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13 Best Keyboards For Gaming And Work

The importance of the best keyboard for gaming and working on a computer is often underestimated. As a link between the PC and its user, it must withstand constant pressure and at the same time be easy to use. Modern keyboards are designed to do just that. However, there is a difference: Mechanical keyboards allow for fast and precise typing thanks to their tactile feedback. If you prefer quiet and soft, you can use the rubber dome keyboard, the noise of which is less disturbing for some people. There are also various technologies to choose from for connecting to a computer, either via a cable to the USB port on the computer or wirelessly via Bluetooth or radio.

best keyboards

The following comparison describes the 13 best keyboards with their most important features in detail. The following guide explains the differences between mechanical and rubber dome keyboards and describes the most important factors to consider when buying a keyboard.

13 best keyboards with different features in big comparison

1. Cherry KC1000 keyboard
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Special features PC/Mac Keyboard
  • Compatible PC devices
  • Included parts Select Left
  • KC Series 1000
  • Number of keys 109
The KC1000 Cherry model is a rubber dome keyboard that, according to the manufacturer, has silent keystrokes and can be connected to a computer via a USB cable. It has the GS marking and, according to the manufacturer, is optimized for the requirements of professional office use. The LED light at the top shows Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll activity.

Available with different keyboard layouts: Cherry Keyboard is available with German, Belgian, French, English, Swiss and Spanish layouts.

According to the manufacturer, the KC1000 has durable key labeling and is designed for a life of up to 10 million keystrokes. Five additional dedicated keys on the keypad allow quick access to the calculator, email inbox, Internet browser, and computer standby mode. The peripheral device was awarded the "Blue Angel" - a certificate for environmentally friendly products. The Cherry KC1000 is available in black and white. It measures 45.8 x 17.0 x 2 centimeters in width, height and depth and weighs 530 grams.

  • Soft key press
  • Optimized for office use
  • GS tanda sign
  • Blue Angel certificate for eco-friendly products
  • Multiple keyboard layouts to choose from
  • Not a big palm rest
2. KLIM Chroma Keyboard
  • Description of Game Keyboard
  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Special features On/Off switch, membrane keyboard, rainbow color backlight (fixed)
  • Compatible PC devices
  • KLIM Chroma Seri Series
  • Number of buttons 5
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 44 x 2.9 x 14.4 centimeters
  • RGB Theme
The KLIM Chroma is an inexpensive gaming keyboard. It has a rubber dome lock and, according to the manufacturer, a response time of 2 milliseconds. According to the manufacturer, it has soft key presses and a pleasant typing feel. According to the manufacturer, it was specially developed to work as quietly as possible. The keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature which aims to increase the precision of the game. Anti-ghosting means that input errors caused by accidentally pressing multiple keys can be avoided or reduced. This is done by the software which recognizes the key with the greatest release force when pressing several keys at the same time and accepts only this.

Robust and splash-resistant: Games often get hot. It could happen that the drink accidentally tipped over. Thanks to its splash protection, the gaming keyboard from KLIM is armed with this. The manufacturer describes the keyboard as "very powerful".

The KLIM gaming keyboard has colorful LED lighting that is divided into zones. It glows with blue, purple, red and green simultaneously. Those who choose the keyboard get free access to the eBook “Improve Productivity & Gaming Skills by Typing Faster”. The LED gaming keyboard is black and has a narrow bezel. So it only takes up less space on the table. 44 centimeters wide, 2.9 centimeters high, and 14.4 centimeters deep. It weighs 460 grams and connects to a PC via a USB cable.

  • Led light
  • Response time 2 milliseconds
  • Splash Resistant
  • Free eBooks
  • Not a big palm rest
3. Havit HV KB558CM DE 19-key
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Number of keys 19
The Havit HV KB558CM DE is a set consisting of a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard. The best keyboards have soft-touch rubber dome keys. Equipped with an anti-ghosting function to improve game accuracy, it is equipped with a number of 19 buttons. Multimedia keys for adjusting volume or video fast forward and rewind are integrated into the F key. The colorful LED lights are divided into areas and glow in green, yellow, red and pink colors. Optionally, the keyboard can be turned on in pulse mode.

