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15 Best LED Flashlights, Quality And Durable

A flashlight should be a reliable companion on trips to nature and when camping. Mobile light sources should also always be within reach in the car and at home or when observing wildlife so that you can find your way in the dark in an emergency. From classic flashlights to headlamps or head lamps, there are various variants. Some of the best LED flashlights from manufacturers and brands such as Anker, Olight, Nitecore or Ledlenser can emit an SOS signal, others have a flashing function or allow a focused beam of light.


The following flashlight comparison presents 15 different flashlights with their advantages and disadvantages and thus gives an idea of ​​what is on offer in the store. The following guide offers many interesting facts about flashlights. Among other things, he explains terms like light output, headlight range, and water resistance. Detailed buying advice helps to find the best LED flashlight for the planned use based on the purchasing criteria.

Recommended 15 best LED flashlights below


1. Flashlight Anker Bolder LC40

The Anker Flashlight offers three light modes - normal light, SOS and strobe light. The integrated battery has a capacity of 3,350 mAh and, according to the manufacturer, supplies the flashlight with up to 20 hours of power in low light mode. Therefore, the CREE LEDs used have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The Bolder LC40 flashlight from Anker has a light output of 400 lumens and reaches a lighting distance of up to 100 meters. Brightness can be adjusted in three levels:
  • Bright with 400 lumen
  • Medium with 120 lumen
  • Low at 20 lumens
What are CREE LEDs? CREE is an American company based in North Carolina. It is one of the world's leading LED chip manufacturers. LED stands for light emitting diode, in German light-emitting diode or light-emitting diode. LEDs are made up of semiconductor components that light up when current flows through them in a certain direction. CREE LEDs are highly durable with 50,000 hours of operation and more, they are known for their energy saving usage and high luminosity.

The Anker Bolder LC40 battery can be fully charged in 6 hours on a single charge. The textured grip surface provides a firm grip, according to Anker. With a protection class of IP65, this model is fully protected against ingress of dust and jets of water. According to the manufacturer, the aluminum housing is strong and can withstand impacts and rough handling. The Anker flashlight is black, has dimensions of 3.3 x 3.3 x 12.7 centimeters wide, depth and length and weighs 122.4 grams.

What is the lumen value? Lumen is the unit used to measure the flux of light. The lumen unit indicates how much light the lamp emits per unit of time. The specifications provide information about the amount of light and make it possible to estimate and compare lamp brightness. The more lumens, the brighter the light shines

  • 400 lumens
  • Burn time up to 20 hours
  • A beam of light radiates up to 100 meters
  • Up to 50,000 hours of LED life
  • IP65 (dustproof and protection against water jets from any angle)
  • Belt clip
  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • No lanyard
  • No charger

2. Flashlight VRTA Outdoor Sports F10

The VRTA Outdoor Sports F10 flashlight has a light output of 235 lumens and an exposure distance of 151 meters. Equipped with 5 watt CREE LED and offers two brightness levels. According to the manufacturer, this lamp is also shockproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight runs on three AAA batteries and therefore can be used for up to 35 hours.

With a luminescent rubber ring on the lamp head: A luminescent rubber ring is attached to the head of the varta flashlight, which glows green in the dark and is intended to make it easier to find the lamp.

The housing is made of aluminum and has a removable red rubber grip. The flashlight from the comparison itself is black and has a lanyard attached to it, which should allow for a comfortable and secure grip. The Outdoor Sports F10 measures 3.9 x 3.9 x 12.2 centimeters in width, height and length. Weighs 124 grams With IPX4 grade protection, it is protected not from dust, but from splashing water from all sides

What is the IP protection class? The IP protection class indicates whether and how well electrical devices are protected against contact, dust and water. It consists of two digits, the first digit between 0 (no protection) and 6 (complete protection) indicating protection against contact and ingress of dust and foreign matter. The second digit between 0 (no protection) and 9 (waterproof) indicates protection against water ingress. If any of the two digits is replaced with an X, the device has not been tested in this regard.

  • Afterglow rubber ring on the head of the lamp (to make it easier to find the light in the dark)
  • The light cone radiates up to 151 meters
  • Up to 35 hours burn time
  • IPX4 (complete splash water protection)
  • Operation with replaceable batteries
  • Lanyards are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip
  • Shock Resistant
  • Only two light modes
  • Not dustproof


The MAGLITE 2 D-Cell high performance LED flashlight has a light output of 233 lumens and a range of up to 388 meters. According to the manufacturer, the self-cleaning mechanical switch should allow comfortable operation of the flashlight with one hand. Therefore, the maximum exposure time for the hand lamp is 16 hours. The MAGLITE flashlight is powered by two D batteries.

What is a D battery? D batteries are also known as mono cells. They are the largest of the common cylindrical spherical batteries and have a diameter of 32.3 to 34.2 millimeters and a height between 59.5 and 61.5 millimeters.

