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9 Best Bluetooth Adapters For PCs And Laptops

If you have old PCs, laptops, stereos and other devices that don't yet have Bluetooth capability, there's no need to jump right into a modern device with a built-in Bluetooth chip. You can easily re-pair your device with the best Bluetooth adapter. In our great product comparison and subsequent guide, we will tell you which types of Bluetooth adapters exist and which functions you should pay particular attention to.

Bluetooth adapters

We compare the 9 best Bluetooth adapters from different manufacturers for you and discuss in detail about the possible applications and features. In this quick overview and product description, you will find the most important information about the product at a glance. Our guide will then give you everything you need to know about Bluetooth adapters. Starting with different types of adapters, through the range to the most important buying criteria, you'll find everything that will make your buying decision easier.

The 9 best Bluetooth adapters differ in a big comparison

1. TP-Link UB400 Nano Bluetooth Adapter

  • Bluetooth 4.0 . hardware interface
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP operating system
  • Desktop compatible devices
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 19 x 7 x 15 millimeters
  • Item weight 0.35 ounces

The TP-Link UB400 Nano Bluetooth Adapter lets you add Bluetooth capability to your PC or laptop. It fits into any USB port, so you can use it flexibly. The adapter has the modern technical standard of Bluetooth 4.0, but is also compatible with older versions such as Bluetooth V3.0, 2.1, 2.0 and 1.1. Thanks to the Plug&Play principle, you can connect it quickly and easily and there is no need to configure it first. Just insert the nano adapter into the USB port and the Bluetooth function will turn on automatically.

The TP-Link adapter is suitable for Windows 7 and 8, as well as for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and XP. It is so small that you can also use it optimally on the go. You can stream music without loss with a transmission distance of up to 10 meters through your headphones. It doesn't matter whether you want to transfer music and other data or have a video chat, this Bluetooth adapter makes it possible.

Important product data at a glance:
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Suitable for all versions of Windows
  • Nano design for mobile use
  • Weight: 9.07 grams
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 14.8 x 6.8 millimeters
Drivers required for Windows 7: However, please note that you will need to install drivers for Windows 7.

  • Relatively light
  • Compact dimensions in nano format
  • Works as transmitter and receiver for different devices
  • Does not require additional energy sources
  • Using BLE technology
  • Compatible with old devices
  • Relatively small range up to 10 meters
2. Logitech 2229252 Bluetooth Adapter
  • 3.5mm . audio hardware interface
  • Windows Operating System, Mac OS
  • PC, tablet, smartphone compatible devices
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 5.7 x 5.1 x 2.2 centimeters
  • Item weight 175 grams
The Logitech 2229252 Bluetooth adapter has multipoint functionality, so you can connect your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Operation is very easy with 1-push mounting button. Even if the adapter has the Bluetooth 3.0 standard, it is compatible with older versions. According to the manufacturer, you can connect the stick to PC speakers, stereo systems, AV receivers, smartphones and tablets. Simply connect to your speakers using a standard analog RCA or 3.5mm jack.

What is meant by multipoint? The multipoint function allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices to one Bluetooth headset at the same time.

The manufacturer guarantees you a reliable connection within a distance of up to 15 meters. Good audio and acoustic quality is also promised, previously tuned in the company's own laboratory. The scope of delivery includes adapter, cinch to 3.5 mm cable, power cord and user manual.

Some product data at a glance:
  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Suitable for smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, laptops and PCs
  • Multipoint for smartphone and tablet pairing simultaneously
  • Dimensions: 22.32 x 50.8 x 57.15 millimeters
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Designed as an audio receiver for voice signals
  • Plug & Play without driver
  • With cinch socket and jack for speakers or headphones
  • Does not depend on operating system
  • Unable to send data
  • Depends on external resources
3. 1mii MiiLink Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Compatible device speakers
  • Dimensions of the item L x W x H 50 x 50 x 22 millimeters
  • Item weight 60 grams
  • Touch control method
The 1mii MiiLink Bluetooth adapter is specially designed for voice transmission. It complies with modern Bluetooth 5.0 radio standards. Only Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1, which has been on the market since January 2019, is even more up-to-date. Compared with the old version, version 5.0 is characterized by more stable signal transmission and clear sound with lower power consumption. According to the manufacturer, the sound quality is first class. The adapter runs on the internal battery for about 12 hours. Then it can be charged easily using the supplied USB cable.

