 x 56.6 centimeters
  • Speaker size 12 inch
The Klipsch R-12SW is a frontfire type subwoofer and delivers deep, clean, thumping bass according to the manufacturer. Therefore, thanks to the front-facing driver and flexibly positioned digital amplifier. The bass box should, thanks to the crossover and phase inversion allow combinations with other Klipsch loudspeakers as well as the best bass levels.

With a copper cone for minimal distortion: The subwoofer's 12-inch spun copper woofer (30.4 centimeters diameter), according to the manufacturer, is very light and very stiff. Therefore, the copper cone ensures excellent bass reproduction and minimized distortion. Cone loudspeakers are the most common type of loudspeaker and are mainly used for midrange and woofers. A cone is a conical geometric shape. Thus, conical speakers have a membrane in the form of a cone or a funnel, but in some cases it can also be rounded. The loudspeaker membrane is responsible for sound reproduction.

The active subwoofer from comparison has stepless low-pass control, which Klipsch says allows for precise bass adjustments. Low Pass generally means a drop of all sound components that are above a set frequency response, or to cut out highs. Connections on the R-12SW model include the LFE as well as the inlet line. According to the manufacturer, the bass box is compatible with most receivers and is equally suitable for music and movies. Its dimensions are 35.5 centimeters wide, 40.6 centimeters high and 47 centimeters deep.

What are crossovers? The crossover is the component that controls the crossover frequency. Located inside or outside the subwoofer enclosure, it consists of an inductor, resistor, and capacitor. The latter passes through the higher frequencies while the coil separates them. Depending on the subwoofer, this differs where the frequency range of splitting occurs or where the frequency of splitting is.

  • According to the manufacturer, the copper spun driver offers excellent low notes
  • LFE connection for more flexibility
  • Stepless low-pass control must allow precise bass adjustment
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

5. Mivoc Hype 10 G2 . subwoofer
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Recommended use for Home Cinema
  • Special features Dimensions: (W x H x D) 320 x 475 x 360 mm
  • Subwoofer diameter 25 cm
  • Floor standing installation type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 36 x 32 x 47.5 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 300 watts
  • 10 inch speaker size
According to the manufacturer, the Hype 10 G2 front fire subwoofer from Mivoc is suitable for home theaters and computers. Thus, the box produces clean bass that can be controlled by a preamplifier signal or speaker signal. Woofers have line-in and line-out connections. The integrated active crossover must filter the bass frequencies from the input signal and amplify its output stage before playing through the loudspeaker.

Do subwoofers make sense? Normal loudspeaker systems can also reproduce bass without a separate subwoofer. For example, so-called woofers or mid-woofers can be found in 2-way or 3-way speakers. However, they do not reach frequencies as low as the bass box. Therefore, adding a subwoofer makes sense for those who value good bass sound.

Black subwoofer with phase inversion and volume control, which should ensure flexible integration into the speaker system. It also has an automatic shut off switch and a housing made of MDF. The frequency range is between 20 and 180 Hertz. At 37 Hertz it is possible to increase the deep bass up to 3 decibels. Delivery includes power cord and user manual. More properties at a glance:
  • Dimensions: 32 x 44 x 36 centimeters (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 17 kilograms
  • Output power: 120 watts
  • Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms

  • Eight high-level connectors for flexible connection
  • Possibility of low bass boost
  • According to the manufacturer, an active crossover enhances bass
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

6. Magnat Supreme 202 A . subwoofer
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name Sub 202A
  • Recommended use for music player
  • Home cinema special features
  • Table mounting type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 26.5 x 34.5 x 36.5 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 160 watts
  • Item weight 9.5 kilograms
According to the manufacturer, the Magnat's Supreme 202 A subwoofer offers a wide range of performance and excellent bass quality. Therefore, the sturdy and rigid MDF housing with baffles in contrasting colors provides a low resonance environment. Measuring 26.5 centimeters wide, 36.5 centimeters high and 34.5 centimeters deep, the bass box has a compact design compared to other models.

Where is the best place to place the subwoofer? Most manufacturers recommend placing the woofer in the middle between the left or right front speaker and the center speaker. This should ensure the best sound enjoyment in the home cinema. If you don't have a chance, you should try where is the best bass. To get a good comparison of different listening positions, the same part of the song should be played each time.

