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14 Best Webcams (Smooth And Sharp Images)

In our mobile network society, webcams are a blessing. Without expensive telephone charges, they enable face-to-face conversations, no matter where the other person is in the world. The weather in Zugspitze or on the island of Rügen can be seen directly through a live camera. Or how about a direct view of the fishing port of Neuharlingersiel? Modern forms of work like home office would be unimaginable without the best webcams (smooth and sharp images). But grandma and grandpa are also happy to see their children and grandchildren living far away. Webcams create immediacy.

best webcams

The best thing is: Most webcams are not very demanding on computer hardware. Even modern internet cameras can be used on slower computers with older USB ports. Some webcams also work without a computer and can thus replace expensive surveillance cameras. The possibilities for diverse uses and range of webcams with different capabilities are enormous.

This product comparison is intended to support purchasing decisions and features 14 webcams from different price ranges. This guide explains in detail and in an easy-to-understand way the most important technical terms related to camera technology and describes protection against hacker attacks and legal situations regarding surveillance cameras.

14 best and popular webcams in big comparison

1. Logitech C920s HD PRO Webcams
  • Recorder-type Video Camera
  • C920s HD PRO Series
  • Special features Low light
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • MP5 . video capture format
  • 1080 Inch Screen Size
  • Windows® 10 Operating System or later; Windows® 8, Windows® 7; macOS 10.10 or later; Chrome OS™; Android v 5.0 or higherWindows® 10 or later; Windows® 8, Windows® 7; macOS 10.10 or later; Chrome OS™; Android v 5.0 or higher
The Logitech C920s HD PRO model is a webcam that records in Full HD quality at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and up to 30 frames per second. According to Logitech, its five-element glass lens produces razor-sharp images with vivid colors. This webcam has 3 megapixels and a 78 degree field of view. According to the manufacturer, the autofocus can be continuously adjusted.

With RightLight 2 technology: According to the manufacturer, RightLight 2 technology ensures high-quality recording by reducing interference during image transmission, optimizing light balance and adjusting color saturation and color presentation to all skin tones.

The Logitech C920s HD PRO can be connected to a computer using a USB 2.0 Type A cable. With a universal mount, it attaches to flat screens as well as laptops or CRT monitors, according to the manufacturer. Capture applications allow to start recording via smartphone, adjust webcam settings, or display text in recordings.

In terms of color, the Logitech webcam has a black design with blue accents. Its hinged cover prevents unwanted access to the camera, ensuring privacy. This webcam measures 9.4 x 4.3 x 7.1 centimeters in width, height and depth and weighs 162 grams.

  • Full HD Quality with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • Infinitely adjustable autofocus
  • The Capture app for smartphones offers many control options
  • With RightLight 2 technology for high-quality video recording according to Logitech
  • Not compatible with Linux operating system
2. Nulaxy C900 multi-platform Webcams
  • Light special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has No Image Stabilization
  • Zoom lens type
Thanks to the CMOS image sensor, the Nulaxy C900 webcam records video at a Full HD resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels and 30 frames per second. Thanks to the data protection shutter, the user decides when the camera is ready to take pictures with the help of the sliding cover.

What is a CMOS image sensor? The CMOS sensor is a semiconductor detector for light measurement. In contrast to the frequently used CCD image sensors, these offer the advantage that they have their own amplifier for each photodiode. This allows pixel elements to be read faster, which is why CMOS sensors are also referred to as active pixel sensors. They allow recording of high resolution video and serial images at high frame rates.

The USB cable length is a comfortable 1.5 meters, which should be sufficient for most scenarios. No drivers are required for installation, regardless of the operating system selected. These best webcams are suitable for different platforms and systems use. The compatibility list includes Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Mac OS and Android. The camera head rotates 360 degrees and the viewing angle is 92 degrees.

With stereo microphone: The camera has a stereo microphone to achieve maximum sound quality for conversation partners.

  • With CMOS image sensor for Full HD resolution
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Android
  • 360 degree rotatable camera head
  • Equipped with a stereo microphone for good sound quality according to the manufacturer
  • No compatibility with Apple devices
  • No special function regarding brightness
3. Webcams Microsoft Q2F-00015
  • Recorder-type Video Camera
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio Series
  • Special features PC/Mac, Webcam, Face Tracking
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • Digital zoom type
  • Flash video capture format
  • Maximum focal length 10 Millimeter
The Q2F-00015 webcam from Microsoft has a flexible stand that can be rotated 360 degrees and mounted on a desk or flat-screen monitor. Therefore, the built-in microphone with noise reduction allows for excellent sound. Thanks to the Windows Live Call button, video calling will work as easily as making a phone call. Windows-compatible speakers and headphones can be connected via the USB 2.0 interface.

Branded lenses and ClearFrame technology: As stated by the manufacturer, webcams offer first-class optics thanks to branded glass lenses. In addition, ClearFrame technology ensures smooth, detailed videos with reduced image grain.

Camera Q2F-00015 is for Skype internet phone software certified. It finishes videos in Full HD by 1080 pixels and in 16:9 widescreen format. A special feature is the high photo resolution of 8 megapixels, which should ensure brilliant images. TrueColor technology should also contribute to this and that in almost any lighting condition. According to the manufacturer, the solid case is made of brushed aluminum and has high processing qualities. Microsoft does not provide any information about field of view or viewpoints.