The Mpow Adapter has great compatibility and is suitable for iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones, tablets and PCs. Thanks to the multipoint function, two Bluetooth devices can be connected simultaneously. The device has a low power warning, control button, and automatic reconnection. In the package you get an adapter, 3.5 mm audio cable, 3.5 mm RCA cable, USB cable and user manual.

Overview of some important features:
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Also suitable for iPhone and iPad
  • Multipoint for simultaneous pairing of two Bluetooth devices
  • Runs on battery
  • Bluetooth Range: Up to 50 meters outdoors, 20 to 30 meters indoors
  • Wide range of accessories with all the necessary cables
What are the advantages of the Bluetooth standard over version 4.0? Newer versions of Bluetooth offer better energy efficiency, faster connection creation, and higher security standards. You can find out more about the different versions of Bluetooth in our guide.

  • Audio receiver for music transmission
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours run time
  • Above average range
  • With bass boost mode
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and backward compatible
  • Plug & Play no driver required
  • With jack socket and stereo cinch
  • Designed as receiver only
  • The weight is relatively high because of the battery
4. Avantree DG40S USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth hardware interface
  • Operating System Windows 11 10 8.1 8 7 XP Vista
  • Compatible devices IPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, headphones & more, PC/laptops with 32/64-Bit Windows 8, 7 & Vista, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3, HTC one, Sony Xperia Z1S, etc
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 6.7 x 5.6 x 1.7 centimeters
  • Bluetooth data link protocol
  • Data transfer rate of 3 megabytes per second
  • Item weight 2 grams
The Avantree DG40S USB Bluetooth Adapter is suitable for PCs and laptops with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista and XP operating systems. Mac, Linux, TV or car stereo systems are not compatible with this adapter. Connect the Avantree adapter to Bluetooth headphones, speakers or receivers to stream music wirelessly. You can also use it for Skype calls, Google Hangouts, and mobile and tablet data transfers.

What is a Bluetooth class in terms of Bluetooth adapter range? Adapters are divided into three classes in terms of range. Class I means the adapter has a range of 100 meters. Class II, where the Avantree Bluetooth adapter falls, has a range of 10 to 50 meters. Class III adapters only deliver up to a distance of 1 to 10 meters.

The Bluetooth adapter is supported by almost all devices. This includes Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth mice, printers, projectors, PS4 controllers, Xbox One S, and other devices. Note that the controller may require you to download special drivers to configure button settings. The Avantree Bluetooth adapter is not suitable for Xbox One controllers and Nintendo consoles. For Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP operating systems, you need to download the drivers from the Avantree support site.

Important product data at a glance:
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Supported operating systems: All versions of Windows old and new
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Transfer data from Android phones and tablets
  • Not suitable for iPhone or iPad
  • Range: Class II, up to 10 meters
  • Compact dimensions: 1 x 2 x 0.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 4.54 grams
  • Lightweight 2 grams and in nano format
  • Useful as transmitter and receiver
  • No external power source required
  • With BLE technology
  • Backward compatible
  • Relatively short reach
5. Maxesla Bluetooth Adapter
  • USB hardware interface, Bluetooth 5
  • Operating system Linux, Windows
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 24 x 14 x 8 millimeters
The Maxesla Bluetooth adapter is a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that, according to the manufacturer, uses low power consumption technology, or BLE for short, to provide computers with Bluetooth functionality. Equipped with a blue LED that indicates when the device is working properly. The Bluetooth adapter is suitable for all desktop PCs and laptop with Windows operating system from Windows XP. The wireless transmission range can reach 20 meters outdoors. According to the manufacturer, the adapter fits into any USB port and can be used flexibly.

Easy installation thanks to the driver CD: Before the Maxesla Bluetooth adapter can be connected to the USB port, the drivers from the included CD must be installed. Anyone who has lost a CD can also find the driver by doing a quick search by the product name on the Internet.

According to Maxesla, once the connection is established, Bluetooth pairing is possible with various devices such as headphones, PC mice, headsets, speakers, printers or keyboards. The manufacturer indicates that additional drivers sometimes need to be installed for game controllers. Thanks to EDR, Bluetooth 5.0 enables a maximum data transfer rate of 3 Mbit per second. Bluetooth adapters are strictly not recommended for televisions and car radios.