According to the manufacturer, the 7.8-inch woofer (19.8 centimeters in diameter) is primarily adapted for use with computers. In addition, the bass reflex tube located behind the flow-optimized bass reflex opening. Together with the resonance-absorbing rubber feet, it will effectively reduce background noise. In addition, there is stepless control of the crossover frequency and volume either manually or automatically.

Sub Magnats of the Frontfire type are equipped with line-in and LFE connections. This equipment also includes an automatic shut-off switch. It weighs 9.5 kilograms and has an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. The scope of delivery includes the power cord, cloth cover, rubber feet and user manual.

  • Rubber feet designed to reduce background noise
  • Integrated bass boost will allow for more intense bass
  • Optimized for use with computers according to the manufacturer
  • Available in two colors
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

7. Subwoofer Magnat Supreme 302A
  • Cable connectivity technology
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name Sub 302A
  • Recommended use for music player
  • Home cinema special features
  • Subwoofer diameter 300 millimeters
  • Table mounting type
  • 1.0 . surround sound channel configuration
As the manufacturer states, background noise from the Magnat subwoofer is effectively reduced thanks to a flow-optimized bass reflex tube and resonance-dampening rubber feet. Therefore, the MDF frame is sturdy and rigid and offers a stable structure and a customized working environment.

Highest displacement subwoofer in series: According to the manufacturer, the 302A is the highest displacement woofer in the Magnat Supreme series. It therefore has a computer-optimized long-throw woofer with 11.8 inches, which corresponds to a diameter of almost 30 centimeters. The large displacement is also said to be due to the larger dimensions of 35.5 centimeters wide, 44 centimeters high and 39.5 centimeters wide.

The rated power is 100 watts and the maximum peak output power can be up to 220 watts. In addition, the 302A has a frequency range between 20 and 200 Hertz (Hz). The crossover rate and frequency are continuously adjusted. There are also connections for line-in and LFE for more flexible connection options.

What does the hub mean for speakers? To produce sound waves, the subwoofer membrane is made to vibrate electromagnetically. How strongly it oscillates - that is, the amplitude of the oscillation - is referred to as the stroke. The bigger it is, the deeper the tone.

  • Largest displacement woofer in the series
  • According to the manufacturer, rubber feet reduce background noise
  • Integrated bass boost is meant for more intense bass
  • Available in two colors
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

8. Subwoofer Vonyx SMWBA18
  • RCA connectivity technology, Auxiliary
  • Types of woofer speakers
  • 8 inch subwoofer diameter
  • Table mounting type
  • 2.0 . surround sound channel configuration
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 41 x 55 x 60 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 500 watts
  • Speaker size 18 inches
The Vonyx SMWBA18 subwoofer is equipped with 18-inch speakers (46 centimeters in diameter) and has a frequency range of 20 to 200 Hertz. According to the manufacturer, it is equipped with a weather-resistant outdoor design. Therefore, the protective metal grille and integrated carrying handle ensure a high level of safety and easy transportation.

Up to 1,000 watts of power: Frontfire type subwoofers have an output power of 500 watts. According to the manufacturer, it also offers the option of using two boosted amplifiers with 250 watts each. This produces a maximum output power of 1,000 watts.

SMWBA18 is powered by a power cable. It requires a 230 volt power connection for active power supply. The bass box has a line in and AUX-IN input, stereo output and two satellite outputs (connection to receiver). There is also a micro input with an echo function. the impedance is 8 ohms. The active subwoofer is available in a sleek black design and weighs 24 kilograms.

Which subwoofer for the car? First of all, a distinction must be made between passive and active variants. In the latter, an amplifier is installed, in the case of a passive car subwoofer, an amplifier must be installed. In addition, performance has to be considered - both in terms of peak performance and RMS wattage rating, which says something about average continuous load. The frequency range and phase reversal are also interesting. Last but not least, it depends on where the car's subwoofer will be installed - under the seat or in the spare wheel well.

  • High output power up to 1000 watts
  • The carrying handle should ensure easier transportation
  • Housing with metal grating
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

9. Canton ASF 75 SC . subwoofer
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name Asf 75 sc
  • Special features of Reflejo de bajo
  • Table mounting type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 43 x 41 x 15.5 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 60 watts
  • Number of units 1 piece
  • Speaker size 20 cm
The Canton ASF 75 subwoofer has a maximum output of 120 watts. There are two high-level inputs for the speakers and two quick connections on the back. Front mounted bass reflex port. Its dimensions are 43 centimeters wide, 15.5 centimeters high and 41 centimeters deep. The bass box weighs 9.2 kilograms.