The associated gaming mouse has RGB lighting and two freely programmable buttons. The dpi value can be set in six steps between 800 and 4,800. Both the mouse and keyboard are connected to the computer via a USB cable. This set is available in black or white versions. The keyboard measures 48.4 x 3.2 x 20.7 centimeters in width, height and depth, and weighs 758 grams.

What is the dpi value? dpi stands for "dots per inch" or "points per inch". This value indicates how many dots the mouse sensor captures per inch. The dpi value is thus an indicator of the speed at which the mouse moves. A dpi value of 800 requires more mouse movement to move the mouse pointer a certain distance than a dpi value of 4800. In short: the higher the dpi value, the farther the mouse pointer moves with the same mouse movement.

  • Led light
  • Soft key press
  • With mice
  • Wide armrest
  • Not
4. Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Wiederaufladbar special features
  • Universal compatible device
  • Includes Magic Keyboard component
  • Model name MQ052D/A
  • Number of keys 109
  • German keyboard layout style, QWERTZ
Apple's Magic Keyboard works according to the rubber dome principle and is visually striking due to its flat design. It is only 1.09 centimeters thick and gets flatter from back to front. The keyboard supports Windows and MacOS computers and can be connected via Bluetooth to connect wirelessly. Charging is done via a USB cable with a Lightning connector.

Optimized for comfortable typing: Apple keyboards have a scissor mechanism under each key, which the manufacturer says improves key stability. In combination with a flat profile and optimized key travel the best keyboards should offer a pleasant feeling while typing.

Apple's Magic Keyboard has multimedia keys built into the F key to easily control music or video playback. Its futuristic, silver-colored design with white keys catches the eye. Alternatively, the keyboard is available in dark gray with black keys. The compact keyboard measures 41.8 x 1.09 x 11.4 centimeters in width, height and depth and weighs 390 grams.

  • Flat design - only one centimeter thick
  • Can be used wirelessly – Bluetooth
  • Scissor mechanism for optimized lock travel
  • Not a big palm rest
5. Logitech K800 Keyboard
  • Deutsch keyboard description (QWERTZ)
  • RF connectivity technology
  • Special features of PC/Mac, Keyboard, Radio Transfer
  • Compatible PC devices
  • Included components Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 - DE-Layout
  • K800 series
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 20.8 x 5.8 x 46.8 centimeters
The Logitech K800 is a wireless keyboard with rubber dome technology. The signal is transmitted to the PC via radio. A USB radio adapter is included in shipping for this purpose. After plugging into a free USB port on your computer, the keyboard is ready to go. The wireless keyboard signals the remaining running time via the status display. With its integrated lithium-ion battery, this keyboard can be used for up to 10 days, according to the manufacturer. It can be charged via a USB cable.

PerfectStroke™ key system: According to Logitech, the PerfectStroke™ key system developed by Logitech ensures comfortable, smooth, and quiet typing on the keyboard.

The K800 has a Logitech Incurve key. These are durable, concave, and gently rounded keys that Logitech says make typing easy. It has white button illumination for use in the dark. The best keyboards are available with German, English, French or Italian layouts.

The Logitech wireless keyboard comes in black with a silver frame and palm rest. It is 46.8 centimeters wide, 5.7 centimeters high and 20.8 centimeters deep. His weight is 99.7 grams.

  • Soft key press
  • Wide armrest
  • Can be used wirelessly – WLAN
  • Multiple keyboard layouts to choose from
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight 100 grams - can slide or slip
6. Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard
  • DEU (QWERTZ) keyboard description
  • RF connectivity technology
  • Special features Programmable hot keys, Receiver included, Yes, Spill-resistant keyboard, Operating temperature range: 0 - 50 °C
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, PC, Smart TV
  • Included components Inhalation: 1 part
  • N9Z-00008 Series
  • Number of keys 105
  • Single Style
The All-In-One Media from Microsoft is a wireless keyboard that combines a trackpad and a keyboard. The trackpad allows you to control the mouse pointer by swiping your finger. In this way, the computer can be operated completely and without a mouse using the keyboard. The best keyboards have a USB radio adapter for wireless connection to a PC. Power is supplied via two standard AAA batteries, which can be used by the all-in-one keyboard for up to 9 months, according to the manufacturer.