What is Bluetooth 5.0? Adapters that have the Bluetooth 5.0 standard are one of the most modern versions out there, next to Bluetooth 4.0. They are considered fast and should produce high quality sound - and all this with low energy consumption. The latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.2. It's been available since 2020 and now it can even support hearing aids.

  • Above average range
  • Can send and receive data
  • In nano design
  • No additional energy supply
  • Bluetooth low energy radio standard
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Backward compatible
  • Conditional Plug & Play only, driver CD included
Bluetooth adapters

6. CSL Computer 3023521 Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth 4.0 . hardware interface
  • Windows Operating System
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, Desktop
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 22 x 16 x 6 millimeters
  • Data transfer rate of 3 megabytes per second
  • Item weight 2 grams
The Bluetooth adapter 3023521 from CSL-Computer has version 4.0, but - like all Bluetooth adapters in our comparison - is compatible with older Bluetooth standards. The Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 interface with type A connector is also compatible with USB 1.1. The adapter allows you to quickly transfer data between your desktop PC or notebook and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as smartphones, tablets, printers, phones, keyboards, speakers, stereo headsets, or soundbars. Tried and tested Plug&Play ensures that connections are made quickly.

The adapter belongs to Bluetooth class II and has a range of 10 meters. The manufacturer guarantees wide compatibility with all Windows operating systems. This includes Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and XP. From Windows 8 you don't need any additional drivers. In addition, thanks to the multipoint function, you can connect to multiple devices at once at data rates of up to 3 megabits per second. The scope of delivery includes Bluetooth adapter, installation CD and user manual.

Important product data at a glance:
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Interface: USB 2.0 Type A
  • Suitable for all Windows operating systems
  • Multi point function
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Battery operated
  • Compact design: 6 x 15.7 x 21.8 millimeters
What should I consider when buying? Always make sure that the manufacturer specifies backward compatibility with older versions of Bluetooth or USB. This is often indicated by a "smart ready" label.

  • Lightweight 2 grams and in nano format
  • Can be used as transmitter and receiver
  • No external power source required
  • With BLE technology
  • Backward compatible
  • Relatively short reach
Bluetooth adapters

7. Esinkin Bluetooth Adapter
  • Brand Esinkin
  • USB interface hardware
  • Compatible devices Tablets, Smartphones
  • Item dimensions L x W x H 45 x 45 x 20 millimetres
  • Item Weight 130 Grams
The Esinkin music streaming sound system Bluetooth adapter has the Bluetooth 3.0 standard and is also backwards compatible. This adapter is suitable for PC speakers, stereo systems and AV receivers. Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet with the push of a button and enjoy incredible sound according to the manufacturer. Thanks to the integrated multipoint Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphone and tablet at the same time.

What profile does this device have? The Esinkin Bluetooth adapter belongs to the A2DP Bluetooth profile, which means it can only transmit audio data. You can find out more about the various Bluetooth profiles in our guide.

Quick and easy installation. You connect the Bluetooth adapter to audio and power and wait for the LED to light up. Then press the button once and the phone or tablet will recognize the adapter automatically. The seller specifies a range of up to 12 meters. You can also use an in-car adapter to make your radio Bluetooth-enabled. A 230 volt to 5 volt power cord is included.

Some product features at a glance:
  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Compatible with older Bluetooth standards
  • Compatible with most speakers
  • For smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • Audio data transmission only
  • Multi point function
  • Range: 10 to 12 meters
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 24 millimeters
  • Designed as an audio receiver for voice signals
  • Plug & Play without driver
  • With cinch socket and jack for speakers or headphones
  • Does not depend on operating system
  • Unable to send data
  • Depends on external resources
8. TP-Link UB500 Nano Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth hardware interface, USB, Bluetooth 5
  • Windows Operating System
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, Desktop
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 15 x 7 x 19 millimeters
  • Item weight 30 grams
The TP-Link UB500 Nano Bluetooth Adapter has Bluetooth version 5.0, which means it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, 3.0, 2.1, 2.0 and 1.1. The nano adapter is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and can be used, for example, on desktop PCs, laptops, and Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mice, keyboards, headsets, or smartphones. Thanks to the advanced 5.0 chipset, according to TP-Link, this receiver offers better performance, lower energy consumption, faster transmission rates, longer range and more stable signal than comparable 4.0 models.