Mounted against a wall or under a sofa: The Canton downfire subwoofer is equipped with a wall bracket and is extremely space-saving due to its low height. It can be attached to a wall, positioned under furniture such as a sofa, or placed in a suitable place.

The ASF 75 SC housing is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and is available in black or white. It is equipped with surround wave and SC Canton technology and has an automatic on/off switch. Additional features include adjustable crossover frequency and volume.

What is SC and surround wave technology? According to the manufacturer, SC Canton technology uses individual filter circuits to control the interaction between deep bass reproduction and cabinet volume. This ensures a lower transmission range for the subwoofer and a high degree of stability. A surround is the front, visible suspension cone of the woofer. It is set in motion by vibration. The shape and material of the surrounds can affect the stroke and behavior of the system. Canton has developed a multi-curved surround wave, which, according to the manufacturer, allows for a much larger stroke and significantly reduces sound distortion.

  • Comes with wall bracket
  • Very low altitude
  • With special SC technology for deeper bass
  • Available in two colors
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

10. Yamaha NS-SW200 . Subwoofer
  • RCA connectivity technology
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name Ns SW200
  • Wireless special features
  • Table mounting type
  • 1.0 . surround sound channel configuration
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 29 x 30.5 x 35.1 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 250 watts
The Yamaha NS-SW200 subwoofer is Frontfire type and has a control panel on the front for easy operation. This includes the power button and volume control. The control panel, which is tilted 45 degrees, should ensure easy handling. According to the manufacturer, the woofer consists of side sections that are stable and, with their rounded shape, fit into the living environment.

With bent flare port for clear and powerful bass: the manufacturer emphasizes the newly developed bass reflex port Twisted Flare Port which he says is based on years of experience. The slightly bent shape creates a swirl of air at the edges of the opening, which ensures a more harmonious airflow. This will drown out distracting sounds and ensure proper sound reproduction. The result should be a realistic, dry and crisp bass reproduction.

The NS-SW200 is 29 centimeters wide, 30.6 centimeters high and 35.1 centimeters deep. It weighs 11.2 kilograms. The Yamaha subwoofer allows phase inversion and has an output power of 130 watts. Power consumption in standby mode is 0.3 watts. The control panel can be connected to the amplifier. This will enable or disable both devices automatically. In addition, the bass box offers the following features:
  1. PWM digital amplifier: According to Yahmaha, it ensures efficient and stable output power with reduced consumption and less heat generation. Thus, there is less signal interference and the sound image is fresh and dynamic.
  2. Advanced YST II: Yamaha technology is designed to deliver crisp, powerful bass. It is said to be perfect for combining a subwoofer and amplifier for high bass performance.
  3. Selectable Auto Standby: Thanks to its function, the subwoofer automatically switches to standby mode to reduce power consumption. The auto standby function can be selected in high, low, or off mode.
What to consider with a subwoofer? There are many factors that come into play when buying a subwoofer. For example, it is important to consider whether a down-firing or front-firing subwoofer is more suitable for your own purposes. Another role is played by dimensions, adjustable parameters such as volume, phase reversal and crossover frequency as well as housing. This guide provides information on the mentioned important buying criteria and more.

  • Various techniques for powerful bass
  • PWM digital amplifier to reduce signal interference
  • According to the manufacturer, the tilting control panel makes operation easy
  • Speaker cable not included
best subwoofers

11. US Canton 85.3 SC . subwoofer
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Home cinema special features
  • Mounting type table top, wall mount
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 45 x 25.4 x 37.1 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 280 watts
  • MDF Material
  • Item weight 12 kg
  • AC power supply
The Canton AS 85.3 SC Frontfire subwoofer is, according to the manufacturer, equipped with powerful new amplifier electronics. It is therefore suitable for all home cinema systems. The 8.8-inch (22-centimeter) woofer has the latest surround waves, which should deliver a bigger punch. Thanks to the front-facing bass reflex port installation close to the wall should be possible without any problems.

High performance thanks to special construction: The bass box is equipped with a compound vibration system (combined = combination, joint) with an aluminum-graphite cone. Additionally, the loudspeakers are housed in a magnesium die-cast basket with ferrite magnets with copper rings. The construction should work smoothly and ensure high performance and a solid bass foundation. Ferrite is pure, high carbon iron. Ferrite magnets generally create a constant magnetic field within the subwoofer, which is necessary for the required membrane vibration.

