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The 12 Best Scanners For Documents

With the best scanners you no longer rely on a copy center. That is, you can do a variety of copying jobs at home. Similar to printers, scanners are now part of the basic equipment of every modern office. The possibilities of the scanner application are very versatile. Depending on the model, you can scan not only documents, but also images, entire books, or graphics. After the scanning process, you can process the file further.

best scanners

There are many different types of scanners, such as flatbed scanners, handheld scanners, and film scanners. Scanners usually require software to start working. Now there are scanners that work wirelessly with Bluetooth technology.

We'll show you why a high-quality scanner is a good investment and what you should pay attention to when buying one. In this guide we have collected many useful tips and also selected the 12 best scanners for you.

12 of the best powerful scanners in a compact comparison

1. Epson WorkForce DS-310 Scanner
  • USB media type
  • Document scanner type
  • DS-310 Seri Series
  • USB connectivity technology, Micro USB
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 28.8 x 8.9 x 5.1 centimeters
  • 300 . resolution
  • Item Weight 1100 Grams
  • 8 watts
The Epson WorkForce DS-310 scanner is a mobile A4 document scanner with scanning speeds of up to 25 pages per minute or 50 images per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi. It supports papers weighing between 52 and 230 grams per square meter and, according to the manufacturer, allows double-sided scanning in one pass - a feature known as "single pass". The scanner has a USB 3.0 port and a 20-sheet automatic document feeder. According to Epson, even difficult documents like plastic ID cards and SIMs can be scanned without problems.

Comes with Comprehensive Software: The Epson WorkForce DS-310 scanner comes with Epson Document Capture software for Mac and Epson Document Capture Pro for Windows. Epson Scan 2 drivers and Newsoft Presto BizCard 6.6 digital recognition software are also included.

The best scanners offer extensive driver support for TWAIN, WIA and ISIS and come with a CD manual, power cable, USB cable and user manual. It complies with the so-called Energy Star guidelines for energy-efficient scanning and offers a maximum scan resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Compatible operating systems are macOS from version 10.7.x and Windows from version Windows server 2003. The mobile scanner has dimensions of 8.9 x 28.8 x 5.1 centimeters (length/width/height) and weighs 1.1 kilograms . According to Epson, scan-to-cloud and scan-to-PDF are also available as functions.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Meets Energy Star guidelines for energy efficient scanning
  • Wide compatibility (Windows XP or later and Mac OS 10.7 x or later)
  • No obvious flaws
2. Epson Perfection V39 Scanner
  • Media type Photo
  • Types of scanners Flachbett-Scanner
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 24.9 x 36.4 x 3.9 centimeters
  • Resolution 4800 x 4800 dpi
  • Item Weight 1500 Gram
  • 2.5 watts
This Epson model is very easy to use and space-saving - you can use it flat and sideways with its integrated stand. With a resolution of 4,800 dpi and fast scanning speeds, you'll get quality results in no time.

You can easily save scanned photos and documents online and share them with others - scan your documents and photos directly to the cloud or to Facebook and Picasa.

In the package you get the Epson Easy Photo Fix software which gives scanned documents or photos a higher quality: faded colors are restored, text sharpness is improved and colors are optimized overall. Unwanted "show" is avoided for double-sided scanning.

With this device you can also scan documents larger than the A4 scanner size. Templates are recorded in individual sections and then seamlessly reassembled into an image. This Epson scanner is also energy efficient and user friendly, this is due to the ReadyScan LED technology used.

Therefore, no heating time is required, which saves time and energy costs. The scanner cover is removable, so you can easily scan bulky originals such as books, photo albums, or other bound objects.

The Epson Perfection V39 scanner is powered by a single micro USB connector. There is also a connection option for other devices over the same connection. Therefore, a separate power pack or power cord is not required.