Scroll and zoom like on a smartphone: By swiping up and down with two fingers, the trackpad enables easy scrolling through websites. By spreading your thumb and index finger together, you can zoom in and out intuitively – almost like using a smartphone.

According to Microsoft, the flat and slightly curved rubber dome keys offer a comfortable typing experience. The keyboard's dust- and splash-resistant construction benefits mobile use. Multimedia keys are integrated in the F key row. If you don't want to control your computer exclusively via the trackpad, you can purchase a keyboard in a bundle with one of two different Microsoft mice.

Visually, the black wireless keyboard from Microsoft stands out from the other models with the trackpad on the right side. Since the keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, it is no larger than comparable models. Its dimensions are 36.7 x 1.9 x 13.2 centimeters, height, width and depth. The keyboard weighs 434 grams.

  • With trackpad - to control PC with just keyboard
  • Can be used wirelessly via radio link
  • Up to 9 months battery life
  • Splash Resistant
  • Not a big palm rest
7. Trust Taro Wired Keyboard
  • USB connectivity technology
  • USB Power Source
  • QWERTZ keyboard layout
Manufacturer Trust offers a mouse and keyboard set in a lower price range under the Taro name. The keyboard works with rubber dome keys, which the manufacturer says are up to 50 percent quieter than usual. This makes the keyboard a good choice for office use. Both the mouse and keyboard can be connected to the computer with a USB cable.

With flat keys and folding feet, the best keyboards provide the comfort needed for concentrated work, according to the manufacturer. In the upper right corner there is an indicator light that indicates Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll activities. At Amazon, the keyboard is optionally available without a mouse or as a wireless keyboard including a wireless mouse. The Trust keyboard comes in a completely black design and measures 44.9 x 3 x 14.8 centimeters wide, high and deep.

  • With mouse
  • Available as a wireless version
  • Connection cable length 180 centimeters
  • Not a big palm rest
best keyboards

8. Logitech K280e Pro Keyboard
  • Keyboard description (QWERTZ)
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Ergonomisch . special features
  • Compatible PC devices
  • K280e for Business Wired Keyboard Components Included - DE-Layout
  • Model name K280e
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 45.9 x 2 x 18.3 centimeters
  • Linux operating system, Windows 11 or later, Chrome OS, Windows 10
The Logitech K280e Pro is a business keyboard for use in the office or at home. It has a flat rubber dome lock which, according to the manufacturer, allows for quiet and comfortable work. According to Logitech, typing on the best keyboards produces a noise level of less than 45 decibels. This roughly corresponds to the quiet volume of conversation. According to Logitech, the keys are UV coated, abrasion resistant and designed to last up to 20 million keystrokes. The keyboard comes with a USB cable for connection to a computer.

Available in packs of 5 or 10: If you need multiple keyboards to set up your office, you can purchase Logitech keyboards in packs of 5 or 10.

According to the manufacturer, the K280e Pro is not only durable, but also splash-resistant. In the row of F keys there are integrated multimedia keys and quick access keys as special keys/function keys for Internet browsers, e-mail inboxes, preferred search engines and pocket calculators. The keyboard has a large palm rest for comfortable working. Logitech offers the K280e Pro model in black or white. Its dimensions are 45.9 x 2 x 18.2 centimeters in width, height and depth.

What are the advantages of UV coated locks? UV radiation can cause the letters on the keys to fade, making them difficult to see. The UV coating prevents this and has a positive effect on the life of the keyboard.