What is the megapixel value? The megapixel value is used for image resolution. Resolution is the image size of the raster graphic and is specified in pixels or megapixels. This value indicates how many pixels vertically and horizontally the photo was taken. Megapixel stands for one million image elements (= pixels). The megapixel value indicates the maximum size of the camera image. This affects how natural, sharp, and high-contrast the photo appears.

  • According to the manufacturer, branded glass lenses ensure excellent optics
  • ClearFrame technology will produce smooth videos
  • TrueColor technology and 8 megapixel high photo resolution
  • With direct call button for video call
  • The aluminum housing is processed according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Certified for Skype internet telephony software
  • No information about point of view
  • Relatively low compatibility
4. Logitech C270 Webcams
  • Logitech C270 . Series
  • Special features PC/Mac, Webcam, Face Tracking
  • 720p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • WebCam video capture format
  • Max focal length 1 Millimeter
  • Minimum focal length 1
The Logitech StreamCam C270 is a live cam specially developed for live shooting. This camera is capable of producing Full HD video footage at 60 frames per second. The autofocus function with infinite range ensures that the person or object in focus is always sharp. The camera films a 78-degree field of view, which is higher than many comparable models.

StreamCam does not use the usual USB connection, but via the USB Type-C connector. A USB Type-C to USB adapter is required for computers without such a connector. USB Type-C is an evolution of the backwards incompatible USB connector. The advantage is that it is more compact and can be installed from both sides. USB Type-C has no effect on transmission speed.

With Logitech capture function: This webcam is equipped with Logitech capture function, which, according to the manufacturer, makes it possible to adjust exposure, image detail, and image stabilization and automate other camera settings.

The Logitech StreamCam is equipped with a folding bracket for attaching to a computer monitor. A special feature of this webcam is the computer-controlled face tracking, which, according to the manufacturer, ensures precise focus and good exposure - no matter where the user's view is on the part of the image. The background replacement technique allows you to select an individual background for live video recording - for example a forest or a beach. Two front-facing microphones with omnidirectional characteristics and a noise-canceling function ensure sound recording. This internet camera comes with Logitech Streamlabs streaming software designed for streaming to Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.

What is an omnidirectional microphone? The omnidirectional microphone is equally sensitive to sound from all directions. Such a microphone can record all sounds in the room equally well. The counterpart of the omnidirectional pattern is the cardioid pattern. The cardioid microphone is very sensitive to sound coming from the front and suppresses sound coming from the side or back.

  • Relatively large field of view 78 degrees
  • Computer controlled face tracking for precise focus and good exposure according to manufacturer
  • Background replacement technology for individual backgrounds in live recording
  • With Streamlabs streaming software for Twitch, YouTube, and Co.
  • USB-C connection only, adapter required if needed
5. ToLuLu webcams
  • Low Light special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • Maximum focal length 500 Millimeter
  • Lens Type Wide angle
The ToLuLu webcam is equipped with a 1080p Full HD camera. According to the manufacturer, it automatically adjusts the image using face enhancement techniques and offers the best video quality. Thanks to the highly sensitive stereo microphone with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, sound is always clear. It should be easy to set up using Plug & Play and without drivers. The USB port is used to connect to a PC.

According to the manufacturer, automatic light correction and HDR technology ensure automatic adjustment to natural light. As a result, the camera always delivers excellent images even with poor or weak backlighting. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is an image technology equipped with greater dynamic range and contrast than its predecessor SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) for higher image quality. In general, HDR images should offer a greater depth of effect and a very large brightness range.

Wide field of view: The ToLuLu webcam has a very high viewing angle of 110 degrees. As a result, a relatively large area is captured by the camera while recording.

The camera's frame rate is 30 frames per second and the cable length is 1.8 meters. This webcam weighs 180 grams, with dimensions of 9.65 centimeters wide, 7.87 centimeters high, and 6.35 centimeters deep. The manufacturer does not provide any information about the resolution of the photo. The camera has good compatibility like Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux. A tripod mount is included.

What role does frame rate play? The frame rate or frame rate indicates how many images the webcam can capture per second. In general, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the recorded video will look. The international standard for computer monitors is 30 frames per second. For comparison: Movies are filmed at 24 frames per second. Image count, image resolution and exposure time work together. The higher the resolution, the fewer frames per second the optical chip can process. The more images recorded per second, the less time is left for individual image exposures. Light conditions should improve for shots beyond 30 images so that the shot is not underexposed. Therefore, a frame rate of 25 to 30 frames per second with Full HD resolution is optimal for webcams.

  • Auto light correction and HDR will produce great images in all lighting conditions
  • 110 degree high viewing angle
  • With face enhancement technology for high video quality according to the manufacturer
  • Good compatibility
  • Stereo microphone with noise reduction
  • No information about photo resolution
6. LOETAD Webcams
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Item Weight 181 Grams
The LOETAD webcam makes video recordings in Full HD quality at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels and a frame rate of 25 frames per second. The camera takes photos with 2 megapixels. Since this model does not have an auto focus function, the image must be focused manually. The field of view of this webcam is 75 degrees. A microphone with a noise canceling function is used to record sound.

With pan and tilt function: This webcam can slide and tilt, which means it can be adjusted to the user's sitting position, regardless of position.