The flashlight is black in color and consists of anodized aluminum on both sides. According to the manufacturer, it is strong and shockproof. It has a diameter of 5.6 centimeters and a length of 25 centimeters. It weighs 675 grams including the battery. The handheld light from MAGLITE offers two full and low light modes and can be continuously switched from spotlight to spotlight.

With IPX4 protection class, this flashlight is splash resistant on all sides. MAGLITE provides a 10 year guarantee on functional and housing reliability when used properly. Batteries, bulbs and wear parts are not covered under warranty.

What is anodized aluminum? During anodizing, an oxide layer is formed in an electrochemical process, consisting of aluminum itself. So no additional layer of material is applied. As a result, the oxide layer is very strongly bonded to the material at the molecular level. This protects aluminum from corrosion and increases durability. It is also possible to design aluminum in a variety of colors.

  • A beam of light radiates up to 388 meters
  • IPX4 (protection against splashing water from all directions)
  • Shockproof
  • Operation with replaceable batteries
  • Long warranty period
  • Battery not included
  • Only two light modes
  • No lanyard

4. Flashlight Ledlenser P3

The Ledlenser P3 is a small and lightweight pen-sized flashlight. It offers a light range of 60 meters with a light intensity of 25 lumens. It is operated on one AAA battery and according to the manufacturer, the duration of the light is up to 6 hours. Optionally, rechargeable NiMH batteries can be used.

Extremely light and practical: this tiny flashlight weighs only 35 grams including the battery, measures 6 x 6 centimeters and is 14.9 centimeters long. According to the manufacturer, it offers good light output considering its small dimensions and low weight.

The flashlight from comparison comes with a clip that can be easily attached to a shirt pocket or coat. Or, it can be attached to a key ring with a key ring. The patented Advanced Focus System is designed to ensure efficient, tailor-made light images. According to the manufacturer, the flashlight can be easily switched from a flat circular light to a sharply focused high light with one hand. The flashlight has no roll-away protection.

What are the benefits of a focusable flashlight? The focusable flashlight makes it possible to adjust the beam of light to your needs. If the light beam is focused, the illuminated area is narrower, but the exposure range is increased. With the ability to comprehensively illuminate shorter distances and to illuminate further into the distance when focusing, the focusable flashlight offers flexible usage options.

  • Light (35 grams)
  • Advanced focus system (to ensure efficient lighting)
  • IPX4 (protection against splashing water from all directions)
  • Battery power or usable battery
  • Not shockproof
  • Low light range (60 meters)
  • Only 25 lumens
  • Low burn time (6 hours)

5. Flashlight VRTA Night Cutter F30R

Flashlight VRTA Night Cutter F30R is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. According to the manufacturer, the maximum burning time is 24 hours. The case is protected against splashing water from all sides with a protection class of IPX4 and therefore can also be used in the rain. The flashlight has a CREE LED and four light modes are available:
  • Low
  • Medium size
  • Tall
  • Flashlight
At the highest level, the luminous flux is 700 lumens, the illumination range is up to 300 meters. According to the manufacturer, precise focusing is possible. Therefore, the aluminum housing is shock resistant. VARTA states that the lamp withstands drops from a height of 2 meters without damage in tests.

With power bank function: Flashlight VRTA Night Cutter F30R can be used as a power bank. The battery has a capacity of 2,600 mAh and the included micro-USB charging cable can, for example, charge a connected phone. However, this shortens the flashlight burning time.

The battery indicator light shows the battery charge status and the flashlight has automatic discharge protection. With fastening clips, it should be easy to attach to the belt. The lamp is black, the lamp head is 4.2 centimeters in diameter and weighs 359 grams including the battery. The length of the flashlight is 22.5 centimeters.

What is a power bank? A power bank is an external battery that allows devices to be charged flexibly and in a mobile manner. The power bank is charged by solar power or mains electricity and stores electricity. Equipped with one or more USB ports to charge mobile devices such as smartphones wherever there is no power outlet.

  • With power bank function
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Built-in battery with a capacity of 2,600 mAh
  • Four light modes
  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • No SOS function

6. PUAIDA S3000 Flashlight

The PUAIDA S3000 flashlight is equipped with the Osram P8 chip. It has a luminous flux of up to 3,000 lumens and is said to be brighter than a regular flashlight. According to the manufacturer, the lamp can shine for 6 hours at the highest level and 30 hours at the lowest level with a fully charged battery without overheating. With a protection class of IP67, the flashlight is completely protected against touch and entry of dust as well as against water ingress in the event of temporary immersion. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for outdoor use and can be used in any weather.

Longevity: As stated by the manufacturer, the flashlight offers a long life of up to 100,000 hours of use.

The PUAIDA flashlight has a lanyard and three light modes that can be set by pressing the button repeatedly. High, low and strobe modes and show a wide spread of light, a narrower beam of light and flicker. The flashlight housing is made of anodized aluminum and, according to the manufacturer, is drop resistant to a height of 2 meters. The lamp requires four AA batteries, which are not included. It is black in color and measures 19 x 4 x 4 centimeters in length, width and height. It weighs 236 grams.