  • Wide armrest
  • Can be used wirelessly via radio connection
  • Soft key press
  • Enjoyable typing experience
  • Splash Resistant
  • Relatively heavy
9. Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard
  • Description of Gaming keyboard, QWERTZ
  • Ergonomisch . special features
  • Compatible Devices Laptop, PC
  • Includes 1 part components
  • Ornata Style V2 (Hybrid)
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 35 x 10 x 20 centimeters
  • RGB Theme
The Razer Ornata V2 keyboard belongs to the gaming keyboard category. This is a hybrid keyboard that combines the properties of mechanical and rubber dome keys. According to Razer, it has soft keypress points with well-defined tactile clicks. It has a multifunction digital dial and media keys, which can be assigned functions such as pause, play and skip, according to the manufacturer.

With RGB lighting: The Razer Ornata V2 keyboard is equipped with RGB lighting that can reproduce all visible colors - 16.8 million colors. Lighting can be individually configured for each button using the Razer Synapse software.

The best keyboards have soft, cushioned faux leather palm rests that are designed to connect to the keyboard with magnets to relieve wrist strain during long-term use. When it comes to cables, gaming keyboards have cutouts that you can use to hide cables and lead them out again on either side. The keyboard has dimensions of 35 x 10 x 20 centimeters (length/width/height).

  • RGB lighting for individual keyboard lighting
  • Wide armrest
  • Removable pads
  • Optimized for gaming needs
  • Relatively heavy
10. Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard
  • Description of QWERTZ keyboard
  • Connectivity technology 2.4GHZ, USB
  • Special features Armrest indicator light Includes Recharge Receiver
  • Compatible devices Android devices on Android™ 5.0 or later, PC, Chrombook
  • Includes Keyboard component
  • K400 Plus Series Wireless Touch Keyboard
  • Style Home Entertainment
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 35 x 14 x 2 centimeters
The Logitech K400 Plus is a wireless keyboard with an integrated trackpad. This means that all computer operations can be controlled via the keyboard independently of the mouse. Connection to PC is wireless via radio adapter. Two AA batteries are required for power. According to the manufacturer, with a daily usage time of 2 hours, this is enough for a runtime of up to 18 months.

Keyboards for home cinema PCs: PCs often serve as the heart of a home cinema system instead of a classic receiver. Thanks to the integrated trackpad, the Logitech keyboard is a useful addition for controlling your computer from the comfort of your couch. According to Logitech, the keyboard creates a responsive and hassle-free wireless connection even in large living rooms.

There is a yellow button on the top left side of the keyboard. This is the second left mouse button that allows two-handed use - the right hand moves the mouse pointer, the left hand triggers the mouse button. Above the mouse pad are three dedicated volume control buttons. Multimedia keys are integrated into the F key row. A wireless keyboard is optionally available with the 2.1 speaker system.

The Logitech K400 Plus features a dark gray design with subtle yellow accents and rounded buttons. It is 35.4 centimeters wide, 2.3 centimeters high, 13.9 centimeters deep and weighs 390 grams.

What is a 2.1 speaker system? A 2.1 speaker system consists of two speakers and a subwoofer. This creates room-filling stereo sound with intense bass.

  • Can be used wirelessly – radio
  • With trackpad - for full PC control using just the keyboard
  • Battery life up to 18 months
  •     Not a big palm rest
11. Logitech K120 Keyboard
  • Description of the keyboard (QWERTZ)
  • USB connectivity technology
  • Special features PC/Mac Keyboard
  • Compatible PC devices
  • Included parts Keyboard K120 for Business
  • Model name K120 for Business
  • Dimensions of the item W x W x H 44.1 x 14.9 x 1.8 centimeters
  • Operating system Windows 11 or later, Windows 10

The K120 is a rubber dome model that Logitech describes as a "budget-friendly" office keyboard. Manufacturers talk about almost silent keystrokes and a lifetime of up to 10 million keystrokes. Connection to the computer is via a USB cable.

Available in sets of 3 or 5. Logitech keyboards are available in sets of 3 or 5 to complement a small office with lots of people.