The LOETAD webcam is equipped with a universal clip for attaching to a laptop or computer monitor. Automatic light correction enables clear video recording even in poor lighting conditions. According to the manufacturer, this internet camera works with advanced compression, which allows live video transmission even at low internet bandwidth.

How high should the Internet bandwidth be to use the webcam? An Internet connection with at least 500 kilobits per second is required for video conferencing in HD quality. An upload speed of at least 1.5 megabits per second is required for transmission in Full HD. This is the minimum value. For trouble-free transmission, the faster the connection speed, the better.

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems
  • With universal clip to attach to laptop or computer monitor
  • Swipe and tilt
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • No auto focus function
7. Papalook PA150S Webcams
  • Special features Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 1280 x 720 / 160 x 120, Lens hood: F/NO 2.0 mm, Microphone S.P.L. : -36 dB ± 2 dB, Connector: USB3.0/USB2.0/1.1, Microphone direction: Omnidirectional, Video encoding format: MJPEG, USB cable length: 1.5 m / 4.9 ft, High resolution HD 1 / 2.7 inch CMOS image sensor 2.0 MP, Operating temperature: -10 °C to 50 °C, Lens Viewing Angle: Horizontal 60 °
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Item Weight 121 Grams
  • 2.7 Inch Screen Size
  • Operating System Pentium 1G or higher CPU, Supports DirectX 9.0 VGA card, More than 500 MB of free hard disk space, IBM PC or PC or laptop compatible with USB port, 256 MB memory
Papalook PA150S webcam movies are full HD resolution and deliver up to 30 frames per second. Field of view is 60 degrees. These best webcams don't offer an auto focus function or an option to take photos. With this model, focusing is done manually using the rotary control on the lens.

Rotate and tilt: This best webcam can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees up or down. This allows the camera to be optimally adjusted to the user's sitting position, regardless of position.

Advantages of the Papalook webcam: plug-and-play capability. This means that Livecam is immediately ready to use without having to install drivers. With the clip mount, the internet camera can stand on a table or be attached to a computer monitor or laptop. The built-in noise-canceling microphone ensures easy-to-understand video calls. This noise-canceling microphone eliminates background noise and ensures clear sound quality during chats. The video preview is password protected, which prevents unauthorized use of the camera. Requirements for this webcam system:
  • WindowsXP
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • MacOS 10.6
  • Android 5.0
  • ChromeOS
  • Plug-and-play webcam without driver installation
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS
  • Can be rotated and tilted
  • Equipped with noise-canceling microphone
  • No auto focus function
  • There is no possibility to create a snapshot
8. Logitech StreamCam Webcams
  • Logitech StreamCam Series
  • Schwaches Licht . special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization Yes
  • AVI video capture format
  • Maximum focal length 1
  • Minimum focal length 1 Millimeter
  • Fest lens type
As the successor to the C922 Pro, the StreamCam offers significantly improved frame rates. It has increased from 30 to 60 frames per second. According to the manufacturer, this ensures a natural effect on the monitor with sharp images and smooth movement at all times. The Full HD resolution of 1,080 pixels remains the same with a viewing angle of 78 degrees. The Logitech StreamCam with USB-C connection shows another improvement over its predecessor. According to the manufacturer, it enables reliable and fast connection and efficient video transmission speed.

Optimized for live streaming: the predecessor to the C922 Pro webcam included a three-month license for dedicated streaming software. According to the manufacturer, StreamCam, on the other hand, is optimized for popular live streaming software and should allow easy streaming on YouTube, Twitch & Co.

The C922 Pro is compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.10, while the newer webcams have Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.14 (and later) compatibility. The auto-framing mode is also new. It should automatically adjust the field of view so that the person being filmed always stays in the center of the image, even if they move left or right. However, compared to its predecessor, information about the resolution of the photo is missing. Some properties remain the same in newer versions. This includes the following:
  • Logitech Capture Software : Should offer powerful functions like auto exposure or focus control
  • Microphones: Two omnidirectional microphones with stereo or mono output and noise reduction
  • Glass lens: Will provide realistic images with precise details and adjust them in real time thanks to autofocus

What is live stream? Live streaming is live video transmission. Streamers can use platforms like Twitch or YouTube to chat with viewers or present video games through live images. For the younger generation, streaming has largely replaced television. Viewers have the opportunity to make donations to streamers for their work. Currently, many people are making a living from this activity.

  • Optimized for live streaming by manufacturer
  • Improved frame rate
  • With a faster USB-C connection
  • The auto-framing mode is designed to automatically adjust the field of view
  • With two microphones for mono or stereo playback
  • There is no information from the manufacturer about the resolution of the photo
9. AUSDOM AW615 Webcams
  • Recorder-type Video Camera
  • Schwaches Licht . special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • Max focal length 3.6 Millimeter
  • Screen Size 2 Inch
  • Maximum aperture 2 f
The AUSDOM AW615 works with a Full HD resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels and can record up to 30 frames per second. The Internet camera creates still images with a resolution of 2 megapixels at 1,280 × 1,080 pixels. There is no autofocus function, so focusing has to be done manually. The 65-degree recording angle is in the midfield which is good.

Suitable for video clips and photos: This webcam not only allows live video transmission, but is also suitable for storing video clips and photos. According to the provider, various tools can be used for this, such as "PicMaster", "Photo Booth" or "Cheese".