Manufacturers emphasize the compact and timeless cube design and sturdy structure of the MDF housing. Therefore, it is possible to adapt the sound to the room acoustics and personal listening habits using switchable room adjustments. The surface of the case is designed in black or white and, according to Canton, has an acoustically neutral metallic finish. Therefore it is used for protection without affecting the sound of the speaker.

The Canton subwoofer is equipped with both high and low level inputs (the latter for quick connection, for example to connect an additional subwoofer). It also has controls for crossover volume and frequency and a phase controller. There is also an auto power-on function, but no auto-start. Woofers should be easy to integrate into existing or new home cinema sets.

  • According to the manufacturer, the compound vibration system offers high performance
  • Cubedesign must ensure a compact and timeless design
  • Acoustic neutral metal cover
  • Available in two colors
  • No automatic disconnect
best subwoofers

12. Subwoofer Nubert nuSub XW-900
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Model name NuVero 170
  • Recommended use for construction
  • Home cinema special features
  • Floor standing installation type
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 40 x 35 x 47.7 centimeters
  • Speaker maximum output power 380 watts
  • Item weight 0.5 kg
The Nubert nuSub XW-900 subwoofer is one of the higher-end devices and is priced in the upper range of our comparison. It is a down-firing variant with a rated output of 220 watts. The legs are adjustable using height-adjustable nails, so the distance to the floor can be varied and horizontal support is guaranteed. The active subwoofer is available in black and white. The line inputs allow connection to all commercially available receivers and amplifiers with sub-outputs using the included Y-cable.

Optional wireless operation: The subwoofer is suitable for wireless use. Out of the box it is compatible with amplifiers from the manufacturer. Alternatively, the nuConnect trx module is available, which can be purchased separately. This means that almost any amplifier can be attached to enable subwoofer wireless operation.

The subwoofer is equipped with Bluetooth. This allows settings to be controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Using the app is highly recommended for complex operation processes, as it provides advanced functions such as setting the crossover frequency according to the manufacturer in a very clear way. The app also allows measurements to be taken to get the best settings for the room. However, calibration only works reliably with iOS devices. Nubert offers a compact plug-in module to use this function with an Android device, which is connected to the mobile device's USB port.

The Nubert nuSub XW-900 subwoofer has an unobtrusive design that fits into any style of furniture. The housing is made of MDF, the connections and controls are discreetly placed on the back. The lacquer with a satin finish emphasizes an earthy style. The subwoofer has a frequency response of between 21 and 120 hertz and a standby power consumption of 0.3 watts. The bass box measures 47.7 x 35 x 40 centimeters.

  • With Bluetooth for app control
  • Wireless use is possible
  • Calibration function via app
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • With Y . connection cable
  • No exit line
  • Calibration with an Android device is not possible without additional accessories
What is a Subwoofers?


A subwoofer - also known as a bass box or woofer - is a special speaker box that can be integrated into a home speaker set. The subwoofer is responsible for the reproduction of low-frequency sound waves, i.e. for very deep tones, and offers a suitable sound experience. In the end, it's nothing more than a deep bass reproduction that produces a distinctive rumble in the belly area.

Many still believe that a hi-fi system is perfectly adequate. There's ample top bass here. But when it comes to deep tones, most squares are very weak. Normal squares can't keep up, especially at frequencies of 30 Hertz or lower. But the low frequency range is usually present in many recorded music and motion pictures and is lost if the loudspeakers can't reproduce it.

Indispensable bass box for "real" deep tones: With movies or music, bass ensures an exceptional sound experience. Especially with action movies or hip-hop music, the low notes are not to be missed in order to get a feel for the movies and music in the truest sense of the word. Deep sound is created by the movement of large air volumes, which the subwoofer is responsible for. It is always added in addition to the usual speakers. The latter usually cannot reproduce the low frequency range and must be coupled with a subwoofer to experience the low notes up close.

How do subwoofers work?

Basically, the subwoofer functions like a regular speaker. That is, it is able to convert the electrical vibrations from the playback device into large waves in the air. The incoming audio signal is first converted by the sound converter in such a way that the loudspeaker can process it from digital to analog signals. At the same time an amplifier is used to amplify a weak signal.

Prepared in this way, the signal reaches the voice coil, which is located on a strong magnet. This in turn is attached to the loudspeaker membrane. Due to the mutual influence of the magnetic field of the voice coil and the magnet, the membrane begins to move. By doing so, it picks up an electric signal beat. As a result, the air vibrates and sound waves are created, which the human ear perceives as pitch.