The keys have bold and bright writing for easy identification. Foldable legs allow for best positioning on the table. This is supported by a slightly curved spacebar, which Logitech says allows for a natural hand position. An integrated LED light is in the upper right corner of the keyboard, indicating Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll activity. The keyboard measures 45 x 2.3 x 15.5 centimeters in width, height and depth and is completely black.

  • Soft key press
  • Available as a set – as inexpensive office equipment
  • Not a big palm rest
best keyboards

12. Ashu Keyboard and Mouse Set

The Ashu keyboard and mouse set is a wireless keyboard with a USB adapter for connecting to a PC. The scope of delivery includes a wireless mouse that matches the keyboard design. Both devices send their signal to the same wireless adapter. The keyboard is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and a replaceable and rechargeable AA battery is included for the mouse. According to the provider, both devices have a lifespan of up to 3 months and can be charged via USB.

Available in five designs: Ashu offers the keyboard in two designs - black with black keys and silver with white keys. The mouse provided is always designed with a suitable design.

Ashu keyboard does not have classic rubber dome keys. The scissor mechanism under the buttons allows the buttons to pop up more quickly after being pressed. According to the provider, this allows for a more comfortable writing experience. The mouse speed can be adjusted in three dpi levels - 800, 1,200 and 1,600. The keyboard measures 42.7 x 1.2 x 12.3 centimeters in width, height and depth.

  • Can be used wirelessly – radio
  • Battery life up to 3 months
  • Available in five colors
  • With mice
  • Scissor mechanism for optimized lock travel
  •     Not a big palm rest
best keyboards

13. Anivia V610 Keyboard

The Anivia V610 is a wireless gaming keyboard including a wireless mouse. Both devices can be connected to the computer via a USB wireless adapter. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery. According to the manufacturer, the keyboard has good durability and offers haptic feedback despite the rubber dome mechanism.

The wireless keyboard from Anivia has multimedia keys integrated in the F series for convenient operation of multimedia content. The supplied wireless mouse offers three dpi levels - 800, 1,200 or 1,600 DPI. This set is available in three design variants. The game's eye-catching design is black and features a red keyboard light and palm rest.

Alternatively, the keyboard is available in a more economical and compact version with rounded edges. The special feature of this version is its design, which shows the distance between the buttons is not too far away. They are available in blue with white buttons and green with black buttons.

  • Can be used wirelessly – radio
  • With mice
  • Available as game variant
  • Not a big palm rest

What is a keyboard?

A keyboard is a control element with buttons to control different end devices such as a computer, laptop, notebook, television, phone or tablet. The keyboard is mainly used for writing text. The typewriter was the forerunner of the keyboard and computer combination. In comparison, computer keyboards have more keys. Because operating a computer requires more than just the numeric and letter keys - for example the CTRL key on a Windows computer or the Command key on an Apple device to execute key combinations or the F key for a special command.

The basic functionality of all keyboards is the same. Each key has a piece of conductive metal on the underside. When the button is pressed, the piece of metal creates a connection between the two lines. The keyboard sends input commands to the computer through the now closed channel. There is a difference in the key structure.

What types of keyboards are there?

With regard to the key structure, the best keyboards can basically be divided into three types. The difference lies in the haptic nature of the key. Which of the three types of keyboard is preferred depends on the personal preference of the user.
  • Rubber dome keyboard
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Hybrid keyboard
Rubber dome keyboard

Most keyboards work on the rubber dome principle. There's a rubber mat under the keys, which comes with a small rubber dome for each key - the eponymous "rubber dome". The conductive metal strip is at the bottom of the rubber dome. Pressing the button presses the rubber dome, creating a connection between the conductive metal pieces. When released, the rubber dome presses the back button.

Faster wear: Over time, rubber mats can become porous. The rubber dome then loses its durability and the keys only slowly come back up after being pressed. The feeling of writing can get worse.

The rubberdome keyboard has quiet keystrokes, making it easier to press keys. This is a very important advantage for office work or in a home office. But many gamers also appreciate the properties of the rubber dome keyboard. Another advantage over mechanical keyboards is the price. Rubberdome models are usually cheaper.