The AUSDOM AW615 is equipped with a collapsible metal clip that allows the webcam to be attached to a computer monitor, laptop or television at different angles. The 360 ​​degree rotation function allows individual adjustment to the user's seating position. Thanks to automatic light correction, this model provides a clear image representation even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Saveable video clips and photos
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees with a shooting angle of 65 degrees
  • Comes with a collapsible metal clip for attachment
  • Automatic light correction for clear image display in poor lighting conditions
  • No auto focus function
  • Not suitable for Linux operating system
10. Webcams Spedal 920
  • Special features Beauty effects, Plug and play, Light correction, Manual focus, H.264 compression technology, Excellent compatibility, 1080p streaming webcam, Two microphones for stereo sound, 100 degree wide angle
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Wide angle lens type
  • XBox One™ V10 Operating System. 17134.4056 higher, Mac OS 10.6 higher, Linux 2.6.24 higher, Android Version 5.0 higher, Google® Chrome OS: Version 29.0.1547.70 higher (Hirai 4319.0 faster), Ubuntu® (Linux) 10.04 higher, Windows® XP SP2, Windows® 7/8/10 or later
The 920 Spedal Streaming Webcam accomplishes video recording in full HD at 1,920×1,080 pixels and reaches a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This internet camera does not have an autofocus function. For sound recording, this model is equipped with two microphones that record sound in stereo quality and, thanks to the noise canceling function, transmits it without annoying hissing or background noise.

With wide-angle view: The Spedal Webcam stands out from comparable models with its 100-degree extreme wide-angle field of view. Usually the shooting angle is between 50 and 75 degrees. Images can be enlarged with nine zoom levels.

As a mounting option, Speed ​​Streaming 920 is equipped with a collapsible bracket, which can be attached to a computer monitor as well as placed on a table. H.264 compression ensures smooth live video. Equipped with a beauty effect mode, this webcam, according to the manufacturer, is able to capture the details of the user's face naturally. Automatic exposure correction allows for good video quality even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

  • Wide angle view between 50 and 75 degrees
  • With foldable stand for monitor and computer desk
  • There are two microphones with noise cancellation
  • Beauty effect mode for precise facial details according to the manufacturer
  • No compatibility with game consoles like PlayStation 4
  • No auto focus function
11. Anker PowerConf C200 webcam
  • 2K video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Item Weight 7 Ounces
The PowerConf C200 webcam offers 2K resolution, which the manufacturer says is very clear and of high quality. There is also a stereo microphone, which allows for good communication over long periods and is equipped with noise cancellation. Anker webcams allow for a versatile field of view as the lens aperture angle is adjustable. You can choose between a 65, 78 or 95 degree viewing angle - depending on whether only the face or the background is being filmed. Image quality should always remain the same. In addition, there is automatic brightness correction, which also works in poor lighting conditions. Overview of some of the properties:
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 5.5 centimeters (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 198.45 grams
  • Frame rate: 30 frames per second
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac OS 10.14
Movable cover panel: A special feature is the built-in privacy cover. The movable cover panel can be opened or closed with a small lever. With it, the camera can be covered with a simple gesture.

According to the manufacturer, a larger aperture captures more light so the webcam can produce bright, professional images in poorly lit environments or in poor lighting conditions, even without ring light. Thus, autofocus takes only 0.5 seconds to focus on the subject. Connection via plug and play should be as easy as plugging in the monitor. Settings must be adaptable to any work environment. Anker did not provide any information about cable lengths.

  • Three adjustable viewing angles as needed
  • Built-in privacy cover
  • High resolution in 2K (2,048 pixels)
  • With auto brightness correction
  • According to the manufacturer, autofocus is faster
  • Stereo microphone with noise reduction
  • No information about cable length
12. Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p Webcam
  • Low Light special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has No Image Stabilization
  • MP4 video capture format
  • Maximum focal length 3.5
  • Min Focal Length 3
  • Lens Type Wide angle
  • Item Weight 100 Grams
Live Creative Webcam! Cam SYNC 1080P delivers Full HD video at 30 frames per second with a resolution of 1,080 pixels. According to the manufacturer, video images are sharp and smooth, allowing for natural and clear face capture. Therefore, the 77-degree viewing angle makes it easy to get a group of people in the picture without showing too many individual backgrounds. This should not cause optical distortion.

Creative Webcams do not require installation of additional drivers, they work directly with USB-A. The integrated lens cap is designed to protect privacy from unwanted access by spyware or other hacking tools. According to the manufacturer, the cover also protects the lens from dust so that video recordings can always be played back clearly. Therefore, the two integrated microphones allow for clear sound. They should also ensure good reception at a distance - for example when several people are sitting in front of the microphone at the same time.

What is spyware? Spyware is a term for software that transmits data to software manufacturers or third parties without the knowledge or consent of the computer user. Spyware is also often used to offer products through advertisements.