What is anodization? Anodizing is another term for anodizing. Anodised aluminum has the same protective coating as anodised aluminum.

  • Aluminum body with anodizing (Military Specification Type II, durable and abrasion resistant)
  • High luminosity 3,000 lumens
  • IP67 (dust-proof and protection against short-term immersion)
  • Lanyard
  • Operation with replaceable batteries
  • According to the manufacturer, it is protected from falling up to a height of 2 meters
  • Battery not included
  • No information about light range

7. Flashlight Brennenstuhl HL 1000A

The Brennenstuhl HL 1000 A is an LED flashlight that the manufacturer says can be used as a work or workshop light, thanks in part to its sturdiness. With a protection class of IP54, it is protected from dust and other foreign matter with a diameter of more than one millimeter and from splashing water from all directions. This should make it suitable, among other things, for use in the automotive sector and in workshops as well as for outdoor use. It has a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4.4 ampere hours.

According to Brennenstuhl, the flashlight lasts up to 24 hours and the charging time is about 5 hours. The HL 1000 A has a COB LED on the front, which is said to be very powerful. COB LEDs consist of multiple LED chips that form a space-saving module. There is also a switching stage for the SMD LEDs on the work light. These are light-emitting diodes that are flatter and smaller than conventional LEDs.

Flexibility in use thanks to the mounting base & Co: The LED inspection light has a mounting base that bends up to 60 degrees and has an integrated magnet. Two additional magnets and a folding hook should ensure flexible use in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

The Brennenstuhl HL 1000 A flashlight can be dimmed continuously, which allows for a longer burn time. It is rubber coated for increased shock resistance and better grip and can be charged via a USB cable. The brightness of the LED hand lamp is up to 1,000 lumens and it weighs 460 grams, is 26 centimeters high and 4 centimeters wide.

  • 60 degree bendable base with integrated magnet
  • Burn time up to 24 hours
  • High luminosity 1000 lumens
  • Shockproof
  • The COB LED used must be strong
  • IP54 (dustproof and splash protection from all sides)
  • No information about light range
  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • No lanyard
  • Only two light modes


8. Flashlight Led Lenser P7

The Led Lenser P7 is an LED flashlight that, according to the manufacturer, provides three to four times the light output of a handheld flashlight with an incandescent light bulb. It has a luminous flux of 320 lumens and an illumination range of up to 260 meters. According to Led Lenser, the light lasts up to 50 hours. The flashlight can be used in two brightness levels with a light output of 100 percent or 25 percent. In power saving mode, the burn time will increase to 64 hours. According to the manufacturer, further properties are:
  • Shock-resistant aluminum body
  • Comes with lanyard and pouch
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
With a handy switch: According to the manufacturer, the flashlight switch is larger and easier to grip than previous models. This will make it easier to use with gloves on.

This lamp is powered by four AAA batteries. The Led Lenser Flashlight works with the manufacturer's patented Advanced Focus system, which is said to make focusing extremely easy. The lamp head has a diameter of 3.7 centimeters, the length of the flashlight is 14 centimeters. With a protection class of IP54, the P7 is protected against dust and foreign objects over a millimeter in diameter and from splashing water from all directions.

What is an AAA battery? AAA batteries are also known as micro cells. They are used in many devices and have a diameter of about 10.5 millimeters and a height of about 45 millimeters. Small power storage devices are also available in the form of rechargeable batteries; trade offers suitable chargers. AAA batteries were brought to the market in 1964 by the Duracell battery brand.

  • Advanced Focus System (autofocusing mechanism)
  • According to the manufacturer, the aluminum housing is shock-resistant
  • Beam distance up to 260 meters
  • Burn time should be up to 64 hours
  • With lanyard and pouch
  • Operation with replaceable batteries
  • Only two light modes

9. REHKITTZ S1600 . Flashlight

According to the manufacturer, the S1600 LED flashlight from REHKITTZ is powerful and offers high brightness. It should be suitable for everyday use indoors and outdoors - for example as an emergency light in case of a power outage, camping trips, fishing, hiking, search and rescue operations or hunting. The flashlight is equipped with a CREE LED and has a luminous flux of 3,300 lumens and a beam distance of up to 300 meters.

The flashlight can be focused and produce a wide area beam at a shorter distance or focused light output at a longer distance. As stated by the manufacturer, the dual zoom design with telescopic function allows you to switch freely between wide-angle mode and highlight mode. Thus, the spotlight mode provides greater penetration and the wide angle mode provides greater brightness.

Different batteries and rechargeable batteries can be used: The flashlight can be operated on three AA batteries, one 18650 rechargeable battery, or one 26650 rechargeable battery. The 18650 and 12650 batteries are special size lithium-ion batteries, each about 18 millimeters in diameter and 65 millimeters (18650) long and about 26 millimeters and 65 millimeters (26650) in diameter. . The duration of the flashlight depends on the power storage used.