  • 4800 x 4800 dpi (High resolution scan)
  • 48-bit color depth for higher quality color scanning and photos
  • Stitch function (multiple scans can be combined)
  • With stand for flexible installation
  • No automatic document feeder
3. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500
  • Media type paper
  • Document scanner type
  • Scansnap IX 1500 . series
  • RJ11 connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 16.1 x 29.2 x 15.2 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item Weight 3.4 Kilograms
  • 17 watts
  • 24 Bit color depth
The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 for Windows and Mac is an advanced scanner that can scan up to 30 pages per minute in color, grayscale, or mono with impressive resolutions of up to 600 dpi.

You can scan up to 50 sheets at a time: simply load the sheets into the automatic document feeder (ADF) and press the "SCAN" button to scan both sides of each sheet at once.

Fujitsu devices automatically recognize and scan in black and white or color, adjust the size of individual documents, correct skew and display images in the correct orientation. The scanner also automatically removes blank pages and reduces see-through.

This useful feature increases the effectiveness of the scanning process, ensuring that the first scan will be the best, reducing operator intervention to a minimum. The operation is intuitive and simple, there is a 4.3-inch TFT color touch screen with many functions.

After the scanning process, you can use the included ScanSnap Home program to edit the results, for example to correct wrong angles and accidentally scanned backs.

Documents can be scanned directly to iOS or Android devices via WiFi without having to operate a PC. When not in use, the device can be folded to save space.

  • 4.3 inch TFT color touch screen (intuitive operation)
  • Up to 50 pages per minute (high scan speed)
  • ScanSnap Home for easy post-processing
  • Document feeder up to 50 pages
  • Wi-Fi Function
  • No obvious flaws
4. Scanner Epson WorkForce ES-50
  • Media type paper
  • Document scanner type
  • Epson Labor Series ES-50
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 27.2 x 4.7 x 3.4 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item Weight 270 Grams
  • 48 Bit color depth
The WorkForce ES-50 is easy to use, set up and transport thanks to its space-saving design. It is powered by your laptop or PC via the included USB cable. It is ideal for small offices and home offices with limited space where a simple scanning solution is required.

The new Epson ScanSmart software makes scanning hassle-free with an easy-to-use step-by-step scanning solution. Users can save and send files in formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF and more. Continuous scanning with the automatic document feeder speeds up the scanning process. The CIS sensor allows instant scanning with no warm-up time.

  • Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
  • Interface: USB2.0
  • Color scanning speed: 5.5 seconds per page
  • Continuous scanning with automatic document feeder
  • Epson ScanSmart software (for intuitive scanning)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Only 5.5 pages per minute
  • No double-sided scanning
5. Canon Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 Document Scanner
  • Media types Photo, Business cards, Postcards, Paper, Embossed cards
  • Scanner type document
  • P-208II Series USB 2.0
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 31.2 x 8.9 x 4 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item weight 590 grams
  • 2.5 watts
The Canon Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 document scanner is the ideal device for the business traveler on the move, but the mobile scanner also makes a good cut for personal use - compact and elegant. The gain is also performance - it offers an automatic document feeder (up to 10 sheets) and fast two-sided scanning.

This Canon model scans at up to 16 frames per minute on both sides. Thanks to the automatic document feeder, stacks of up to 10 pages can be processed in one scan cycle. This function is very useful when you want to scan drawings, contracts and related documents.

Weighing only 600 grams and an extremely narrow footprint, the scanner is extremely space-saving, which plays a big role when you're on the move. This best scanner is supplied with power via USB connection. Very easy to use - plug in and start - CaptureOnTouch Lite software is pre-installed on the scanner.

Scanning is more intuitive thanks to an improved icon-based user interface. With this mobile scanner from Canon, you can scan a variety of media, from A4 documents to embossed cards.

You can even scan wirelessly anywhere with a P-Canon device via the optional Wi-Fi Box WU10. This option is especially useful if you want to scan documents directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC without cables.

  • CaptureOnTouch Lite software (for ease of use)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Optionally extended with WLAN
  • No obvious flaws
6. Brother DS-940DW
  • Media type paper
  • Scanner type document
  • Brother scan series DS-940DW A4
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 6.3 x 31.9 x 4.5 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item weight 0.7 kilograms
  • 3.6 watts
The Brother DS-940DW is a mobile scanner. It weighs 699 grams and has the following dimensions: 4.54 centimeters high, 6.31 centimeters deep and 31.9 centimeters wide. According to the manufacturer, the device can be transported in a laptop bag.