DIRECT! The SYNC 1080P cam rotates 360 degrees horizontally and can also be tilted 30 degrees vertically. According to the manufacturer, it offers the right camera angle for every need. A universal mounting clip is included, making it suitable for any laptop or desktop monitor. Other features at a glance:
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5 x 6 centimeters (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 96 grams
  • Cable length: 1.5 meters
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 and up and Mac OS Sierra and up
  • With lens cap to protect against unwanted access and dust
  • The camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees and tilt 30 degrees
  • Universal mounting clip designed to fit multiple monitors
  • According to the manufacturer, the microphone also offers good reception over long distances
  • Relatively easy
  • No information about cable length
13. Wansview 106 . Webcams
  • Recorder-type Video Camera
  • Low Light special features
  • 1080p video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has Image Stabilization Yes
  • Digital zoom type
  • 2x optical zoom
  • Zoom lens type
  • 2.7 Inch Screen Size
The Wansview 106 webcam now offers autofocus as an improvement over its predecessor, the 102. According to the manufacturer, it can focus on an object in as little as 3 seconds. Automatic light correction is maintained, thereby ensuring beautiful videos even in poor lighting conditions. The stereo microphone is said to have high noise reduction and echo cancellation and produce clear and natural sound.

As usual, the video resolution is Full HD with 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second. According to the manufacturer, this ensures smooth, crystal-clear video. The photo resolution also remains the same, namely 2 megapixels. The Wansview 106's viewing angle is 60 degrees, while the 102's is 90 degrees. Depending on your own needs, this could be a disadvantage.

The advantage is that the new version can now be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees thanks to the spherical base design. This should allow good shots from every position. In addition, the camera can be easily placed on the table - it also had this property before. The optics have changed slightly, so the camera looks more modern at first glance. Another detail that has been added is the cover provided to protect against unwanted access. The ability to connect the webcam without any third party software or drivers (plug & play) is retained. A 1.5 meter long cable with a USB 2.0 connection is used for this purpose.

  • New with auto focus compared to its predecessor
  • According to the manufacturer, automatic light correction always ensures beautiful videos
  • Now it can be rotated 360 degrees and can be tilted 180 degrees
  • Cover provided
  • The stereo microphone is said to have high noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • Smaller viewing angle compared to its predecessor
14. Logitech Brio Stream Webcams
  • BRIO STREAM Series
  • Special features Low light
  • 4K video capture resolution
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Has image stabilization No
  • Video capture format No Flash Memory in the product
  • Zoom lens type
  • Item Weight 3.18 Ounces
  • Screen Size 75
The Logitech Brio Stream webcam has two omnidirectional microphones that, according to the manufacturer, ensure clear recording up to a meter away. In addition, there is an advanced noise canceling technology that hides annoying background noise. Two techniques are used for the most professional rendering: HDR and RightLight 3. Both are designed to automatically adjust images to focus on the most important subjects. In addition, three viewing angles can be set, which Logitech describes as follows:
  • 65 degrees: For excellent eye contact and face-to-face conversation
  • 78 degrees: Good eye contact with a more visible background at the same time
  • 90 degrees: Perfect for presentations on a whiteboard or object
Ultra-high 4K video resolution and variable frame rates: This webcam offers 4K resolution, which is equivalent to 4,096 horizontal pixels. As stated by the manufacturer, this allows for professional image quality for video conferencing. Thus, the video recording is very clear and smooth. In addition, there is the possibility of a frame rate of up to 90 frames per second, with a resolution of 720 pixels (HD ready). In Full HD, the frame rate is 60 frames per second and in 4K it is 30 frames per second.

Using Brio Stream it is possible to login via facial recognition. This requires the use of Windows Hello . Then it is enough to look into the camera to enter the PC. Logitech Capture and Logi Tune can be used with a webcam, the latter allowing for custom settings. Logitech GHub is designed to provide customized live streaming. The kit also includes a removable cover panel that can be folded up and down as needed. There is no information about the resolution of the photo.

  • High resolution video in 4K
  • Variable frame rates of 30, 60 and 90 frames per second
  • With two techniques for automatic image adjustment
  • Possible use of facial recognition
  • Some Logitech functions can be used for optimization
  • Very long cable
  • No information about photo resolution

What is a webcam and how does it work?

Classic webcams are nothing more than digital cameras that transmit their images in real time over the Internet. This is public with access for everyone - such as a permanently installed camera in an old town, on an island or near a tourist spot - or private for a small group of recipients - for example by video calling via Skype or video conferencing.

Webcam works like a regular camera. There are differences from model to model. For example, with some devices, no motion pictures are filmed and transmitted, but only snapshots are generated at certain time intervals. Most webcams have an integrated microphone and are capable of transmitting both picture and sound at the same time.

Many laptops come with an integrated webcam. Otherwise, the external internet camera must be connected via a USB cable or WLAN signal. To do this, a driver must be installed that allows the system to communicate with the hardware. The latest webcams can also be operated independently without being connected to additional hardware.

Pros and cons of webcams

In the mobile network society, webcams are a blessing. Without expensive telephone charges, they enable face-to-face conversations, no matter where the conversation partner is. Modern and flexible forms of work such as home offices would be inconceivable without a webcam. Video calling and conferencing are a breeze. But grandma and grandpa are also happy to see their children and grandchildren living far away. Webcams create immediacy. The best part is: Most webcams are not very demanding on computer hardware. Even modern Internet cameras can be used for video transmission, even on slower computers with older USB ports. Resolution may need to be reduced. Computers should only be equipped with the latest hardware for webcams for high-resolution live images.

What is streaming? A "stream" is a real-time online video transmission. This technology is used, for example, for live images of sporting events. Today there are many private "streamers" who exchange views with their viewers on various topics or present computer games. The basic requirements for private streaming are a high-resolution webcam and a platform like YouTube that supports live streaming.