Plug and play: According to TP-Link, the TP-Link UB500 Nano Bluetooth adapter only connects to a computer via USB. Then click the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar, as the corresponding BT device is added and paired. Nothing to do.

According to the manufacturer, the Bluetooth adapter supports up to seven Bluetooth devices simultaneously and can be plugged into a USB 2.0 port and stored there. The manufacturer emphatically points out that the Bluetooth adapter only works with the Windows operating system - i.e. not with game consoles like the PlayStation 4 either. According to TP-Link, it is also not possible to integrate the webcam with the adapter.

  • Gold plated connectors to prevent corrosion
  • Normal dongle as sender and receiver of data
  • With Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Draws power from the USB port
  • With BLE standard
  • Downward compatible up to version 1.1
  • No information about reach
9. Avantree DG60 Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bluetooth hardware interface
  • Operating System Windows, Mac OS, PS4, PS5, Linux
  • Desktop compatible devices
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 9.6 x 8.8 x 2.3 centimeters
  • Bluetooth 5.0, USB, Wireless data link protocol
  • Data transfer rate of 3 megabytes per second
  • Item weight 10 grams
According to the manufacturer, the Avantree DG60 Bluetooth adapter can be connected to the USB ports of PCs and laptops, but also to game consoles, for example to transmit audio wirelessly to speakers or headphones. This adapter has a Bluetooth version 5.0 chipset with Hi-Fi stereo sound and a data transfer rate of 3 Mbit per second. According to the manufacturer, the range can be up to 12 to 18 meters indoors, while the range with an open line of sight can even be up to 50 meters.

Wide Compatibility: According to the manufacturer, the Avantree DG60 Bluetooth adapter is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch are also listed.

According to Avantree, there is no need to download or install drivers when setting up a Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth adapter supports the low latency aptX codec under 40 milliseconds to avoid audiovisual delays in things like lip syncing. According to the manufacturer, headphones or speakers with aptX Low Latency should be used for ideal sound transmission. According to Avantree, the adapter comes with a USB extension cable and handy instructions.

  • Designed as a transmitter for audio signals
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Not tied to any specific operating system - universally compatible
  • Relatively light
  • With integrated sound card - often improves sound quality
  • With antenna for a range of up to 50 meters
  • Works without additional power supply
  • Install & Play Unconditionally
  • Only suitable for sending audio signal
  • Use is limited to speakers and headphones
What is a bluetooth adapter?

Bluetooth adapter

First of all, we'd like to briefly explain what Bluetooth really is: While data was only transmitted via power cables until the 1980s, Bluetooth passed data over the radio. It saves a lot of cable clutter and you are much more mobile with your device. As the name suggests, the adapter brings together two things that cannot work together. A Bluetooth adapter is a small and handy device that always connects previously incompatible transmitters and receivers. For example, you can connect a new headset to your Xbox One or connect an old Hi-Fi audio device to USB headphones.

Likewise, you can use Bluetooth adapters for devices such as computer mice, keyboards, microphones, speakers, headphones, headsets, and even smartphones. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can also turn your notebook, laptop or PC into a Bluetooth receiver. With an adapter, you can, for example, use a Bluetooth mouse wirelessly, flexibly manage Bluetooth speakers without the hassle of connecting cables or connecting Bluetooth headphones to your PC. Even if Bluetooth adapters only come as small plugs, they are capable of great things. And that's what's special. You can take the adapter with you anywhere and connect it easily.

Bluetooth transmitters are now very reliable when it comes to sending data and there are almost no errors or disconnections. On average, Bluetooth adapters reach a range of up to 10 meters. It allows you to use a Bluetooth adapter, also known as a Bluetooth dongle, in a mobile and flexible manner. Make all your devices Bluetooth-enabled with a Bluetooth adapter. The only requirement is that they have a USB port.

Where did the term Bluetooth come from? The name Bluetooth comes from the Danish Viking King Harald "Blauzahn" Gormsson, who was said to have great communication skills. Bluetooth was originally a code name for the newly developed standard. The inventors then decided to use it as a brand name as well.

What Bluetooth versions are there?

Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth has been around for 30 years and has continued to evolve since then. Over time, new versions keep coming to the market. The first version was Bluetooth 1.0 with a maximum data rate of 1 megabit per second. Then came Bluetooth 2.0. The maximum data rate is 2.1 megabits per second. Bluetooth 2.0 is also the first version to receive additional EDR for Enhanced Data Rate. That said that data rates have increased. Of course, Bluetooth 2.0 is compatible with the first version 1.0.

Bluetooth 3.0 soon followed, which at 24 megabits per second had significantly higher data rates than Bluetooth 2.0. In addition, high speed support is now provided by WLAN and UWB channels. With Bluetooth 4.0, the low energy consumption aspect is added to the extremely high data rates. Connection establishment is faster and security is also enhanced with 128-bit AES encryption. Versions 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.1 followed, whose data transmission speed and security were continuously improved. Most newer and very recent versions of Bluetooth are compatible with older Bluetooth standards.

Latest version: Starting with the Bluetooth 5.0 version, which has been available since 2016, the range has been quadrupled and data rates have been doubled. Additionally, location determination is added as a service.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and WLAN and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

In contrast to Bluetooth, WLANs are intended for networks with many participants, offering fast connections and, with the appropriate router, also much greater range than Bluetooth. Bluetooth is suitable for short distance data transmission, although data transmission is not as fast as WLAN. Therefore Bluetooth is ideal for devices that require only a small bandwidth. It is ideal for streaming music or making calls using a headset. In addition, Bluetooth is also energy efficient and cost effective.

  • No need router
  • Low energy consumption
  • Inexpensive
  • Maybe without driver installation
  • Stable connection
  • Limited range
  • Low bandwidth
  • The number of network participants is limited
What types of Bluetooth adapters are there?

Bluetooth adapter

There are two types of Bluetooth adapters:
  • USB bluetooth dongle
  • Bluetooth Audio Adapter (AUX)
Below we explain the difference between these two types.

USB bluetooth dongle

A Bluetooth dongle is a Bluetooth adapter that you plug into a USB port and that supplies your computer with Bluetooth. It allows you to use keyboards, mice, headsets, printers, game controllers, and other wireless accessories with your PC. You can also use a USB Bluetooth dongle to transfer data such as music or videos from your smartphone to the source device and play it completely wirelessly. A Bluetooth dongle looks like a USB stick. The nano adapter, which fits in every trouser pocket, is very practical. The Bluetooth dongle draws its energy directly from the connected device via the USB interface. Therefore, an additional charging cable is not required.

  • Wireless sending and receiving of all types of data
  • No additional power supply required
  • Connection and use of multiple devices can be done simultaneously
  • Inexpensive
  • USB port permanently occupied
  • Must be compatible with the operating system used
  • Additional driver installation may be required
Bluetooth Audio Adapter (AUX)

You can only transfer audio data with a Bluetooth audio adapter. This gives you the option to send and play music from your smartphone or tablet to your hi-fi system or car radio. You can connect a Bluetooth audio adapter using a cable or a 3.5-millimeter jack jack. This is the connector found in most audio equipment. The Bluetooth audio adapter cannot charge from the device it is connected to. Therefore, you still need an additional port for charging.

A suitable charging cable is included with most Bluetooth audio adapters. They are often charged like a smartphone via the micro USB in the USB port. You can continue to use the adapter while charging. Please note, however, that the USB port is only used for charging and not for using the adapter. Only USB Bluetooth adapter can charge and work via USB interface.

What does the AUX port actually mean? AUX stands for the English word "auxiliary", which means "extra" in German. Therefore, the AUX input is a secondary or auxiliary input.

With a Bluetooth audio adapter, a distinction is also made between a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver. In the following sections of our guide, we explain the differences and which type of adapter is best for you.

What is a Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver?

