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5 Best Nintendo Switch

Game consoles have enjoyed great popularity for decades. So far there are two main variants: portable and stationary game consoles, which can be connected to a TV set. The well-known company Nintendo set a goal to combine these two variants with the best Nintendo Switch productions.

best nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is a portable game console that can also be connected to a TV. The Nintendo Switch console thus fulfills a variety of purposes and can function well at home and on the go. The special thing about this device is the detachable controller and the use of the console as a screen, so multiple players can play together on the go. The company offers a variety of consoles, where a product comparison presents the 5 best Nintendo switches and their designs.

The following guide lists the best types of Nintendo Switch and how they differ from one another. He explained the functionality of the Nintendo Switch, what advantages and disadvantages it brings and the popular games. This guide also provides information about available Nintendo Switch accessories and how to connect the Nintendo Switch.

Top 5 recommended Nintendo Switch in big comparison

1. Nintendo Switch 2019 Edition

The classic 2019 Nintendo Switch Edition is suitable for both mobile use and stationary use on TV sets. The Nintendo Switch can be connected to a television using a docking station and an HDMI cable. The two controllers are located on the right and left of the screen. There is an option to remove it and use a bracket to assemble it into one large controller. In TV mode, the Nintendo Switch 2019 Edition uses a docking station to transmit images to the TV set's screen and thus assumes the functionality of a stationary game console.

Controller with vibrate function and motion camera: The Joy-Con controller is equipped with vibrate function, which will enhance the gaming experience. The controller also has a motion camera that captures the movement, shape and distance of objects.

Those who want to use the Nintendo Switch on the go can plug both Joy-Con controllers back into the HD display and use the device as a handheld console on the go. Game consoles have a stand for this purpose. HD stands for High Definition. HD screens are very high resolution screens. It is also possible to set small screens individually and use them in table mode.

The small Joy-Con controllers can be used individually for two players or taken together for one person. Additional Joy-Con controllers are sold separately for more than two players. Up to eight consoles can be paired together if they are on the same WiFi network conditions. Thanks to the WLAN function, it is possible to play online with the Nintendo Switch. It allows contact with players and friends around the world.

The Nintendo Switch console is available individually with no games or optionally with the most popular games like Mario Kart 8 or Animal Crossing available. The last one is a simulation game set in a village with talking animals. It's about doing various activities and overcoming challenges. In addition to the console, the delivery scope includes two Joy-Con controllers, a docking station and stand, a power supply unit, two hand straps, a Joy-Con mount, and an HDMI cable.

What is a controller? Controller is an English term for a control unit or control unit. This is computer hardware for controlling certain processes - similar to remote control. The Nintendo Switch controller is called the Joy-Con controller. They consist of left and right Joy-Cons, which are equipped with several action buttons. This type of controller is suitable for two players or can be combined to form a larger controller.

  • Long battery life
  • Big screen
  • Full HD resolution in TV mode
  • Usable stationary and mobile
  • With different games to choose from
  • Higher weight
2. Nintendo Switch Lite Standard

The standard version of Nintendo Switch Lite is only suitable for mobile use. The two Joy-Con controllers on the side are non-removable, meaning multiplayer mode is not possible. The device has a 14-centimeter diagonal screen and a screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The internal memory has a capacity of 32 gigabytes and it is possible to add additional memory cards using it.

What is screen resolution? Screen resolution indicates how many pixels or image elements make up a digital image. It refers to the number of pixels in the column and row. This is important for image quality - the more pixels, the higher the screen resolution and the more detailed and sharp the image is displayed. Pixels represent individual color values ​​and are displayed in red, green, and blue. Hue is made up of colors and millions of pixels make up the whole image.

The Nintendo Switch console is equipped with a touchscreen. This is a screen that responds to finger touch. This touch allows you to control the device. This game console weighs 275 grams, is 20.8 centimeters wide, 9.11 centimeters high, and 1.39 centimeters thick.