The REHKITTZ S1600 housing consists of a magnesium-aluminum alloy that conforms to US military standards. According to the manufacturer, it is very durable and is scratch and abrasion resistant. The waterproof rubber ring is attached to the battery compartment. The LED flashlight has a protection class of IPX6 and is therefore protected against strong jets of water. In addition to the flashlight, the delivery scope includes two different battery tubes for rechargeable batteries and a battery compartment for AA batteries. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not included.

What is an AA battery? AA batteries are also known as cell mignon. Battery size is very common and used in many devices. AA batteries are slightly larger than AAA batteries, measuring about 14.4 millimeters in diameter and about 48 millimeters in height.

  • According to the manufacturer scratch-resistant and durable
  • The light cone is emitted up to 300 meters
  • High luminosity 3,300 lumens
  • IPX6 (protection against strong jets)
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries or batteries
  • Special zoom design (two lenses for easy switching between wide-angle and focused beam)
  • Aviation grade magnesium-aluminum alloy body (US military standard HA-III Mill)
  • Batteries or batteries are not included
  • No information on burning time

10. Shadowhawk S1476 Flashlight

According to the manufacturer, the Shadowhawk S1476 is a powerful LED flashlight suitable for outdoor activities as well as for emergencies. Therefore it can be used indoors and outdoors. Objects must be focusable at a distance of up to 500 meters. The tactical flashlight is fully dustproof with IP67 protection and is waterproof for temporary immersion. According to Shadowhawk, it was developed for rough handling and should survive a fall from a height of 5 meters. Even frost doesn't bother the flashlight. The S1476 offers the following five light modes:
  • Highlight
  • Medium light
  • Low light
  • Shooting light
10,000 lumens: The flashlight is equipped with a P70.2 chip and, according to the manufacturer, produces a light output of 10,000 lumens.

The head of the flashlight can be stretched to adjust the focus properly. The integrated battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. The manufacturer specifies a runtime of up to 12 hours in medium mode. Therefore, the charging time is between 6 and 8 hours. The micro-USB charging port allows charging from a power bank, wall outlet, or laptop.

The LED display shows the battery status in four stages with 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent. Optionally, the flashlight can be operated on three AAA batteries. It comes in a carry case along with three AAA batteries and battery pack, key ring, CREE XHP70.2 holster, gift box, and user manual. The lamp measures 16 x 4 x 3 centimeters (length/width/height) and weighs 500 grams.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries - which power supply is better for a flashlight? If you use a rechargeable battery, you can easily charge the flashlight and don't have to constantly buy new batteries, which leads to cost and wastage. Battery powered flashlights can also be used with rechargeable batteries. However, the power connection to charge the battery is not available in every situation. In this case it makes sense to operate the flashlight on batteries.

  • Shockproof
  • High luminosity 10,000 lumens
  • A beam of light radiates up to 500 meters
  • IP67 (Dust-proof and water-resistant for short-term immersion
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries or batteries
  • Long loading time

11. MAGLITE 3D Cell LED Flashlight

The MAGLITE 3D Cell LED Flashlight has a range of up to 412 meters. The luminous flux is 131 lumens. The lamp has one light mode and a focusable beam. According to the manufacturer, it is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanical switch that can be operated with one hand in an easy-to-use manner.

Up to 80 light hours: According to the manufacturer, the MAGLITE flashlight has an operating time of up to 80 hours.

The MAGLITE flashlight housing is said to be shockproof if dropped from a height of up to one meter. With IPX4 protection class, it is protected from splashing water from all directions. The flashlight is black in color and measures 5.7 x 5.7 x 31.3 centimeters in width, height and length. It is powered by three D batteries, which are not included.

How important is the maximum burn time of a flashlight? The importance of the maximum burn time depends on the intended use. Anyone who needs a flashlight for an afternoon walk or for an emergency doesn't need a flashlight with a run time of 25 hours or more. In this situation, there is no problem to regularly recharge the flashlight or change the battery. On the other hand, if you want to use the flashlight for extended camping or fishing trips or for trekking tours lasting several days, you should make sure that the light lasts as long as possible.

  • A beam of light radiates up to 412 meters
  • IPX4 (protection against splashing water from all directions)
  • Shockproof
  • Burn time up to 80 hours
  • According to the manufacturer, the switch can be easily operated with one hand
  • No lanyard
  • Battery not included
  • Only light mode

12. VARTA Indestructible LED Flashlight F10

The VARTA Indestructible F10 LED flashlight has a luminous flux of up to 155 lumens and a beam distance of up to 160 meters. It is powered by three AAA batteries and, according to the manufacturer, has a burn time of up to 40 hours in energy saving mode. Therefore, the flashlight is perfect for outdoor activities, emergencies and work tasks.