With U-Output Guide: U-Output Guide takes up less space. According to the manufacturer, the scanner is perfect for smaller spaces or mobile use thanks to it.

The Brother mobile scanner is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery. Charging the battery takes 2.6 hours. The DS-940DW model can be used to scan black and white and color documents. It is suitable, for example, for scanning ID documents, business cards, photos, and DIN A4 documents. Scan speed for DIN A4 documents is up to 15 pages per minute. The scanner's interpolation resolution is 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and the optical resolution is 600 x 600 dpi. Other features are:
  • USB 3.0 . port
  • Duplex function (two-sided scan)
What is meant by interpolation and optical resolution? The manufacturer specifies the scan resolution in dpi. The abbreviation stands for dots per inch. Resolution provides information about the quality of the image created during the scan. Generally, higher resolution means better quality. In addition to optical resolution, manufacturers sometimes specify interpolation resolution. This value can be ignored when buying. During interpolation, additional pixels are inserted between the measured values. Interpolation does not result in higher image quality.

  • Integrated battery for mobile use
  • U output guide for less space consumption
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wireless internet access
  • Up to 53 decibels
7. Epson Perfection V850 Pro Scanner
  • Flatbed type scanner
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 50.3 x 30.8 x 15.2 centimeters
  • Resolution 25 to 12,800 (in 1 dpi increments) dpi
  • Item weight 6600 grams
  • 23 watts
  • 48.0 . color depth
Even at first glance it is noticeable how the Epson Perfection V850 Pro scanner differs from most of the others in this comparison. Because this device has an extraordinarily expensive price. However, there is a reason for this. Because with a scanner from Epson, not only paper templates can be scanned, but also negative slides and film. The perfect device for anyone looking to digitize their old analog assets.

Scan quality is at a professional level. Because the device scans with a resolution of 6,400 dpi for slides and movies and with a resolution of 4,800 dpi for photos. The second warm-up time is sufficient for the scanner to do its job. He works with precise reproduction of the pitch values ​​and gradations of the original. With Digital ICE technology it is possible to restore old films and films. The scanner automatically removes dust and scratches.

Special features: This model is optimized for scanning photos, slides, and negatives. It's theoretically possible to scan other documents as well, but not at the speed we're used to from other scanners.

  • 6400 x 6400 dpi (High resolution scan)
  • 48-bit color depth for higher quality color scanning and photos
  • Includes dedicated camera film mounts (two 35mm negatives, two 35mm slides, two medium format and two 4 x 5 inch mounts)
  • Digital ICE technology (software for film restoration)
  • Scan only 12 pages per minute
  • No double-sided scanning
8. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Scanner
  • Media type receipt, paper
  • Scanner type document
  • ScanSnap Merek Brand
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 39.8 x 25 x 26.6 centimeters
According to the manufacturer, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 scanner is suitable for individuals, families or small teams. The best scanners have WiFi connectivity and can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer or to a smart device running the iOS or Android operating system.

Suitable for various document sizes: Fujitsu's ScanSnap iX1600 scans documents in DIN A8 to DIN A4 sizes. Manual A3 scanner mode is available for larger documents.

The scanner scans one-sided or double-sided at a speed of up to 40 pages per minute. For images, the speed is 80 frames per minute. The scanner is equipped with a 4.3-inch LC display with touch screen. It allows the creation of predefined profiles to scan the desired file type and save it to the desired destination at the touch of a button. Color-coded profiles can be set up for up to four people. No PC required to scan, WiFi connection is enough to scan documents and save them in the cloud.