The device has a USB interface for charging Nintendo Switch and a headphone jack. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a system bus that allows computers to connect to external devices. With the help of the connection, the computer or technical device can automatically recognize the connected device and its properties.

Attractive Color Design: The standard Nintendo Switch Lite comes in an attractive yellow color scheme. It is also available in grey, turquoise and coral.

Nintendo Switch is WiFi-enabled and offers Bluetooth functionality. It is a radio technology that allows wireless data transmission between two devices over short distances. Only one player can play. But with an internet connection, it is possible to play with other players around the world with the Nintendo Switch. Other properties specified by the manufacturer are:
  • Battery charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery life: 7 hours
  • All for handheld game mode suitable for use
  • Via WiFi or Bluetooth can be combined with up to eight other consoles
  • Lighter weight
  • Available in many colors
  • Mobile usable
  • Cannot be used as a stationary console
  • No games included
nintendo switch

3. Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition

The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition is a classic that can be used both stationary and mobile. In TV mode, the game console can be connected to the television using the docking station included in the shipping range. This means a large TV screen is available when playing. In handheld mode, two Joy-Con controllers are attached to the left and right of the screen and the device functions as a portable console.

Super Mario colors on console and case: This Nintendo Switch differs from the standard version by the classic red and blue Super Mario colors. The carry case included in the scope of delivery is kept in the same color and serves to protect the console.

In table mode, the Nintendo Switch screen can stand upright using the stand and use two Joy-Con controllers one at a time for two players. If you want to play with four players, you can buy two controllers separately for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the Nintendo Switch console and storage bag, shipping coverage includes the following accessories:
  • 1 x docking station
  • 2 x Joy-Con controllers with wrist strap
  • 1 x Holder for Joy-Con controller
  • 1 x HDMI cable to connect to TV
  • 1 x power jack as charger
What is the battery life of the Nintendo Switch console? Battery life may vary slightly between different models. It also depends on usage and play. Nintendo Switch typically offers between 2.5 and 6 hours of battery life. If you're using a console with a docking station, you don't need to consider battery life.

  • Special Edition Design
  • Long battery life
  • Big screen
  • Full HD resolution in TV mode
  • Usable stationary and mobile
  • With transport bag
  • Higher weight
  • No games included
nintendo switch

4. Nintendo Switch Lite New Horizons Edition

The New Horizons edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld console. This means that the two controllers on the right and left of the screen cannot be removed. Therefore, compact and portable game consoles have integrated controllers. All games for Nintendo Switch that support handheld mode can be played on supported models.

With popular games: The console comes with a download code for the popular game Animal Crossing. Thus, the cost of the game is included in the purchase price.

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in a coral color. With this model, a WiFi connection is possible, where players can interact or compete online against other players around the world. Up to eight other Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected via a WLAN connected to each other. The device supports Bluetooth, but does not play on the TV.

What is the difference between Nintendo Switch classic and Nintendo Switch Lite? The latter can only be used on the go and not on the TV. Also, it is not possible to remove the Lite version controller. It's cheaper and more compact than the classic Nintendo Switch console. The advantages of the classic model include the fact that it is not battery dependent and can be used at home on a larger TV screen.

  • Lighter weight
  • Available in many colors
  • Mobile usable
  • Animal Crossing includes
  • Cannot be used as a stationary console
5. Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Edition

The classic Nintendo Switch in an attractive design is perfect for mobile use as a handheld console. In table mode, the screens can be arranged with screen mounts so that two or more people can play on the same screen. The two Joy-Con controllers on the sides of the screen are also removable. Additional controllers are sold separately. TV mode should provide more gaming fun. Using a docking station and an HDMI cable, the Nintendo Switch screen image and sound can be transferred to the TV screen.

A special edition with a special design: This Nintendo Switch is a special edition for the game Monster Hunter Rise. It has a gray design and is printed with some elements or symbols from the game. Monster Hunter Rise game is free and comes with a download code. It is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter series, which has been in development specifically for Nintendo consoles for several years.