Extremely strong: The flashlight consists of an indestructible housing with an aluminum-titanium alloy and, according to the manufacturer, is shock-absorbing and extremely tough. It is drop tested from a height of 9 meters. It also features a shock-resistant inner construction. The headgear and tip of the flashlight are made of rubber and are said to be very sturdy. The switch is in the end cap and is said to be well protected.

The varta product is equipped with a CREE LED with an output of 1 watt. According to the manufacturer, it has special lens optics. The lamp offers two light levels: 100 percent and an energy-saving mode. At 100 percent brightness, the battery life should be up to 5 hours. The flashlight is protected against splashing water from all sides with a protection class of IPX4.

What is titanium? Titanium is a transition metal. It is mainly used for alloys. Titanium is very strong, antimagnetic and corrosion resistant.

  • Indestructible housing (aluminum-titanium alloy, tested according to VARTA from a height of 9 meters)
  • A beam of light radiates up to 160 meters
  • Burn time up to 40 hours
  • IPX4 (protection against splashing water from all directions)
  • Shockproof
  • No lanyard
  • Only two light modes

13. MAXESLA Flashlight

The MAXESLA LED flashlight is black with a weight of 125 grams, a luminous flux of 2,000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 200 meters. The flashlight has an aluminum housing and is, according to the manufacturer, strong and sturdy. It gets its power from three AAA batteries. Alternatively, it is possible to use 18650 batteries. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not included.

Two-pack : The scope of delivery includes two flashlights from MAXESLA. They each come with a wrist strap.

According to the manufacturer, the flashlight by comparison has a service life of up to 50,000 hours of operation and is shockproof and non-slip. It is 13.2 centimeters long and therefore can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping trips or in an emergency such as a power outage. The LED flashlight is protected against splashing water from all sides with a protection class of IPX4. It is focusable and offers five lighting modes:
  • Low
  • Currently
  • Tall
  • Shooting light
What is SOS mode on flashlight? In SOS mode, the flashlight sends Morse code for SOS. Consists of 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes and 3 short flashes. Morse code is a code consisting of short and long signs that are displayed audio or visual. Each letter of the alphabet has its own signal sequence. Three short flashes with a flashing light stand for the letter S and three long blinks for the letter O. Morse code was invented in the 19th century and is used in the telegraph. Morse code is still used today in aviation and shipping.

  • Double pack
  • Light beam up to 200 meters
  • IP65 (dust-proof and protection against water jets from any angle)
  • Up to 50,000 hours of LED life
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries or batteries
  • Lanyard
  • Shock Resistant
  • Battery and rechargeable battery not included

14. Kraftmax X1000 . LED Flashlight

The Kraftmax X1000 LED flashlight has a light intensity of 700 lumens. According to the manufacturer, it is shockproof and suitable for illuminating near and far areas. The product lenses are coated on both sides and are therefore equipped with strong metal reflectors. The reflector should on the one hand distribute the light over a large area and on the other hand focus it in the center. According to the manufacturer, the reflector creates a good combination of wide-angle and long-range focusing. Flashlight cannot be focused properly. The lamp is powered by two CR123 batteries or one Li-Ion 18650 battery. It has three light levels with different light durations specified by the manufacturer:
  • Low with 15 lumens and about 120 hours runtime
  • Central with 380 lumens and processing time of about 4.8 hours
  • High with 700 lumens and runtime about one hour
IPX8 protection class: With an IPX8 protection class, the Kraftmax flashlight is waterproof even when submerged for long periods of time.

The Kraftmax Flashlight saves the last set of light levels and fires again at this level. Comes with CREE LED and strap. According to the manufacturer, the X1000 has a natural, neutral color temperature with no distorting blue or yellow cast. It is made of aircraft aluminum with a toughened stainless steel lamp head. Integrated microelectronics with intelligent control ensures constant brightness.

What is a CR123 battery? The CR123 battery is a high-performance energy storage device primarily used in cameras and flash units. They are suitable for all devices that require a lot of energy in the short term. The CR123 battery has a diameter of about 17 millimeters and a length of about 34.5 millimeters.

  • IPX8 (water resistant to permanent immersion)
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries or batteries
  • lanyard
  • Must be shockproof
  • Saves the last set of light levels
  • No information about light range
  • Battery and rechargeable battery not included

15. HyCell Zoom Flashlight

HyCell Zoom Flashlight is a small and simple flashlight with zoom function. Stepless focusing should range from precise points of light to homogeneous spotlights. The ABS plastic case has a rubber coating that the manufacturer claims is very gripping. Therefore, the mini LED flashlight is versatile and can be handled safely thanks to the wrist strap. It should be suitable for outdoor activities such as for use in homes, gardens and workshops. According to the manufacturer, this bag fits in a handbag and is also suitable for children.