For deep tones, a lot of air has to be moved - and this is where the subwoofer comes into play. It is responsible for low frequency sound, also called bass. Since this requires a large membrane area, the bass box is made larger. If integrated into the music system, the frequencies are automatically passed to it when they enter a certain frequency range (frequency limit) falls below. It depends on how the system is configured.

What is meant by cutoff frequency? This term refers to the threshold at which the subwoofer takes over. The upper limit frequency is usually below the frequency range of about 100 Hertz. The lower limit frequency represents the lowest frequency range the woofer can reproduce. With a good subwoofer is 25 to 30 hertz or less.

Which subwoofer is suitable for home cinema?

With blockbusters and action movies, deep tones and clear bass deliver a "cinema" experience right at home. Therefore, a subwoofer that covers a lower limit frequency of 30 Hertz or less is very useful. In addition, the active subwoofer significantly reduces the other speakers in the system, which can cover their own frequency range better and uninterrupted. This allows a better sound image.

It is important to set up and connect the subwoofer properly and adapt it to the conditions of the room. Certain features also play a role in figuring out which subwoofer is best suited for home cinema. The following sections are intended to assist in the decision-making process.

What types of subwoofers are there?

There are many subwoofers used for different and sometimes very specialized applications:
  • Home theater area
  • Music enjoyment
  • Car subwoofer
  • PC subwoofer for gaming
In addition, subwoofers are available in various designs. Therefore, before you buy it should be clear whether the woofer should be used for home cinema, music or games. It depends on what is the best subwoofer for your needs. The two most important construction methods are described below and their advantages and disadvantages are listed.

Front-firing subwoofer with its advantages and disadvantages

Front-firing subwoofers can be recognized primarily by the clearly visible membrane. They also have a protective lattice on which the membrane is located. With Frontfire type sound waves are advanced. This means that the air around it and not the ground is made to vibrate. This is why this type of subwoofer design is mainly used by music fans, as the furniture, walls and floors barely vibrate at all.

This has the advantage that neighbors are not disturbed by vibrating bass. At the same time, the bass is "only" audible and not felt through the vibrations. Many find it more comfortable and less intrusive. In general, the front-firing subwoofer offers a very good sound experience and precise bass. Therefore, they are suitable for high-quality music enjoyment. If the acoustic effects are sufficient for the film, a front firebox is usually a good idea too.

Pros and cons:

  • Delivers precise bass and an excellent sound experience
  • Often considered fun and unobtrusive
  • Little or no disturbance to neighbors
  • Great for music and movies
  • No real effect of vibration
  • Can slightly limit the experience with action movies & Co
Downfire subwoofer

The downfire subwoofer is ideal for home cinema enthusiasts. The membrane is not visible, the box is closed all around and there is only the speaker membrane at the bottom of the housing. Sound is emitted to the ground and distributed in a 360 degree range. This causes walls, floors and furniture to vibrate and the bass can be physically felt. This is the desired effect for many home cinema fans.

Caution: If you live in a clairaudient apartment building or an old building, you should be very careful when deciding on a downfire subwoofer and think about it carefully. Because vibrating floors and walls can sometimes be very annoying to neighbors and put great stress on neighborly relationships.

Anyone who loves action and wants to be right in the middle of the action while watching a movie will benefit from a down-firing subwoofer. Due to the even distribution of bass, almost none of the bass frequencies are self-extinguishing. However, in certain musical styles, such as classical music, where bass is not as important, the woofer can dampen other frequencies and reduce sound.

Pros and cons:

  • Live bass on walls and floors
  • Very suitable for action films and blogbusters
  • Very even bass distribution
  • Bass is partially felt physically
  • Can be very annoying neighbors
  • With certain types of music, the frequency can be removed
Which is better - active or passive subwoofer?

With subwoofers, a distinction is also made between active and passive subwoofers:
  1. Active woofers have built-in amplifiers and are much more compact. In addition, active subwoofers are much easier to handle, which is why they are mainly used in homes. In addition, an active subwoofer helps to lighten other speakers and is therefore the first choice for home cinema or enjoying music at home. Plus, more adjustments can be made to active bass speakers than passive woofers.
  2. The passive bass box needs to be driven by an external amplifier. The way it works is roughly comparable to that of an ordinary speaker box. Passive subwoofers are set directly on the amplifier, which is why they are commonly used in cars. Passive woofers are also usually much cheaper than active versions.
Passive for cars - free air subwoofer: Bass boxes do not have a housing and are usually intended for cars. Subwoofers for cars are also mostly passive woofers. They are usually mounted in the trunk, with the interior of the vehicle serving as a sound box.