These devices share the same WLAN with up to eight other devices or are connected in the same online network, so multiple people can play together. The scope of delivery includes a Nintendo Switch, a stand for two Joy-Con controllers, an HDMI cable, a power cable, and a docking station. The screen measures 6.2 inches, which corresponds to a screen diagonal of more than 15.7 centimeters.

What is a special edition? This is a special edition. Another term is luxury edition or collector's edition. This means that the product differs from the standard version by something special or extra. This should increase the sense of value for the product. Often, but not always, special editions are associated with limited editions. Limited means that only a certain number of items are available, which further increases the value of a product.

  • With game content and bonuses
  • Special Edition Design
  • Long battery life
  • Big screen
  • Full HD resolution in TV mode
  • Usable stationary and mobile
  • Higher weight

What is Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a small game console that can be used in many different ways. This is a competition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Like these two variants, a connection can be made to the television. At the same time, the Nintendo Switch can be used on the go, similar to the Gameboy. Nintendo Switch combines a portable and stationary game console. It is possible to remove the controllers on the right and left of the screen and use them one by one. This makes the Nintendo Switch suitable for more than one person.

Who is the Nintendo Switch suitable for?

The Nintendo Switch is suitable for anyone with a little technical understanding. Manufacturers often don't provide age ratings unless age-restricted games are included. Because the two controllers on the Nintendo Switch are detachable and the other controller is optionally available as an accessory, multiple people can enjoy the Nintendo Switch console at the same time. Game consoles offer great entertainment value and can be great entertainment while on vacation or on the go.

Party fun for up to eight players: Up to eight people can take part in multiple games, which is why the Nintendo Switch is so popular at birthdays and parties.

How does the Nintendo Switch work?

The Nintendo Switch consists of a display and two Joy-Con controllers. The controllers are located on the left and right of the screen and can be removed. Depending on the application to be used, the controller can be used horizontally or vertically. There is an option to use both controllers individually for two players. With certain brackets, it is possible to put two individual controllers together and use them like a PlayStation controller.

All important settings and game processes can be seen on the screen. If you prefer a large screen over a small one, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV using a base station, known as a dock or docking station. The game console has an HDMI cable for this and a power connector for the power supply.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch has the advantage that it can be used in a variety of ways. As a small console, you can easily take it on the go and provide lots of gaming fun on the go. At the same time, it is possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV via a base station and use a large screen. The Nintendo Switch thus combines many of the functions of the PlayStation 4, Xbox or portable game consoles such as the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo Switch is cheaper than the latest version of the PlayStation and scores with its uncomplicated handling. Switching from normal mode to TV mode is quick and easy. In transport mode, the Nintendo Switch has an average runtime of 6 hours. Easy-to-use menus are designed to give kids a chance to play with the Nintendo Switch. Many models also allow wireless connection of up to eight consoles for shared gaming.

Low storage space: Since the Nintendo Switch console has very little internal storage, it makes sense to have an extra memory card to buy a Nintendo Switch. According to the manufacturer, this is also fundamentally necessary to be able to play some games with the Nintendo Switch. The game console's internal storage determines the number and types of games that can be downloaded and played on the device at once.

One downside is that the Nintendo Switch only has two very small controllers in two-player mode, and it takes quite a bit of finesse to operate the Joy-Con controllers. While many games are cheap or free to download online, popular games for the Nintendo Switch can cost a lot of money.

The Nintendo Switch also currently has some bugs that can sometimes cause problems. A bug is a bad behavior of a computer program. Bug is the English term for an error. This is a program error or an error in the software or an inconsistency in the software.

  • Small and portable console
  • Wireless gaming possible
  • Cheaper than many game consoles
  • Uncomplicated handling
  • Switch to TV mode easily
  • Long battery life averaging 6 hours
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Frequently connect to other consoles via WiFi
  • Small controller
  • Some very expensive games
  • Some bugs
  • Low internal memory
What types of Nintendo Switch are there?