  • Keystroke is barely audible
  • Soft pressure points - easy buttons to press
  • Often cheap
  • Rubber dome becomes porous - affects the writing experience
Mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard works without the rubber dome. Each lock has a spring that makes it pop back up when you release it. As a result, mechanical keyboards have harder pressure points and provide a precise typing experience. Mechanical buttons don't have to be pressed all the way down to trigger a command. This allows experienced users to type faster. Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is their long service life. Many models can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. It corresponds to a service life of more than 10 years.

Haptic Feedback: What many users appreciate the most about their mechanical keyboard is haptic feedback. This means: After a while of getting used to, you can tell if the lock command is triggered or not. With rubber dome keyboards, it is often the case that keys are pressed but not pressed deep enough to trigger their respective commands. When typing fast, this causes a high potential for errors. Experienced mechanical keyboard users recognize this immediately and can quickly fix errors.

The mechanical key structure is more complex than that of a rubber dome keyboard. Keycaps are not placed directly into the spring. The so-called switch, of which there are various types, serves as the centerpiece . They determine the haptic and acoustic properties of the key.

Despite the typically higher acquisition cost, the downside of mechanical keyboards is hard keystrokes. While typing, there is a constant level of noise, which can be annoying when used in an office with multiple employees. Mechanical keyboards are very popular in games. However, prolific writers who don't bother anyone with hard keystrokes also appreciate the greater precision of mechanical keys.

  • Real haptic feedback
  • Precise keystrokes - fewer input errors
  • High life expectancy
  • Often more expensive
  • Hard button press
Hybrid keyboard

The rubber dome of the rubber dome keyboard is located under the keys of the hybrid keyboard. The rubber dome is supported by mechanical keyboard springs. As a result, a hybrid keyboard combines the properties of a mechanical keyboard and a rubber dome model. They offer precise keystrokes but not too loud. Haptic feedback is not as noticeable as with a mechanical keyboard, the volume of keystrokes is louder than a rubber dome keyboard.

  • Precise keypress
  • Longer service life than rubber dome keyboard
  • Quieter keystrokes than a mechanical keyboard
  • Haptic feedback doesn't look like a mechanical keyboard
  • Less durability than mechanical keyboard
  • Louder than a rubber dome keyboard

The switch is the connecting part between the spring and the key cover on a mechanical keyboard. You decide the haptic and acoustic properties of the mechanical keyboard. switches can be divided into three types:
  • Linear switches: Most mechanical locks have a linear pressure point. This means the resistance is the same from when you first press it until you fully press the button. Less tactile feedback than other types of switches. To trigger a command, the button must be pressed as far as possible.
  • Tactile switch: In the case of a button with a tactile switch, the pressure point resistance increases continuously until the switch or click point is reached. After that, the resistance decreases. At the same time, overcoming resistance indicates that the button has been released successfully. This means that the button does not have to be pressed all the way down to trigger the command.
  • Clicky Switches: Clicky switches have the same properties as tactile switches. There is also a clicking sound when overcoming resistance. As a result, they provide not only tactile but also acoustic feedback.
Mechanical keyboard with interchangeable switches: Many mechanical keyboards offer the option of swapping the switches. If you don't want to commit to a specific type, you should pay attention to replaceable switches when buying your mechanical keyboard. This allows different haptic properties to be tested or different keys equipped with different types of switches.

The first and perhaps most famous manufacturer of mechanical switches was the German manufacturer Cherry. The company patented the first switch in the 1980s and continues to develop it further. The patent has now expired and many manufacturers make their own switches based on the Cherry model. Nevertheless, Cherry switches are used in many keyboards.

To make it easier to distinguish the different switches, they come in several colors representing different properties. Cherry switches are available in red, blue, brown, and black. The following table shows an overview of the properties of the different Cherry switches:

best keyboards

What types of keyboards are there?

best keyboards

Rubber domes and mechanical keyboards can be divided into several types. They differ in their power supply and the way they are connected to the computer. There is:
  • Wired keyboard
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Special type
Wired keyboard

Most keyboards are connected to a PC with a cable. Analog interface used for this – DIN connection. Today almost all wired keyboards work with USB. The digital USB port allows for fast signal transmission and powers the keyboard at the same time. Unlike wireless keyboards, wired keyboards have unlimited usage time in terms of power supply.