The flashlight has a luminous flux of 55 lumens and a range of up to 110 meters. It is powered by three AAA batteries and, according to the manufacturer, has a burn time of up to 14 hours. The HyCell Zoom Flashlight is equipped with a tail cover switch to turn it on and off. It should allow for one-handed operation and be used with gloves. The flashlight is black with a green ring on the reflector body. It has a length of 10.5 centimeters and a diameter of 3.4 centimeters. It weighs 71 grams, if you wish, you can buy the lamp in a double pack.

What is meant by SOS? SOS is an international distress signal used since the early 20th century to warn others of an emergency. It is primarily used in aviation and shipping, but is also used to draw attention to oneself in other dangerous situations. The distress signal can be written or used in Morse code (three short, three long, three short). Meanings like "Save Our Souls" or "Save Our Ship" are then interpreted into a sequence of letters.

  • Compact (3.4 x 10.5 centimeters)
  • Available in multiple packages upon request
  • lanyard
  • Must be gloved-operable thanks to the end cap switch
  • No IP protection class
  • Not shockproof
  • Low luminosity (55 lumens)
What is a flashlight?


The flashlight is a small and handy light source that does not depend on a power supply and is suitable for mobile use. The name flashlight comes from the fact that the lamp can be kept in a pocket and carried. Whether this is a handbag, jacket pocket or even a trouser pocket depends on the model. There is a mini flashlight as well as a large version for comparison.

The flashlight does not draw its energy from the socket. It is powered by battery or rechargeable battery. This means that it can also be used as a reliable emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. It is also a reliable helper in case of car breakdown in the dark. Therefore, a flashlight should never be lost in any house and in any glove compartment.

Caution: It is important with an emergency flashlight to charge the battery regularly or to check the battery and replace it if necessary.

The flashlight offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used for all types of activities, such as outdoors. It is a good companion for night hikes, night cycling or hiking. When camping, you should always carry a flashlight with you. But it is also used when work has to be carried out in poor lighting conditions without a light source remaining nearby.

How are flashlights built?

The shape of the flashlight is usually oval. The light is located behind a round glass panel at the front of the flashlight head, which is usually conical in shape. In the past, small light bulbs were used, but modern flashlights almost always use energy-efficient LEDs as the light source.

The compartment for the battery or rechargeable battery is located in the center which is mostly round in shape. The compartment opens and closes using a mechanism that varies from flashlight to flashlight. The opening can be placed on the side or at the bottom of the tube, it can be a screw or a flip-top cover.

The switch or switches for controlling the flashlight are on the side or embedded below. Apart from the different light modes, most flashlights can be controlled with just one switch. This button is pressed one or more times in succession depending on the desired function. Flashlights can be made of plastic or metal. Aluminum is very often used because the material is light and strong.

How does a flashlight work?

Regarding how the flashlight works, it must be distinguished between the old variant with light bulbs and modern LED flashlights. In older flashlights, the bulb had wires and contacts that connected via the lamp panel to the top of the battery. The bottom of the battery is connected to the contacts on the bottom of the device.

This creates a circuit that can be opened and closed by pressing the on/off button. If current flows, the light is on; if the current flow is cut off, the light goes out. The light base with mirror surface under the bulb ensures high light intensity and high luminosity. Multiple batteries are often required to enable the lamp to operate.

Even modern LED flashlights run on electricity. However, at the head of the lamp there is no old model bulb, but an energy-saving LED. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

An LED is a very small electronic chip made of a compound semiconductor. When current flows through the chip in a certain direction, it lights up. That is, emitting light, or in other words emitting light. This effect is called electroluminescence. If the voltage changes, no more light is emitted and the flashlight goes out.

Energy-saving LEDs: Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs generate almost no heat when used. In terms of heat generation, they are therefore much more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, which only convert some of the energy into light. Flashlights with light bulbs are therefore almost never made again.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flashlight?


Flashlights are useful in many situations, for example in emergency situations such as power outages or car breakdowns. They are indispensable for outdoor activities such as camping, night fishing trips or multi-day trekking tours. An emergency flashlight should be in every household and in the glove compartment of a car.

Pros and cons:

  • Mobile light source for orientation in the dark
  • Does not depend on power connection
  • Small, practical and light
  • Versatile for work and leisure activities
  • Important in emergency situations
  • Depends on battery or rechargeable battery
  • Not always shock and waterproof
  • Very different beam width, brightness and exposure time
What types of flashlights are there?

Flashlights differ mainly in size, material and method of manufacture. In terms of size, there are two main types:
  1. A mini flashlight is a very small and compact flashlight that can fit in a purse, jacket pocket or even a trouser pocket. No more than about 10 to 12 centimeters in length. Small cylindrical flashlight without a molded headlight.
  2. The flashlight has a shaft and a lamp head. They vary in length and can be 30 centimeters or more. The famous MAGLITE flashlight, also used by the police and military, is a classic example of a handheld flashlight.
What alternatives to the classic flashlight exist? An alternative to a flashlight is a hand lamp, which is significantly larger. A distinctive feature of the lamp is the handle for easy transport and safe use. Another alternative is the headlamps that are attached to the head with a strap. They offer the advantage that the hands are free and the beam always automatically follows the line of sight.