Nintendo Switch is available in several versions, usually with different games or in a specific design. There are basically two types of game consoles, which are presented in more detail below:
  • Nintendo Switch Classic
  • Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Classic

The Nintendo Switch Classic is a cross between a game console and the Gameboy. That means it has a docking station and can be connected to a television as a fixed game console. This has the advantage that a larger screen is available and two small controllers can be combined into one large conventional controller.

Possible use regardless of battery level: The possibility of connecting Nintendo Switch to a TV via a docking station and using a power cord means the device is independent of battery life.

If you want to take the switch with you on the go, you have a screen and a controller. Another advantage of the classic version is that the controller can be removed on either side of the screen. This allows two or more people to play with the Switch.

The disadvantage of this version is the relatively high cost of acquisition. If you want to use the Nintendo Switch as a fixed game console on your television, you'll also need an internet connection. The Nintendo Switch, in its classic guise, has a black screen and blue and red controllers. If you want a more unconventional design, you only have a small selection of Nintendo Switch special editions for certain games that cost a lot of money.

  • Transported
  • Can be used with the docking station as a fixed game console
  • Can be paired with TV
  • Games can be played independently of the battery
  • Detachable controller
  • Suitable for multiple players
  • When used via a TV set Internet connection required
  • More expensive to buy
  • Multiple designs available at premium prices
Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is portable only. It's cheaper to buy and differs from the classic Nintendo Switch in that the controller isn't removable. Also, only one person can play with the Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be used via TV sets and players depending on battery charge level.

The Switch Lite version comes in a variety of colors and designs. Certain games or accessories are often included with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Another advantage is that the controller cannot be lost with the device.

  • Transported
  • Practical and compact
  • Multiple colors and designs
  • Often games and accessories are included
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Permanently installed controllers cannot be lost
  • The controller cannot be removed
  • Can only be played by one person
  • Not compatible with TV
Which purchase criteria should I consider when buying a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch isn't a cheap buy. In order to find the right device for an individual's needs, a number of purchasing criteria must be considered before purchasing and the individual requirements for the appropriate device must be determined. Below are important criteria when buying a Nintendo Switch:
  • Nintendo Switch Type
  • Battery life
  • Game
  • Storage
  • Delivery scope
  • Color
  • Version: when
Nintendo Switch Type

Before buying a Nintendo Switch, it's important to consider how and when the device will be used. Both versions have some advantages and disadvantages and differ in the purchase price.

On the go or at home: If the Nintendo Switch is only used on the go, the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite might be a better decision. If you prefer a fixed console that can be connected to a TV screen, you should consider buying a classic Nintendo Switch.

Battery life

The battery life of different devices may vary slightly. With the classic Nintendo Switch with docking station, use is possible regardless of battery life. When traveling or on the road, it is recommended to ensure sufficient battery life. As a rule, most devices have a runtime of 2.5 to 6 hours - depending on the game and usage. Some variants offer battery life of more than 6 hours.


Many devices come with games included with purchase. This has the advantage that the game has a cheaper purchase price. Usually these are very popular games that individually are very expensive. The next section of this guide describes the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch.


With the Nintendo Switch, it is possible to load certain games onto the device online. It takes up a lot of memory, therefore the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch console should not be too small. If the storage capacity is insufficient, you have the option of purchasing a separate memory card. Purchases are associated with additional costs.

Scope of delivery

As a rule, the scope of delivery of the device differs only slightly and all the necessary parts for commissioning are included immediately. Some game consoles have certain games included or accessories with those games if they are special editions.


Nintendo Switch classic in black with blue and red controllers. The latter is also available separately in several colors. If you choose Nintendo Switch Lite, you can choose between several colors for the entire device.