What is the role of the woofer housing?


The loudspeaker housing, also called the chassis, is very important for sound. Two construction methods have prevailed in recent years. On the one hand, the housing is closed, as is the rule with normal loudspeakers. On the other hand, there are designs where there are openings on the front or back.

Closed housing

The closed case offers deep, precise bass. In addition, it only contains a limited amount of air. Therefore, it tends to have a very precise bass response. Muted, clean and low-frequency sound is precisely reproduced. Enclosed subwoofers make sense for music fans who want flat and accurate frequency reproduction without erratic character.

Another advantage of closed cases is their compact size. The disadvantages of the design include that the efficiency and level of stability is lower than that of other devices. This increases power requirements and at the same time reduces sound pressure.

Open housing

If you need majestic bass for action movies, you can go for a subwoofer with a bass reflex aperture served very well. It often produces erratic bass, which is why it is perfect for movie buffs and for home theaters. The openings on the front or back of the open design have the task of amplifying certain frequency sounds. In doing so, he used the Helmholtz resonator principle.

Helmholtz resonator: The principle named after Hermann von Helmholtz is most easily explained using the acoustic effects of everyday life. Blowing into the bottle makes a sound. If the volume of the bottle is changed, the pitch of the sound produced also changes.

Sound waves emitted from the rear wall of the speaker cone amplify the resonance in the body of the room (in this case the speaker cabinet) and exit through the opening. At the same time, this means that the housing must be very well matched to the speaker to achieve the desired effect.

Whoever decides on the design will benefit from excellent level stability, low power consumption and high efficiency.

What to consider when setting up a subwoofer?

If you have a bass box, you should pay attention to a few things when setting it up. On the one hand, neighbors should not be disturbed and, on the other hand, the sound experience should be perfect. Therefore, the position of the woofer is very important. The frequencies emitted by the subwoofer cannot be detected by the human ear. Therefore it can theoretically be positioned anywhere in space. However, not all places are equally suitable as a place of installation.

The recommendation from most manufacturers is to place the woofer in front between the center speaker and the right or left speaker. This creates an almost equal listening distance to all the integrated speakers. This also makes sense since the speakers on the right and left also partially emit low frequencies.

If the above-mentioned mounting position is not possible because the speaker system is in a rack or wall unit, for example, then another solution is required. Because often there is no more room for a large subwoofer in this installation location. There are three possibilities here:
  • Position it at 1/5 the width and length of the room - far enough away from the wall and also allow varying spacing to avoid sound problems.
  • Place it in the center of the room - the sound is considered very homogeneous, with the woofer close to the center speaker.
  • Accommodates under furniture - some narrow subwoofers offer the possibility of placing under the sofa & Co, which is both space-saving and effective.
Caution: Placing the subwoofer behind furniture or plants is considered unprofitable. In addition, they should not be placed in the corners of the room. This is where sound waves collide from all directions. This results in unwanted reflection of sound waves and the bass begins to boom excessively. A similar problem, only to a lesser extent, can also occur with direct placement on the wall.

3 Tips for placing a subwoofer

To conclude the important topic of where is the best place to place a subwoofer, three quick tips:
  1. Before finalizing the placement, try where it sounds best, always use the same music for proper comparison.
  2. Basically, the woofer is positioned correctly when it's no longer audible from the other components of the loudspeaker system - the bass should be in sync with the other box instead of dominating it.
  3. It can be helpful to get a suitable enough cable for the subwoofer beforehand. The supplied cable is often too short, which can limit the choice of location.
Please note: To increase the life of the built-in subwoofer amplifier and reduce its power consumption, the active subwoofer volume is set to approximately 35 percent to a maximum of 50 percent. The overall volume can be adjusted later on the AV receiver.

Connect the subwoofer properly

As a rule, manufacturers provide detailed operating instructions that explain how to properly connect and set up the bass box. Below are some general tips and pointers on the subject, which, however, only refers to active subwoofers. Fortunately, almost no technical knowledge is required for this, as it is a standalone bass system.

The most important thing is the cinch cable you need. It comes with one end going into the soundbar or AV receiver. The latter is often labeled "Sub out", "Sub" or "Subwoofer". The other end of the cinch cable plugs into the appropriate connection on the bass box. This can be a mono or Y-RCA cable - both will work. RCA Y cables have two connectors attached at one end.