Purchase advice - which flashlight is the best choice?

If you want to buy a flashlight, the question arises: Which flashlight is the best? It really depends on the intended use. A flashlight should fit the purpose as best as possible and there are several factors to consider before buying. If you answer the following questions yourself, you will soon find the right flashlight.

What light output should a flashlight have?

The lumen unit indicates the amount of light emitted by the light source per unit of time. It does not directly indicate the brightness of the place illuminated by the light source - luminance in lux is used for this. It really depends on the distance between the light source and the illuminated area, so the flashlight lumen unit is more suitable for comparison purposes. How many lumens a flashlight requires depends largely on the intended use:
  • Mini flashlights that are only used in everyday life to occasionally illuminate dark corners and which don't have to have a long range can survive low values ​​of 100 lumens and less.
  • A flashlight with 100 lumens or less is also enough for kids to play with or read under the covers.
  • If you are looking for a flashlight for emergency situations in the event of a power failure or a car crash, or if you want to light up a warehouse, basement or attic with a flashlight, you should choose a flashlight with around 500 lumens.
  • The most powerful flashlight is needed for outdoor activities. For camping, night fishing trips or multi-day trekking trips, the flashlight should be 700 to 1,000 lumens or more.
Important to know: Wattage no longer plays a major role in modern flashlights, as LED lamps achieve very high light output even with single-digit wattage.

Which headlight range is recommended?


The basic answer to this question can hardly be given. The lamp range also depends on the intended use. If the lamp is only used in an emergency within your own four walls, a small lighting range will suffice. For an afternoon walk, good lighting from a close-up area is more important than a long distance.

If you want to use the flashlight for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, you should pay attention to the beam distance of 200 to 500 meters. The most suitable is a focusable flashlight that can illuminate a short distance or can illuminate far into the distance. A beam distance of 700 meters and more is possible.

How long should the burning time be?

When using the flashlight for outdoor activities, you must ensure that the flashlight has a long service life. Even with a makeshift flashlight, a longer runtime doesn't hurt. If the flashlight is used only occasionally in the house, for example to light up the attic or basement, a few hours of work time is usually sufficient.

Caution: If you rely on a flashlight in an emergency, while camping or on a long trekking trip, you should always make sure you have a spare battery or battery charging option.

Rechargeable battery or battery - which is better?

There are only two possible power sources for the flashlight: the device is equipped with one or more batteries or with a rechargeable battery. The battery powered flashlight can be charged from a power source. In addition to a receptacle, power bank, or 12-volt plug in a car, a suitable charging cable is required.

Charging is easy and convenient, but the requirements for it are not always met. In this case, it makes more sense to take the battery with you. It is also seen here that the better fit depends on the intended use for which it is intended:
  • If you use the flashlight at home more often, you shouldn't have an occasional problem with charging.
  • When it comes to flashlights for outdoor activities and emergency situations, it is important to remember that electricity may not be available.
Many modern flashlights make it possible to use batteries or rechargeable batteries as needed. The battery-only flashlight also offers the option of using a rechargeable battery. Flashlights with built-in batteries are the least flexible.

Tips: If you rarely use the flashlight, you should remove the battery or rechargeable battery to prevent it from running out.

What light mode does the flashlight need?


Many flashlights offer more than one light mode. In addition to being able to focus a beam of light, you can often choose between two or three light modes. They are usually referred to as
  1. Tall
  2. Middle
  3. Low
Mode refers to the luminous flux in lumens and thus has an influence on brightness or brightness. The lower or darker the light mode, the longer the rechargeable battery or battery lasts. Depending on the situation, you can choose how much light you need at any given time.

In addition, some flashlights offer flash or strobe modes. With the strobe mode it is possible to warn others with a flash of light or to draw attention to oneself in an emergency situation. For this purpose, some flashlights are equipped with a special emergency or SOS mode, in which the flashlight repeatedly flashes three short flashes, three long flashes and three short flashes. This is the international Morse code for SOS.

Does the flashlight have to be waterproof?

Flashlights to be used at home do not have to be waterproof. If you value a flashlight in a car for emergencies, you should at least pay attention to the IPX4 protection class, because after all, the car can break down even in the rain. The same is true if the flashlight is going to be used for an afternoon walk with the dog, for example. If you want to use the flashlight outdoors, you should choose a higher protection class.

How big and heavy is the flashlight?

At home in a drawer or in the glove compartment, it doesn't matter if the flashlight is a little bigger and heavier. If the lamp is to be carried in a handbag or even in a jacket or trouser pocket, it must be small and light. For outdoor activities, it is important that the flashlight finds space in your luggage and is easy to handle. Depending on the situation, a larger or smaller flashlight may be more suitable.