Webcams aren't just perfect for video conferencing. Compact internet cameras can be positioned to film your property. Users can access the recordings at any time via the Internet. Thus, webcams can be used as a cost-effective alternative to surveillance cameras. Currently there are many cheap webcam models. The device currently offers Full HD resolution with 1,920×1,080 pixels.

The disadvantage is that the recorded video must be compressed before being sent over the Internet. This may result in loss of image quality for the recipient of the image. Webcam users should take into account that a stable internet connection is required for seamless operation of the webcam. A slow connection can cause delays in image transmission or, in the worst case, aborted transmissions. It should also be noted that webcams are potential targets for hackers. If cybercriminals gain access to the webcam, they can see everything the camera captures. We will explain how to reduce the risk of hacker attacks in the next section.


What types of webcams are there?

There are various types of the best webcams on the market. In addition to the simple USB webcam, there are HD webcams, conference cameras, IP cameras, and WLAN webcams. In the following sections we explain what distinguishes each type of webcam:
  1. Standard webcams: Standard webcams are now obsolete. Such devices are limited in terms of minimal equipment, but they are cheap to own. This camera is not suitable for making high-quality movie recordings. Therefore, the usual resolution in this category is only 640×480 pixels. Standard webcams are connected to a computer via USB and do not transmit images continuously, only still images that are updated at repeated intervals. Despite minimal equipment and poor image quality, this type of webcam is still used today.
  2. HD webcams: HD webcams are webcams designed for indoor use. The HD camera can record live images with an HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels. They are perfect for webcam chats via Skype, ICQ or Facebook. Compared to other types of webcams, the image quality is rather poor. Therefore, HD webcams are only suitable for live streaming to some extent. Now there are 2K webcams. It works with a width of at least 2,048 pixels and is better suited for streaming needs with its high image quality.
  3. Conference camera: This type includes a special web camera for conferences. These often have pan, tilt and zoom functions, so good recording is possible even if there is a large conference table. It is practical that most conference cameras are equipped with a hands-free function. This means that they can not only record sound, but can also play back the voice of the conference partner.
  4. IP cameras and WLAN webcams: These variants are often referred to as network cameras and are considered the successors to web cameras. IP cameras differ from simple webcams in that they can independently connect to the Internet and broadcast images. Therefore, there is no need to connect the network camera to the PC.

How much do webcams cost?

When it comes to webcams, there is a huge price difference. Models with decent image quality are available for low double digits. If you don't want to compromise in terms of picture and sound quality, you should opt for a model from a higher price range. Sometimes prices in the three-digit range may be mentioned here. In general, the following costs can be expected when purchasing a webcam:
  • Webcams from lower price range - 15 to $30
  • Mid-range webcam - $30 to $60
  • Webcams from the top price range - from $60
Which manufacturers and brands offer webcams?

Aukey, Logitech, Microsoft LifeCam or Razer Kiyo: There are many providers, brands, and product names for the best webcams. Some of the famous manufacturers or brands are briefly introduced below:
  • Logitech: The company was founded in Switzerland in 1981 and is still based there today, while its main headquarters are in the US state of California. Logitech manufactures peripheral devices for computers, for video communications, for smart homes or for music. This includes, for example, a computer mouse, keyboard, remote control, Bluetooth speaker, and webcam. Meanwhile, many individual brands have emerged that are offered around the world.
  • Aukey: This is a Chinese brand that has been marketed with technical products such as hardware know-how, consumer electronics, chargers and mobile technical accessories since 2007. Akey describes itself as one of the world's leading Amazon sellers and has distribution partners in more than 50 countries - for example in Northern and Eastern Europe, in Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen. The company was already a market leader in office packages and computer operating systems in the 1990s. At present, it still plays a dominant role, especially in the personal computer field, but is also represented in many other areas of the market. Microsoft founded its first subsidiary in Germany in 1983. The company is known, for example, for its Windows operating system, Xbox game console, and Office software packages.
  • Creative: The company was founded in Singapore in 1981 and sells audio solutions, portable media devices, speakers, headphones and other hardware among other things. It rose to prominence in 1989 with the Sound Blaster sound card. Today it sells its products through a worldwide sales network in more than 80 countries. In addition to its headquarters in Singapore, Creative has regional business units in the US, Europe and Asia.
Other webcam providers: In addition to those mentioned above, well-known webcam manufacturers or brands also include, for example, Anker, ToLuLu, Wansview, NexiGo, Papalook, ASUS or Razer (Kiyo).

Internet versus specialist stores: where is it worth buying a webcam?

The best webcams are not only available in computer stores, but also in electronics stores, department stores and sometimes as deals in supermarkets. Anyone who decides to go into local trade will benefit from the personal advice there. The opportunity to get comprehensive advice is the best in the electronics market. The downside is that buyers should expect to find a limited selection of webcams there. The possibilities for comparing individual devices with each other are often equally limited. In the worst case, it may be necessary to visit several stores to find a suitable internet camera.

The internet offers better conditions for buying a new webcam. Here you can choose from almost all the models currently available on the market and there are ideal conditions for obtaining comprehensive information and comparing the price-performance ratio of each device.

What to consider when buying a webcam?