  • Four scan profiles with different settings can be programmed (for more flexible use)
  • 4.3-inch TFT color touch screen for intuitive operation
  • Scan up to 40 pages per minute (fast scan speed)
  • Meets Energy Star guidelines for energy efficient scanning
  • No obvious flaws
9. Kodak Alaris S2050 Document Scanner
  • Media type business card, postcard, paper
  • Scanner type document
  • ALARIS S2050 series scanner
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 31.2 x 26.9 x 18.2 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item weight 7.3 pounds
  • 36 watts

This best scanner from Kodak is the perfect device for the office. It is characterized by speed, extremely quiet operation, and a compact, space-saving design. At the touch of a button, you can easily complete various scanning tasks.

The Alaris S2050 can handle almost any format from plain paper documents to ID cards and rigid cards. These Kodak scanners are the perfect choice for many applications and industries, such as medical practices, banks, administrative offices, insurance agencies, or even for personal use.

In ultra-fast "transaction mode," you can process small piles of documents at lightning speed, and the scanner can even handle cards. Operation takes place without paper jams and the device also scores with document protection.

Intelligent document protection detects problems immediately and stops the scanning process to protect documents. Kodak's paper transport technology - Alaris - is in a class of its own, ensuring jam-free and misfeed-free scanning. The intuitive user interface with colorful icons makes working with the device fun and easy.

This allows you to quickly gather information and pass it along accordingly. Thanks to the Smart Touch function, all this can be done at the touch of a button. The scanner is characterized by its compatibility with many operating systems. Windows Server 2012 and 2016, Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as various Linux distributions from SUSE, Ubuntu and NeoKylin are supported.

In addition, the best scanners read barcodes using the Smart Touch function. The Alaris S2050 can read barcodes via the driver and use them for file naming or document splitting.

  • Smart touch function (scan only at the touch of a button)
  • Scan up to 50 pages per minute (fast scan speed)
  • Wide compatibility (Windows 7 or later, Linux and Mac OS 10.7 x or later)
  • No obvious flaws
10. Avision FB2280E Scanner
  • Media type photos, business cards
  • Scanner type document
  • FB2280E Series
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 11.5 x 28.8 x 48 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item weight 6.5 kilograms
  • 30 watts
With the Avision FB2280E model , you get a modern device that is easy to use and has a variety of functions that make handling easy and offer other usage possibilities. Brightness settings greatly improve scan results, so even poor originals are easy to read after scanning.

This device is suitable for work in the office as well as in the private sector. Thanks to its advantageous size, it offers a wide range of options for use. You can place it on a different shelf at home or place it on a table thanks to its compact size and light weight, it can also be easily transported.

The Avision scanner is equipped with 128 MB of RAM, which allows fast processing and storage of scanned images. The special feature of this best scanner is the slanted front, which makes scanning books much easier compared to other models.

You can select up to nine scan profiles using the buttons. As far as scan quality is concerned, the scanner has high quality hardware that produces accurate images of scanned documents. The resolution is 600 dpi , which can produce a convincing A4 format scan.

The most important features of the Avision flatbed scanner:
  • Print speed 4 seconds with 300 dpi color
  • Slanted front for scanning book pages
  • Brightness and contrast settings can be adjusted as desired
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface (USB 1.1 compatible)
  • Nine scan profiles can be selected at the touch of a button.
  • Tilted front for easy book scanning
  • Nine scan profiles with different settings can be programmed (for more flexible use)
  • No double-sided scanning
11. HP Scanjet Pro 2500f1
  • Media type photos
  • Scanner type business card
  • Model name HP Scanjet2500f1 A4 USB Scanner
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 45.1 x 35.1 x 12.2 centimeters
  • 1440000 . resolution
  • Item weight 4300 grams
  • 4.73 watts
The HP Scanjet Pro 2500f1 scanner is designed with speed and convenience in mind. With the automatic document feeder, the device scans up to 20 pages per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi. If it doesn't have to be that fast, resolutions up to 1,200 dpi are possible, but not with ADF, but when using a flatbed. And devices can do much more.