Flashlight questions and answers

Which famous brand flashlight manufacturers exist?

Olight, Nitecore, Anker or Fenix ​​- flashlights are offered by many manufacturers. The range offered is also wide. From very inexpensive entry-level models to expensive devices for professional emergency services, it's all there. The most famous manufacturers and brands include:
  • Anchor
  • Clarus
  • LE
  • fenix
  • Nextorch (among others known as flashlight with glass breaker)
  • Nitecore
  • Walther
Other leading manufacturers and brands include Foursevens, Olight, Coast, ThruNite and Streamlight. If you're looking to buy a flashlight for occasional use at a reasonable price, you can also look around for lesser-known brands, which don't always have to be worse.

How much does a flashlight cost?

Simple flashlights are readily available for medium to high single digit numbers. If you value quality, brightness, light range, long light duration and different light modes, you should invest more money and will find what you are looking for in the mid to high double digit price category. Three-digit numbers can be issued for professional flashlights, such as those used by the police, military, and security forces.

Online or retail – where is the best place to buy a flashlight?


Flashlights are available at local specialty stores or electronics stores. Flashlights are also sometimes offered at supermarkets or discount spots, especially as part of special offers and promotional items.

In the best case, competent advice is possible in specialist stores and in electronics stores there is often an opportunity to try a flashlight. However, the selection at brick-and-mortar retail is usually very small and if you are looking for flashlights from a particular manufacturer or lamps with special features, you will often not find what you are looking for.

The Internet offers a much greater choice of purchasing. Flashlights in all variations and price segments are available for purchase on sales platforms such as Amazon and E-Bay as well as in many online stores. Flashlight comparisons are easy to do with the large number of offers and customer reviews providing information about the qualities and possible drawbacks of each model. Buying online is easy and convenient with no limited load time and if you don't like the flashlight, you can return it within 14 days of receipt without giving a reason.

What is a black light flashlight?

In addition to the classic flashlight, there is a special variant: the black light flashlight. Another name is UV flashlight. It is used, for example, in geocaching, where it is important in some tasks to find clues.

It can also be used to check banknotes and documents for authenticity and make traces of blood and urine visible in all visibility conditions. The latter can be useful for pet owners whose animals are not home trained or who have health problems. Traces of urine become visible in UV light and nothing is missed when cleaning.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt or scavenger hunting using a GPS device. Small containers are searched using coordinates published on a special geocaching portal. They contain logbooks in which the inventor wrote himself, and often a hodgepodge of small objects as well. The finder can select an item, remove it and insert other items into it. Geocaching has become a popular hobby.

What is a focusable LED flashlight?

Lots of focusable LED flashlights. This means that the beam and beam width can be adjusted as needed. When it comes to the light cone of a flashlight, a distinction is made between pitcher and pitcher:
  • A thin bundled beam of light that reaches a distance of 100 meters or more is called a thrower. The headlight range of 300 meters is not uncommon. Lights often shine further. Close-up areas are poorly lit, but distant objects are recognizable.
  • Flooders are light cones that illuminate shorter distances with widely scattered light. This allows the path to be well lit, for example, when walking at night. The flooder doesn't cover very long distances, but is perfect for illuminating objects at close range, for example when looking into the engine compartment when a car breaks down.
The focusable LED flashlight offers both variants described. By lengthening or shortening the lamp head, you can better illuminate close-up areas and send a thin, focused beam of light into the distance.

Who invented the flashlight?

As natural as a flashlight is a part of everyday life today, it was as revolutionary as it was when it was launched. The Englishman David Misell is credited with inventing the flashlight, and the year of invention is given as 1899. Misell sold his patent to the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, now known as Energizer. In 1906, the German Paul Schmidt also filed a patent for a battery-powered flashlight.

Flashlight app or classic flashlight - which is better?

Whether for Android smartphone or iPhone - flashlight app is available for all smartphones. Whether they are an alternative to classic flashlights and can replace them depends on the intended use.

For occasional brief use, to pick up a key that has fallen in front of a keyhole, to shine a light on the fuse box in the event of a power failure, or to look under a cupboard with a light if something falls, this application is sufficient. They can be downloaded for free. Apps are also handy as smartphones are almost always in the pocket these days.

For longer use, such as walking the dog in the dark, when the car breaks down, while camping or other outdoor activities, a smartphone is not suitable as a replacement for a flashlight. On the one hand, modern smartphones are sensitive electronic devices that should not be exposed to the weather. On the other hand, the flashlight application requires a lot of power, so the smartphone battery can run out quickly.


Emergency conditions can occur at any time. For that, you must prepare all emergency equipment, including an LED flashlight. Besides being able to function as a lighting device, an LED flashlight can also be used to give an emergency signal.

We've reviewed fifteen of the best LED flashlights that are great for you. Prices for ordinary and super bright LED flashlights also vary depending on the brand and features. Hopefully this article can help you to find the right product.

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