The webcam should allow for good video chat with high quality images and sound. In the following sections, we've rounded up the most important factors to consider when buying a webcam. This includes:
  • Destination
  • Video resolution
  • Photo resolution
  • Frame rate
  • Focus
  • Microphone system
  • OS Compatibility
  • Field of view
  • Connection
  • Imprison

It makes a difference whether the best webcams are used sporadically for chatting or are meant to replace surveillance cameras in continuous operation. Robust models with added protection against moisture and condensation are recommended for outdoor use. It is important that legal requirements applicable to webcams installed publicly for surveillance purposes are complied with. Commercially available HD webcams are sufficient for the occasional video chat. If you want to stream or use your webcam for business purposes, you should use a high resolution model.

Video resolution

The resolution of the webcam video determines how sharp the captured image is. Webcam users are not aware of the high resolution. It is the conference partners who benefit from the high image quality. Most webcams work with HD Ready or Full HD resolution. HD ready offers 1,280×720 pixels. Webcams with full HD resolution reach 1,920×1,080 pixels and thus offer better picture quality.

Photo resolution

Many webcams allow for taking snapshots during video chats. If you choose a photo webcam with this function, you should pay attention to the resolution of the photo. Depending on the model, this can be between 0.9 and 15 megapixels. In general, the higher the megapixel value, the sharper the photo will appear.

Frame rate

The frequency or frame rate is often referred to as FPS or "frames per second". It shows how many pictures the camera can take per second. The international standard for computer monitors is 30 frames per second. Due to the static situation and none of the fast-paced action scenes typically filmed with a webcam, this value is entirely adequate. For comparison: Movies are filmed at 24 frames per second. Image count, image resolution and exposure time work together. The higher the resolution per frame, the fewer frames per second the optical chip can process. The more images recorded per second, the less time is left for individual image exposures. Light conditions should improve for shots beyond 30 images so that the shot is not underexposed. Therefore, a frame rate of 25-30 frames per second with Full HD resolution is optimal for webcams. For professional streaming it could be more. However, the lighting of the room must also be appropriate.


To focus means to sharpen. For an object in focus usually a person in the case of a webcam to appear in the foreground for the viewer, the object must be in focus. The webcam user's face is in focus and the background is slightly blurred. A webcam with an auto focus function that does this job automatically is very advantageous. Webcams from the lower price range are usually not equipped with an autofocus function. With such a device, focusing is done manually mostly via a rotary control on the lens.

Microphone system

Most of the best webcams have an integrated microphone, so all the components for a video phone are combined in one device. An external microphone is not required. As far as the sound recording quality is concerned, there is a significant difference. Cheap Internet cameras often work with simple mono microphones, audio recordings of which often appear "loud" and accompanied by distracting noise. High quality webcams are equipped with dual microphones that allow recording of clear stereo quality sound.

What is noise canceling function? Many webcams are equipped with a noise canceling function that suppresses ambient noise and prevents distracting noise. Internet cameras with this function have a second microphone that records ambient noise and places it on the opposite frequency so that it is no longer audible.

Operating system compatibility

Before buying the best webcam, you should check the compatibility with different computer operating systems. Almost all models support the current Windows operating system. As a user of Apple's macOS or other less common operating systems like Linux or Ubuntu, it's important to check for compatibility. Not all webcams support this operating system.

Field of view

The webcam's field of view is often referred to as the capture window or field of view (FoV). This shows how much area the camera covers with its video footage. Many models work with a 60-degree field of view. Since only the user's face needs to be captured in a video call, a 60-degree field of view is sufficient for this. Webcams used for streaming or surveillance purposes must have a wider field of view. There are webcams that offer a field of view from 78 to 100 degrees.


By default, most of the best webcams have a USB port that is used to transmit images and sound. There is a difference in the USB version. Cheap models often work with a USB 2.0 port. A quality webcam should be equipped with a USB 3.0 port. This offers a faster transmission rate and minimizes the risk of delays in image transmission. The IP webcam comes without a USB port out. It sends their data via wired LAN or wireless WLAN connection.


Webcams that have flexible bases for attaching to laptop screens or computer monitors prove to be practical. Such webcams can not only be clamped to various monitors or screens, but also often placed on a table.

How to properly set up the webcam?

Setting up most webcams is very easy. Many models are plug-and-play devices that connect to a PC via a USB cable and plug in and set up automatically. They are ready to use immediately. Manual driver installation is required for webcams without plug-and-play capabilities. A driver CD is usually included for this purpose. Alternatively, drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Modern desktop PCs do not have optical drives for CDs. In this case, before buying a webcam, make sure that the necessary drivers are available for download.

When downloading drivers it is important to select the driver for the correct operating system. Installing the webcam driver is simple. To do this, the driver must be selected and then the installation program followed. Usually, this process only takes a few minutes. After the installation is complete, the webcam can be found, configured, and used through the computer's device manager.

What useful accessories are available for the webcam?