Bluetooth transmitter sends data, Bluetooth receiver receives it. Before you buy a Bluetooth audio adapter, consider whether you only need a Bluetooth transmitter, a Bluetooth receiver, or even an adapter that can do both. If you're now wondering what purpose each type of adapter serves, we'd be happy to give you two examples here:
  1. A Bluetooth transmitter is required if you want to use wireless Bluetooth headphones for your TV, for example. To listen to video sound through headphones, all you have to do is connect a Bluetooth audio transmitter to the 3.5mm audio jack on your TV and connect the transmitter to the headphones according to the instructions, which are referred to in technical terms pairing.
  2. You need a Bluetooth receiver if, for example, you want to play music from your phone or smartphone on your hi-fi system. All you need is a Bluetooth receiver, as tablets and smartphones usually have Bluetooth. Your music system speakers receive audio signals from your Bluetooth enabled device via an adapter.
2-in-1 adapters: There are also many Bluetooth audio adapters that can function as both a transmitter and a receiver. This is often referred to as a 2-in-1 audio Bluetooth adapter. However, the adapter cannot send and receive at the same time. To switch between send and receive, you must either unplug the adapter from the interface and reconnect it, or change the send and receive mode using the switch.

How much does a Bluetooth adapter cost?

Since Bluetooth chips are pre-installed in many PCs, mobile devices, and loudspeakers, USB Bluetooth adapters are not very expensive. Prices range from 8 to $12. Buying a Bluetooth audio adapter, on the other hand, is associated with somewhat higher costs. The background to this is that wireless music streaming is becoming more and more popular. These adapters are still affordable at 15 to $30 for the cheapest models. 2-in-1 adapters are available starting at $30. If you appreciate the elegant design and special added functionality, you'll also find top models from $45 in stores.

Where can you buy a Bluetooth adapter?

You can find a simple USB Bluetooth adapter at electronics stores. If you're looking for a Bluetooth audio adapter, it's a good idea to go online, as this type of adapter is hardly available or not available at all in mainstream electronics stores. You will also find a large selection of Bluetooth adapters on the Internet and can compare them in the comfort of your own home.

Which purchasing criteria should you pay special attention to when choosing a Bluetooth adapter?

Bluetooth adapter

To find a high-quality Bluetooth adapter that meets your needs 100 percent, you have to compare different models with each other. In the following sections, you will find out which criteria to pay attention to, what these are all about and what you should pay special attention to in individual points:
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Suitability
  • Install
  • Connectivity
  • Reach
  • Power and battery performance
  • Measure and weight
  • Multi-pair function
  • Loudspeaker
  • NFC Function
  • aptX codec support
Bluetooth Version

Modern Bluetooth adapters include models from version 4.0. They offer the required energy efficiency as well as speed and security in data transmission. The highest security standards and the fastest data transfers are achieved with Bluetooth 5.1. However, this Bluetooth version carries more weight in terms of price. As a rule, a Bluetooth adapter from version 4.0 is sufficient. Please note, however, that not all newer Bluetooth standards are automatically compatible with older versions.


You just need to make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is compatible with the device you are using the USB Bluetooth adapter with. Bluetooth audio adapter compatibility is more dependent on the connection. If the connectors fit, all is well and you can work with the adapter. A USB Bluetooth adapter, on the other hand, must be compatible with the operating system you are using. As a rule, all USB Bluetooth adapters are suitable for all common versions of Windows. If you are working with Linus and Mac, you will have to look carefully to see which USB Bluetooth adapter also supports this system.


If you choose a Bluetooth adapter with Plug & Play functionality, you do not need to install a driver, as the adapter is then tuned to an operating system that is explicitly mentioned by the manufacturer as a compatible system in its product description. Especially if you're not very tech savvy, Plug & Play is the easiest and fastest way to establish a Bluetooth connection. Non-Plug and Play USB Bluetooth adapters come with a driver CD or download link. Driver installation is usually not complicated.


The connection that came with your audio device and that of the Bluetooth audio adapter is a very important criterion in our buying guide. If you want to purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle, it must be compatible with the operating system of your PC or laptop. You don't have to worry about the existing interface.


A range of 10 meters is usually sufficient. It is Bluetooth class II compliant, which provides a range of 10 to 50 meters. If you need a longer range for various reasons, a Class I Bluetooth adapter offers a range of up to 100 meters. Class III Bluetooth adapters have the shortest range. Only 1 to 10 meters are covered here. For range, you have to consider whether the devices you want to use via Bluetooth are in the same room or on different floors, whether there are thick reinforced concrete walls in between and whether your living room has a very large diameter.

Power and battery performance

One of the advantages of a Bluetooth adapter is that you don't need any cables. The USB Bluetooth adapter even works completely wirelessly. For a Bluetooth audio adapter, on the other hand, you need an additional connection for a permanent power supply. However, some cellular models run on batteries and only need to be connected for charging.