It captures you up to 40 images per minute thanks to two-sided scanning without rotating the original and the 50-sheet automatic document feeder. Thanks to HP's scan software, scans can be directly shared with other users or stored and synced in the public cloud. Readiris Pro OCR software is also included, with which the text on scanned documents can be read. Other benefits and features include:
  • Auto exposure
  • Auto threshold
  • Automatic color detection
  • Background alignment/removal
  • Automatic format recognition
  • Content alignment
  • Content Optimization
  • Auto alignment
  • Multi color drop out
  • Edge removal
  • Deleting Blank Pages
  • Page merging
  • Removing punch holes
  • Document separation
Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS X v10.9 (Mavericks) and OS X v10.10 (Yosemite).

  • Readiris Pro (software for detail setting)
  • Document feeder up to 50 pages
  • Optionally available with WLAN
  • No obvious flaws
12. Epson WorkForce DS-410 Scanner
  • Carte post media types
  • Scanner type document
  • DS-410 Kerja Labor Series
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 15.2 x 15.4 x 29.7 centimeters
  • 600 . resolution
  • Item weight 2.5 kilograms
  • 15 watts
The Epson WorkForce DS-410 scanner is a document scanner with a resolution of 600 dpi and a scanning speed of 26 pages per minute and 52 images per minute at 300 dpi. According to the manufacturer, it offers extensive driver support for TWAIN, WIA and ISIS. The so-called paper protection technology is meant to protect the original document and ensure that every page is scanned. The best scanners have an output of 15 watts, a color depth of 10 bits and have a USB 2.0 port. It also has a 50-sheet automatic document feeder and supports papers weighing between 50 and 209 grams per square meter.

With an advanced LED sensor: With an advanced LED sensor and the included Epson Scan 2.0 and Document Capture Pro 2.0 software, the Epson WorkForce DS-410 scanner detects when two pages are loaded at once and then stops the scanning process with an alert.

Thanks to improved text optimization, auto-rotation, and optical elimination of punch holes, images should no longer require post-processing. According to Epson, barcode recognition and zone-related OCR support enable automatic processing of large documents, for example by naming files and creating folders. The document scanner shipping scope includes manual CD, power cable, installation instructions, USB cable, and warranty card. This model measures 29.7 x 15.2 x 15.4 centimeters (width/depth/height) and weighs 2.5 kilograms.

  • Advanced LED sensor for higher scan quality and alerts in case of scan problems
  • Scan up to 52 pages per minute (fast scan speed)
  • Document feeder up to 50 pages
  • No obvious flaws
What is a scanner?

The scanner is a special scanning device that systematically scans the presented document. Analog output data is converted to digital format thanks to sensors and analog-to-digital converters.

It allows you to save scanned documents to your computer and edit them further. The most common scanner model is the flatbed scanner which is very popular in the private and commercial sectors. The flatbed scanner makes it possible to digitize documents, photos, magazines and even books.

In terms of shape, a flatbed scanner resembles a very flat copier. Conventional flatbed scanner can only scan one template, with feed scanner, on the other hand, you can read on several templates one after another. There are dedicated mobile scanners or handheld scanners for use on the go.

You will also find many inkjet or laser printers on the market that are equipped with scanning functions. However, the resolution quality of this device usually does not reach the quality of a good flatbed scanner. Modern scanners are equipped with various additional functions, such as automatic transmission via email, to cloud storage or conversion to PDF documents.

You can even access some scanners from your smartphone. Office scanners must at least be able to scan in DIN A4 paper format and require a separate power pack for power supply. The scanner is connected to a PC via a USB cable. Higher quality scanners have WLAN functionality, which means that scanned documents can be transmitted wirelessly.

This is how the scanner works

Today, most scanners best connect directly to a computer via a USB cable. Before setting up such a connection, you must first install the scanner driver. Along with the scanner, you usually get one or more CDs containing the appropriate scanning program in addition to the drivers.

After installing the software, connect the scanner to the computer using a USB cable or via WLAN (depending on the model). The device must be easily accessible, so it is best to place the device on a table or shelf.

Now you can start your first scan. Simply place the document or image on the surface of the scanner glass, then close the lid. To start the scanning process, you must use the appropriate scanning program, which is started on your own computer, or press the special scan button.