No accessories are required to use the best webcam. However, there are some useful accessories that can make internet camera operation easier:
  1. Headsets and headphones: If you want to use your webcam as a video phone, you'll need to get a headset. While it is possible to purchase and connect headphones and microphones separately, headsets offer more advantages: they are lighter in weight and easy to use. The market offers a wide variety of headsets. A suitable headset is included with some webcams.
  2. Microphone: A separate microphone is only useful if a professional voice recording is to be made. A small microphone on a headset or webcam is sufficient for normal everyday use such as internet telephony or voice chat which is popular with gamers.
  3. Loudspeaker: Anyone who finds headphones or headsets uncomfortable should consider purchasing external speakers. If possible, they should be powered speakers that allow the volume to be directly adjusted.
  4. Bracket: A webcam that is not attached to the device requires a bracket to attach it. There are a variety of brackets on the market that can be used to mount a webcam in almost any corner of the room. Most of the time, the bracket is included with the webcam. Often this does not serve the intended purpose of the buyer. A separate bracket from a specialist retailer can help.
Webcams targeted by hackers

The internet offers many opportunities but also many risks, which is why data protection is such a central issue in today's society. Users' personal data is always vulnerable and at risk. They are easy targets for hackers and other cybercriminals. Therefore, your own webcam should always be taken into account when protecting against attacks.

Why should I cover my webcam? Covering your webcam is the safest way to protect yourself from unwanted access. Hackers can still access the camera, but only get a black image. Alternatively, the connection between the webcam and the computer may be disconnected after use.


Hackers can find out about the Trojan providing access to the PC and thus access the connected web camera. Webcam users are usually unaware that their internet camera has been taken over. The rude awakening occurred when the first message from the hacker arrived. Many Internet users are being blackmailed by hackers: If some money is not paid, private webcam recordings will be published. Such crimes are difficult to track down by the police. In order to stop hacker attacks and avoid unwanted webcam access, the following should be observed:
  1. Files from dubious or dubious sources should be avoided. A trail that provides information about who is behind a particular download offer is an indication of a reputable website. A trail is mandatory in the EU, if it doesn't exist: hands off. When in doubt, search for the provider along with the terms "complaint" or "scam" in a search engine. If there is a corresponding hit, then the question of seriousness is clarified.
  2. Emails from unknown senders should not be opened and attachments should not be downloaded. Opening an email can already activate malicious programs. Downloading files makes it easier for hackers.
  3. A complete anti-virus program including a firewall with automatic updates is a must for every Internet user. Some protection programs offer special settings for the webcam.
  4. Many webcams are equipped with an LED light that lights up when the webcam is in use. If the LED lights up even though there is no video transmission, this is an indication of unwanted access.
What are the alternatives to existing webcams?

There is no real alternative to a webcam. In theory, anything that uses a webcam can be done with a classic camera. The disadvantage is that it is associated with quite a large effort.

Can a phone camera work as a substitute for a webcam? For video telephony, your own cellphone or smartphone can be turned into a webcam with certain software. For Android smartphones, there is an application "IP Webcam", which simulates a webcam using a WLAN connection. The smartphone then works like a real webcam and can be used as a surveillance camera if needed. It should be considered that not every application works with every hardware device and every operating system.

Neither of the alternatives described is suitable as a full replacement for a webcam. Today there are many cheap models on the market. Real webcams are more convenient and less expensive than most alternatives.

Frequently asked questions about webcam

Which webcam is the best?

There is no general answer to the question of the best webcam. Devices from Logitech or Microsoft are often touted as “the best webcams”. Whether this device is best suited depends on individual needs. Internet cameras are different for occasional video calls than they are for professional live streaming.

Which webcams are suitable for streaming?

If you want to offer professional live streaming, you need a high-quality webcam. It should finish the video in at least Full HD quality and send it at 60 frames per second. In order to offer viewers the best picture and sound quality, it is recommended to use a separate microphone. If you want to do without it, you have to make sure that the streaming webcam is equipped with dual stereo microphones and noise canceling functions.

How do I set up my webcam properly?

For best results, the webcam should be placed at eye level or slightly above. If the webcam is positioned too low, the person you are talking to will look at your chin and your eyes will fall back into the background. If the webcam will be placed on a computer monitor, a height-adjustable chair can be useful. This allows the seat height to be adjusted to the webcam, eliminating the need for separate webcam alignment.

Why is my webcam recording jerky?

There are two reasons for this: either the webcam delivers at less than 24 frames per second, the light is too weak or the footage cannot be transmitted fast enough. Usually this is the data rate. In poor lighting conditions, many cameras automatically choose a longer exposure time, which then causes image scratches when there is movement. The following possible solutions may help:
  • Using a different USB port
  • End programs running in parallel
  • Driversupdate webcam or operating system
  • Improve lighting conditions
What are the legal requirements for using a webcam?

If you want to record people with a webcam, you must comply with your own image rights and data protection laws. The essence of this law is that no records of people may be posted on the Internet without their consent.

Is there a webcam with 3D support?

Yes, there are now webcams with 3D support. 3D webcams are still under development and are rare to find. The device requires that the person you are talking to also has a 3D webcam and 3D glasses.

What is webcam protection?

Webcam Protection is a special anti-virus program called Trojan sand other Internet pests from accessing the webcam without permission. Like conventional anti-virus programs, webcam protection cannot guarantee 100% security.

Webcam protection is built into some anti-virus programs, such as premium versions of the popular Avast software.


The existence of a webcam for laptops can support your various activities, ranging from meetings, meetings, to school. If your laptop's webcam is of low quality, then it is important to have a quality external webcam.

If you only use it for chatting, you don't need to buy expensive products. However, if you use a webcam for work needs, choose a product with features that support your activities. Hope our article can help you find the best webcam (smooth and sharp image)!

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