Before buying, you need to find out if the Bluetooth adapter in question is compatible with the device you want to supply with Bluetooth in terms of power supply. If your audio device has a USB port near the audio interface, you can charge the Bluetooth audio adapter via USB while it is in use and no longer rely on battery life. If battery life is an important criterion for you, we recommend a minimum duration of 7 hours.

Measure and weight

If you're looking for a USB Bluetooth adapter, size and weight definitely play an important role too. After all, you want to be flexible with the dongle and, if necessary, be able to quickly slip it into your pocket. Therefore, almost all USB Bluetooth dongles are very light and compact these days. They are called nano USB adapters. But many Bluetooth audio adapters can also print with their small size and light weight. The larger model is actually just one of the stationary audio Bluetooth adapters. Some models can reach a length of 5 to 7 centimeters.

Multi-pair function

Thanks to this feature, you can connect multiple devices to the Bluetooth adapter at the same time. This way, you can quickly switch between multiple output devices such as smartphones or tablets without having to constantly pair them with a Bluetooth adapter. The multipair function is very handy if several people in the same household want to use Bluetooth with different devices.


With a Bluetooth adapter, you can not only listen to music wirelessly, but also make hands-free calls in the car. If you are looking for a Bluetooth adapter for your car radio, you should choose a model that also has an integrated handsfree system. You provide an adapter with power via USB on your cigarette lighter as usual.

NFC Function

The abbreviation NFC means "Near Field Communication". This allows your Bluetooth enabled devices to communicate wirelessly with each other by simply touching each other. This is the same process as making a cashless payment using a smartphone or bank card that has NFC. However, buying a Bluetooth adapter with NFC functionality is only useful if both devices you want to connect have an NFC chip. Before buying, make sure your smartphone actually has an NFC chip.

aptX codec support

Since this feature improves audio quality, it is found in many Bluetooth audio adapters. The A2DP Bluetooth profile usually offers the SBC audio codec. This encoding of audio signals is associated with acoustic loss as audio files such as MP3s are converted and compressed again before being sent to the receiver. This process is slow and energy consuming, and somewhat degrades the sonic quality of the audio file you end up hearing.

With the aptX codec, the audio signal is compressed in the same way, but the quality is not reduced compared to the original track during decompression. In addition, aptX encodes much faster and is more energy efficient than the SBC codec. You can only use aptX if both devices you want to pair with support Bluetooth with the aptX codec.

What alternatives are there to Bluetooth adapters? If you want to make your old device Bluetooth-enabled, this only works with a Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth chip is only installed in modern devices. However, buying a new device is often expensive and not very useful if the old model is still functioning optimally. You can re-pair it with Bluetooth for just a few euros and you won't feel any difference in data transfer speed as well as sound and picture quality compared to the pre-installed Bluetooth chip.

Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth adapter

Can walls reduce the range of a Bluetooth adapter?

Yes, in order to use the maximum range optimally, there should be as little resistance as possible between the transmitter and the receiver. This means all kinds of obstacles like walls, metal and even cloth bags and backpacks.

How useful is a waterproof Bluetooth adapter?

So far, there are no truly waterproof Bluetooth adapters on the market, only splash-resistant ones. You can use this on your garage door, for example, so you can open the garage with the push of a button.

Which Bluetooth adapter manufacturers are well-known?

Among other things, the following well-known manufacturers offer Bluetooth adapters: UGREEN, Logitech, AmazonBasics, Mpow, RIVERSONG, Aukley, PEMENOL, TP-Link, CSL, Esinkin, and Cabletrans.

Is Bluetooth harmful to health?

No one can say for sure whether and how strong these rays are harmful to health, because there are no appropriate studies. However, since the transmission power is not very high, you usually don't have to worry about health problems.

What is the difference between an adapter and a dongle?

You can use adapter and dongle as synonyms. When the term dongle appeared, it simply referred to copy protection plugs such as hard locks and hardware locks. Today it simply means a plug that lasts longer in a USB port. Thus, the term dongle applies not only to Bluetooth adapters, but also to WLAN adapters or USB memory sticks.


Wireless technology has changed human life significantly. One of the tools to enjoy this convenience is a Bluetooth adapter. This tool allows you to connect to various devices wirelessly, making everyday life easier.

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