If the signal transmitter does not have a cinch connection, it can be connected with a normal loudspeaker cable (jack plug). After connecting the signal transmitter (AC & Co receiver) to the subwoofer, the subwoofer just needs to be plugged into the mains and ready to go.

Note: If the subwoofer has two cinch inputs (usually marked in red and white), a mono cinch cable will suffice. It goes into one of the jacks, which is usually labeled "Mono". While the Y-cable can provide better volume, it can also be easily adjusted on the level control.

What to consider with a subwoofer - some safety tips

To protect the woofer and for your own safety, certain behavioral measures must be taken into account - please also pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. The most important safety instructions are as follows:
  • Do not place near a heat source
  • Don't get wet
  • Use only undamaged connection cables
  • Don't make any changes to the bass box
  • Only connect to sockets intended for this purpose
What frequency should the subwoofer have?

The lower frequency limit for some woofers is 25 hertz or lower, while others reach the limit at 35 or 45 hertz. Basically, the lower the frequency range, the stronger the physical perception of the bass sound effect in a home theater.

The same goes for the bass of a hip-hop song or electronic music. They radiate specifically and powerfully from the bass box at a lower, lower cut-off frequency. Other music genres such as rock or classical, on the other hand, hardly reach such deep bass. Anyone who primarily listens to this type of music will also notice the excellent sound at 40 Hertz.

Which subwoofer is the best - the most important buying criteria


The following sections explain which subwoofers are worth buying. A detailed comparison of subwoofers is helpful to find the best one for your own needs. The following criteria play a role in this context.

Types and kind

An active subwoofer is perfect for home use is recommended. Passive woofers are more suitable for enjoying the sound in the car. When making the right choice, it's also important to know if it's a down-firing or front-firing subwoofer. The previous section provides more information on this.


The closed and open constructions (bass reflex) have been described above. While the latter subwoofers produce deeper, more powerful bass, they can show weakness with slightly higher bass. The closed design can be especially useful for very small loudspeakers that are powered to produce higher bass.

Important: It should be remembered in this context that subwoofers in enclosed designs are more expensive for the same effect as bass reflex woofers and also require more watts.


In general, the rule applies: the larger the cabinet, the more powerful the subwoofer. Because the bigger, usually the better the technology in it. However, many other components come into play when it comes to sound quality, so the smaller version can also be of high quality. In addition, larger woofers take up more space, which should also be taken into account.


The housing must be strong and made of high-quality and scratch-resistant materials. Typically, the subwoofer frame is made of MDF which is stable and thus offers a certain amount of sturdiness and stability.

Another important criterion is the legs of the subwoofer, because the woofer should not stand directly on the floor. Therefore, the feet should ideally be height-adjustable to get the best sound results.


Improper processing can be recognized, for example, by incorrect weld seams, corner transitions or frayed covers. A stable switch or knob is also important.


There is already information about the appropriate subwoofer frequency in the previous section. The lower cut-off frequency of 30 Hertz or less for high-quality woofers is very attractive. In some cases, a value of 40 Hertz is sufficient if very deep bass is not a major factor.

Sound quality

In the end, you can only find out in practical tests whether the sound quality meets your expectations. Some other customer experiences can help. Fortunately, when buying online, there is an option to return it if the subwoofer does not deliver the desired quality.

Therefore it makes sense to check the sound properties immediately after delivery. It's important to check playback for frequently used applications later - for example with different movie scenes or different genres of music.

Listen carefully: It is important that the bass notes when listening to music are reproduced ideally with lots of power and very clean. There should be no distracting background noise, additional noise or noise afterward. You should also pay attention to the quieter sound reproduction and how the subwoofer reproduces the higher tones.


The bigger the diameter of the woofer, the bigger the punch and the more air it has to move. The subwoofer requires the appropriate amount of power. Your value in watts gives you a clue. Sometimes there is a two-watt specification. In this case, lower means nominal power - also continuous power or Watts RMS - and higher for possible short term maximum power at dynamic peaks.

Settings options

The subwoofer electronics are primarily responsible for good deep bass capability. This includes a variety of must-have setup options where possible:
  • Adjust volume
  • Crossover frequency control
  • Phase control or phase reversal
  • Extended filter function

As already explained, apart from the power connection, the cinch connection is the most important connection option for a subwoofer with a receiver, etc. The so-called jack plug, which is used to connect headphones or speakers, is also possible. A high-level connection is also used for the latter. The possible AUX input is used to amplify the incoming audio signal.