Version: when

For some variety, Nintendo not only offers classic switches, but also prepares several special editions. This means the Nintendo Switch is dedicated to a specific game and has a fancy design. This special edition is in the higher price segment.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost?

nintendo switch

How much a Nintendo Switch costs depends on whether it's a Nintendo Switch Lite or a classic device. Additional costs may arise from the included games. Depending on the color of the Nintendo Switch Lite or whether the Nintendo Switch classic is a special edition with a rare design, the price could go up. The Nintendo Switch classic is in the lower to mid triple digit price segment. Nintendo Switch Lite is often cheaper up to $150 and more in the lower triple digit range.

Tips: It's a good idea to compare the pros and cons of the two versions before you buy, and decide which games you want the Nintendo Switch to include in the first place.

Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is available at many electronics stores. Advice from a specialist is usually possible. Additionally, on-site device ratings can provide information about Nintendo Switch functionality, size, and weight. The disadvantage is that the range may not contain the version that matches the desired game. The selection is often very small, which makes it difficult to compare prices.

If you want a bigger selection, you can buy a Nintendo Switch online and choose from a variety of options. Not only devices with different games are available on the Internet. If you're looking for a Nintendo Switch special edition or a specific color, you have a better chance of finding a suitable device online. On the Internet it is possible to do price comparisons or search for short-term Nintendo Switch deals.

What do I get with the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch shipping coverage varies. There are models that come with special games or accessories. The following components are usually included or should be included with every Nintendo Switch:
  1. Console: The most important thing in the shipping scope is the actual console, which houses Nintendo Switch technology and comes with a screen. No need to connect the device to the TV.
  2. Docking station: A docking station used to connect the Nintendo Switch console to the TV is required. In this holder it is possible to use Nintendo Switch. The mount has connections for a power supply and an HDMI cable.
  3. Two Joy-Con controllers: Two Nintendo Switch controllers are located on the right and left of the screen. With the classic Nintendo Switch, both controllers are detachable and with a special stand it is possible to use them like a classic controller.
  4. Two wrist straps: It is usually possible to attach a wrist strap to two controllers. This is to prevent them from getting lost or falling during certain game moves. The wrist strap also serves to protect both controllers.
  5. Two Joy-Con stands: The stand is designed for easy controller operation. They allow for better handling and fit better in the hand than individual controllers.
  6. HDMI Cable: An HDMI cable establishes a connection between the docking station and the TV set. An HDMI cable can be used to transmit pictures and sound from the game console to the TV screen.
  7. Power pack: The power pack is used to power the docking station. It is equipped with a conventional power outlet for the socket and allows long-term use of the Nintendo Switch, regardless of the battery.
What games do I get with the Nintendo Switch?

There are many games available for the Nintendo Switch, most of which can be downloaded online to the Switch. Because these games are sometimes very expensive, Nintendo often offers a combination of game consoles and popular games. Overall, this offering is cheaper than the two components individually. Among the popular games that many players already know from Nintendo Wii, belong to:
  • Super Mario
  • Pokemon
  • Animal Cross
Super Mario

Super Mario is a video game character invented by Nintendo. He is the corporate mascot and the protagonist or hero of the entire video game series. Super Mario games mainly for the Nintendo Switch console. This video game series has sold nearly 300 million copies in several variants.

What happened in Super Mario games? Mario is an Italian plumber with a mustache, a red top hat, blue dungarees, and a red shirt. The character crosses several levels. In the early versions, this was mainly done by running and jumping or by avoiding obstacles and fighting opponents. Now there are many expansions - from car racing with Super Mario and his friends to party games for the whole family.


The Pokemon game caused real hype after its release in 1996. Almost everyone knows the fantasy creature from the series of the same name, which later appeared in the first video game by game software company Gamefreak.

Players can catch, collect, and train various types of Pokémon to then engage in battle. The game Pokemon has existed in several versions and has produced more than 20 films, many toys for children and trading cards. The video game has sold over 200 million copies so far and is still very popular today.

Animal Cross

Animal Crossing is another video game series from Nintendo. This simulation game features a real-time fable world where the player controls a human-like avatar. Avatar moved to a village with talking animals and was given a home.