The device then starts scanning the inserted document and digitizes it. The way a scanner works can be compared to a copier. The speed with which the device scans documents depends on the resolution set and the quality of the device.

The scanning program inserted by the manufacturer allows the results to be immediately viewed on the PC monitor. If you are satisfied with the result, the scan can be saved on the computer's hard drive.

What types of scanners are there?

best scanners

There are various types of the best scanners on the market , which differ in the choice of function and construction depending on the application:
  1. Hand scanner. Scanner guideThis is the first affordable device for personal users. The scanner (held in a typical T-shape) is simply pulled over the template. The application is a bit complicated, among other things, you just need to drag the device very slowly and at a constant speed and without lateral drift over the template to get a satisfactory result. Such scanners are not suitable for photos, with A4 format you will have to use the device several times due to the small scan width. The scanned document is then assembled in an image editing program. The handheld scanners available today are battery powered or battery powered, they can easily handle A4 DIN pages and also allow for higher scan motions. The resulting file can be saved on an SD or micro SD card or sent directly to another device via Bluetooth or WLAN. Hand scanners, also known as mobile document scanners, are often used at conferences and trade shows. One of the advantages of handheld scanners is mobile use, some of which are available with text recognition and translation functions and are inexpensive. With older models, recognition accuracy is somewhat poorer and they offer awkward handling.
  2. Flatbed scanner. The most famous representative of the scanner family is the flatbed scanner. The operation of this tool is similar to that of a copier. You place the original on the scanner glass pane and secure it with the cover. The template is now scanned line by line using a fluorescent light or LED sensor and finally digitized. This device is great for scanning photos, documents and even books. With some models, you can even digitize negatives and slides via the top transparency unit. Flatbed scanners are typically designed up to DIN A4 size. The high-quality flatbed scanner achieves a scan resolution of at least 4,800 dpi. These models are ideal for home office or commercial use. Many multifunction printers are now equipped with a scanning unit. Advantages of flatbed scanners: They offer high scanning resolution, ideal for personal and commercial use, you can also digitize photo negatives and slides with them, and offer an attractive price-performance ratio. On the other hand, the downside is their size – they take up a lot of desk space, and most models don't have an automatic document feeder.
  3. Photo and slide scanner. With the photo and slide scanner, you can, as the name suggests, digitize paper photos, negative strips, and slides in high quality. Good models achieve a scan resolution of 4,000 dpi and more. The photo scanner has an automatic feeder for photo paper up to a size of about 10 x 15 cm. Pure slide scanners, on the other hand, have recording devices suitable for individual slides or entire strips of film. The high resolution of photo and slide scanners is very positive – they are also suitable for paper and film strip drawings and have a compact design. However, most models of this type are rather expensive.
  4. Feed scanner. In terms of structure, feed scanners are built in a similar way to fax machines. This scanner is designed for batch scanning of documents and receipts. Despite its high scanning speed, no other templates can be processed with it, which somewhat limits its functionality. The feed scanner offers high scanning resolution and good scanning speed and compact size. The disadvantage, however, remains the fact that they are only suitable for documents and you cannot scan books or extract magazines.
What types of connections are there?

Most of the best scanner models have a classic USB connection. Currently every computer or laptop is equipped with a USB port. To connect the scanner to a computer, all you need is a USB cable, which is usually included with the scanner.

Some of the best scanners connect to peripheral devices via a SCSI connection, the "Small Computer System Interface". The latest generation scanners have a WLAN and therefore can be connected wirelessly.

What should you consider when cleaning the scanner?

Scanners are relatively low-maintenance devices. This mechanism is enclosed within the housing, cannot be freely accessed from the outside and is intended to operate for many years. After several years of operation, only the quality of the exposure unit can deteriorate.

The scanner housing is best cleaned with a dry cloth. You should remove dust and dirt from the document glass periodically so that the scan results are of good quality.

Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents, a damp cloth with soapy water or a simple lens cleaning cloth will suffice. Then clean the glass surface again with a dry cloth.