Do bluetooth subwoofers make sense? If you want to be independent from wired connections, you can choose a subwoofer with Bluetooth. It usually delivers good to excellent quality, but it never works without loss. High-quality transmission standards or Bluetooth codecs, by which audio signals are transmitted, are important for Bluetooth subwoofers.


The color and shape of the subwoofer also plays a role in the selection - after all, woofers are bulky and eye-catching. Bass boxes are usually designed in neutral colors such as black, brown or white and have a square shape. Those who appreciate a more unusual design can use a subwoofer with a rounded shape.

Possible fault with subwoofer


If the bass box is no longer delivering the desired quality, this could be due to a variety of reasons. Some possible sources of error and suggested solutions are listed below.

Subwoofer hums: Unsightly hum instead of clear bass can be caused by the power supply unit or interference with the power supply, for example. In the latter case, it might help to try a different outlet. Sometimes the cable is laid in an unfavorable way, and then the possibility of tangling of the cable must be eliminated.

The so-called ground loop can also be the cause. It sometimes occurs when a signal device is connected to a subwoofer or other connected source device. In this case, a certain power filter should fix the problem.

Subwoofer scratches: If there are hard scratches, it may help to gently press the membrane down the middle. Erratic streaking may be due to poor centering, which should then be checked. It may help to press the membrane a little in the middle.

Loud noise when powered on: The power supply should be checked. Installing a capacitor can help.

No sound at all: The subwoofer may overheat and activate the overheating protection. A short circuit caused by bare wires or the like can also be the cause.

Caution: Never open and disassemble the subwoofer yourself. You must not make any changes to the bass box yourself. This is not only dangerous, but can cause irreversible defects. The manufacturer then does not accept the guarantee. If something goes wrong, it is best to consult an expert.

Frequently asked questions about the subwoofer

Which subwoofer brands and manufacturers are good?

There are many subwoofer suppliers. The most important and well-known manufacturers and brands of bass boxes are as follows:
  • Canton
  • Devil
  • Evil
  • Magnate
  • Blue point
  • Yamaha
  • Clip
  • Nubert
  • Alpine
  • Magnate
  • JBL
Which is the best subwoofer?

Not every "ear" is the same. While some people rate the bass box as bad, others actually believe it. Basically, it depends on your own needs. A good subwoofer should still have a certain frequency range closing down (lower limit frequency), which should be around 30 to a maximum of 40 Hertz - the lower, the better. This guide describes other important features in detail.

Where can you buy a subwoofer?

Major electronics stores and smaller local specialty stores offer woofers. It is usually possible to check the sound quality directly. In addition, professional advice can sometimes be used. However, the selection is often very few, so the right subwoofer is rarely found right away.

On the other hand, there is a large selection of woofers available on the Internet. This allows extensive subwoofer comparisons to find out which subwoofer is best for your own needs. In addition, there are often lower prices and convenient shopping from home. However, there is no advice from the specialist staff.

How much does a good subwoofer cost?

A good subwoofer doesn't have to be expensive. A powerful bass box is readily available for low three-digit sums. However, the price segment can also be well above this and sometimes close to the four-digit range.

Is it possible to make a subwoofer yourself?

Yes, with the appropriate skill manual and prior knowledge, you can build your own subwoofer. However, expertise is required to consider the correct parameters and properly match all components.

Which subwoofer for music?

Front-fire subwoofers with closed designs are generally great for music. More important, however, is the bass performance. If you often listen to bass-heavy music such as hip-hop or electronic music, you should pay attention to a lower cut-off frequency of at least 30 Hertz. Rock or classical music still sounds really good at 40 Hertz, because the focus here isn't on bass.

How should the woofer be cleaned?

Cleaning the subwoofer is not very time consuming. A dry or slightly damp cloth is suitable for removing dirt from the house. Dust from the membrane is best removed with a dry cloth. If there are dust or dirt particles in hard-to-reach places, compressed air can be used with caution. Cleaning agents containing alcohol, caustic or abrasive cleaning agents are not suitable.


Subwoofers are generally used to maximize the bass sound emitted by the speakers. What do you think about the explanation of how to choose and the recommendations we provide? Each product that we provide has its own advantages.

When buying the best subwoofer, we recommend that you pay attention in terms of SPL, impedance, frequency, and the box contained in the subwoofer. In addition, it would be better if you try to check first before buying.

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