In the game, the avatar must perform various activities to collect money and pay off the house. The goal is to expand housing, help villagers and overcome various challenges. The game has a large following, especially in Japan, and has sold several million copies worldwide.

What are avatars? This is an artificial person who, as a character in a video game, disguises himself as a player. Graphic characters are given to the user in the virtual world of the game and perform their actions.

What Nintendo Switch accessories will I get?

accessories nintendo switch

There are a number of separate accessories for the Nintendo Switch that are meant to enhance gaming pleasure, facilitate transportation, and protect the device. The following is a list of the most frequently used accessories for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Steering wheel: In certain games, the steering wheel can enhance the gaming experience - for example in Mario Kart, where the player drives a racing car. The steering wheel serves as a stand for the two Joy-Con controllers. During the game, the player has a real steering wheel in his hands and can place himself directly into the vehicle.
  • Controllers: There are several controllers or holders for the Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch. Two controllers are usually included in the delivery scope. If you want to play with multiple players, you can purchase additional controllers separately, which are available in different colors.
  • Bag: Since the Nintendo Switch isn't just meant for fixed locations, it makes sense to get a protective case for transportation. Game consoles should be stored safely in the bag.
  • Screen film: Because the Nintendo Switch can drop as a portable console, protecting the screen with so-called screen film can be useful. The screen film is designed to prevent the screen from breaking in the event of a hard impact.
How long has the Nintendo Switch been around?

Nintendo is a company founded in 1889 that specializes in manufacturing game consoles and video games. Originally a playing card manufacturer, the company was run for 53 years until 2002 by Hiroshi Yamauchi, the great-grandson of the company's actual founder. Nintendo mainly through the manufacture of handheld consoles is known. Especially its Game Boy and Nintendo DS enjoyed great popularity over the years. With a stationary game console, Nintendo was able to use the Wii to achieve great success.

Success in the eighth generation: The Nintendo Switch is the eighth generation Nintendo console. It first appeared on the market on March 3, 2017 and competes with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Two years later, as of March 2019, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 30 million units.

How to properly connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

Handling the Nintendo Switch is very easy. This doesn't just apply to easy-to-use and self-explanatory menus. According to the company, it is also important that the connection to the TV set can be done very easily. These are the most important steps:
  • Open the back cover: The connector for the connector is located on the back of the Nintendo Switch docking station. The back cover should be relatively easy to open.
  • Power supply: The power adapter that comes with the docking station has a plug that goes into the socket. This allows the Nintendo Switch to be powered and the device independent of the battery.
  • HDMI connection: The included HDMI cable establishes a connection between the television and the docking station. There are connections for cable on the TV and on the docking station.
  • Joy-Con controllers: If the Nintendo Switch is to function as a stationary console, the two controllers to the right and left of the screen must be removed. They are attached with a click mechanism and should be easy to remove.
  • Insert console: The docking station is also a stand for game consoles. In order for them to connect, it is necessary to push the console down into the docking station.
  • Controls: Once everything is set up, the connection can be checked. With the TV and Nintendo Switch turned on, the game console's home screen will now appear on the TV screen. If not, the cable connection should be checked.
Frequently asked questions about Nintendo Switch

Where can I find Nintendo Switch deals?

Online, for example at Amazon, you can often find short-term Nintendo Switch deals in the form of discounts. It might be worth keeping an eye on prices.

Is there a Minecraft for Nintendo Switch?

Yes, there is a Minecraft game for the Nintendo Switch. In this video game, players can use cube-shaped blocks to build lots of items and eventually a complete three-dimensional world. It is also possible to explore the world, fight monsters, and collect or process resources.

Do I have to play online with Nintendo Switch?

No, it's not absolutely necessary to play online with the Nintendo Switch. Internet access is required to download the game.

Do I get Fortnite for Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Fortnite is available for Nintendo Switch. It is a video game where one player can fight zombies or where many players can compete online. The last survivor wins.

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