What should you pay attention to when buying the best scanner?

best scanners

Before you decide to buy the best scanner, you should know the most important features of the purchase:

  1. Scope of delivery. When buying a scanner, pay attention to the scope of delivery. In addition to the device and power cable, a suitable USB connection cable must also be included, which is not always the case. Otherwise, you will need to purchase the cable yourself separately. In addition, the driver CD and scanning software must be included in the shipping scope. In the case of flatbed scanners with transparency attachments, appropriate holders for individual slides and negative strips must be included.
  2. Destination. There are different types of scanners, so you should first consider what you want to use the scanner for in the future. If you just want to digitize paper photos, slides, and film strips for posterity, then a photo and slide scanner is the best choice. If you mainly scan documents and sometimes pictures, then a traditional flatbed scanner is the best for you. A feed scanner, on the other hand, will provide you with the best service if you have to digitize a large number of documents in the same format over and over again for work. Modern hand scanners are the best alternative for people who, for professional reasons, want to scan documents and photos on the go.
  3. Connectivity. Today's scanners can be connected to other devices both via USB and WLAN. Some devices can even be controlled from a smartphone. Modern scanners also have so-called scan-to-cloud and scan-to-PDF functions.
  4. Scan resolution. It shows how good the scanned image is in the end and depends on what is called the dpi number. Dpi stands for "dots per inch" and represents the resolution of the scan. A typical scanning device with a dpi value of 4,800 dpi, for example, is capable of displaying a maximum of 4,800 characters per inch. Keep in mind that the higher the maximum dpi value of the scanner, the better the digital image quality.
  5. Color depth. If you mainly need the scanner for personal use, then 24 bit color depth is sufficient. For professional use, it is better to get at least a scanner with a color depth of 96 bits.
  6. Light source. The scanner requires a light source to operate. This is a cold light or LED. More and more scanners are equipped with LEDs as they offer the advantage that less power is consumed. LEDs also last longer than dichroic lamps.
  7. Useful additions and additional functions. Some devices have various additional functions such as a cleaning function. It is used in photos to produce great image results. Infrared units are used for cleaning, and UV light is also used in some cases.
Which accessories are useful for the scanner?

After buying the best scanner, you can also buy some accessories:
  1. USB cable. This is probably the most important accessory for a scanner. In most cases, the USB cable is not included in the shipping coverage and must be purchased separately. Communication between the scanner and the computer is not possible without a USB cable.
  2. Storage bag (for mobile scanners). With a portable scanner, you definitely need a soft travel bag to keep your device safe. For such scanners, you get different transport bags and backpacks on the market, all of which offer adequate protection against damage.
  3. Cleaning spray and compressed air. There are special cleaning agents for scanners, with which you can clean not only the house, but also the document glass . The cleaning spray contains no chemical additives and does not attack sensitive components and housings. A small can of compressed air can help you clean the scanner. You can use it to remove dust from the scanner opening easily. Important: Dust can have a negative impact on a perfect scan result, so there should be no dirt and grime on the glass surface in particular.

What are the alternatives to existing scanners?

If you don't have the best scanner and still want to quickly scan documents or images, you can use the following alternatives:

  1. Digital camera. You can also digitize documents or pictures with a digital camera. To do this, you need to put the template on the table and light it well from both sides. Digital cameras can also be aligned using the reproduction stand so that templates can be shot directly from above.
  2. A smartphone as an alternative to a scanner. Most modern smartphones have relatively good digital cameras. If you get a free app to do this, like Genius Scan or CamScanner, you can get a good quality scan. The app works even in low light conditions and is relatively easy to use. Apart from that, they are equipped with various archive functions that allow you to export scanned documents to other end devices.


We have introduced twelve of the best scanners for you. In fact, there are also recommendations for the best cheap document scanners for those of you who have a limited budget.

Before buying the best scanner, be sure to also check the features it has to offer. With so many product variations, we hope that you can find the best scanner for documents that fits your needs. Hopefully our article is useful for you, yes!

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