Different versions of USB: A USB port is the standard interface for data transfer between a computer and an external device - a keyboard, mouse, headset, microphone, speakers, or external hard drive. This type of connector is constantly evolving. Most wired keyboards work with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. In principle, the current USB version is always an option, as it ensures the fastest transfer speeds. A prerequisite for this is that the USB port of the computer corresponds to the same version.

Wireless keyboards

Wireless The wireless keyboard connects wirelessly to the computer. There are two ways to do this – via Bluetooth or via a USB wireless adapter. Bluetooth has the advantage that no external adapter is required. Thus, none of the computer's USB slots are occupied. The downside: Most desktop PC don't have Bluetooth functionality. The strengthening of the Bluetooth module is related to the cost. The wireless keyboard with wireless adapter is compatible with almost all computers.

Bluetooth keyboards aren't just perfect for PCs: Many keyboards can also be connected to TV sets or game consoles via Bluetooth. They replace the remote control and allow for faster input. Many tablet computers can also be connected to a keyboard via Bluetooth.

Wireless keyboards have two advantages: they don't tangle cables and offer more freedom of movement. If necessary, the PC can be easily operated from the sofa. The disadvantage is that wireless signal transmission is considered more susceptible to interference. Signal transmission delays or connection failures may occur. Another disadvantage is the power supply, which is provided by a rechargeable battery or a battery in a wireless keyboard. This limits usage time and requires regular charging or battery replacement.

Gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are a special type of keyboard. It is aimed specifically at gamers and their needs. This includes extremely fast-reacting keys that respond to input within a fraction of a second. In a fierce battle, this could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Many gaming keyboards have a special design that allows them to blend well with flashy gaming settings.

Unlike regular PC keyboards, gaming keyboards are almost always equipped with a keyboard backlight which is often cumbersome. Most gaming keyboards have macro keys for faster access to important in-game functions. This is a freely programmable key that can be given special commands. Macro keys can also be used outside of computer games useful, for example, to access passwords with the press of a key or to provide faster access to frequently used programs.

How much does a keyboard cost?

Keyboards have a wide price range. The cost mainly depends on the type and equipment. Wireless models are generally more expensive than comparable wired keyboards. In the lower price range, there are simple keyboards for single- to mid-two-digit counts. Anyone placing high demands on their keyboard or looking for a dedicated gaming keyboard should expect mid-to-high double-digit costs.
  • Keyboard in lower price range: 5 to $40
  • Mid-range keyboard: 40 to $90
  • Keyboards in the top price range: from $90
Internet versus specialist stores: where is it worth buying a keyboard?

Locally, keyboards are offered at electronics stores, PC stores, and sometimes as limited-time deals in supermarkets. The advantages of trading local specialists are personalized buying advice and the opportunity to try out the keyboard. The distinct disadvantage of buying advice is that the offer is limited. On the other hand, almost all keyboard models available today can be ordered from online retailers on the Internet and they are often cheaper than local stores. Customer reviews provide information about the quality, durability and practicality of the keyboard.

Keyboard buying advice: What to consider when buying a keyboard?

If you want to find a keyboard that fits individually, you should consider the following factors:
  1. Rubber dome or mechanical
  2. Wired or wireless
  3. Destination
  4. Anti-ghosting feature
  5. Multimedia keys
  6. Macro button
  7. Lightning
  8. Software
  9. Numeric keypad
  10. Ergonomic
  11. Integrated USB port
Rubber dome or mechanical

Anyone looking for a keyboard that offers a long life and allows precise typing is recommended with a mechanical keyboard. Louder keystrokes shouldn't be a problem in practice and shouldn't bother anyone. If so, we recommend purchasing a rubber dome keyboard.

Cable vs. Wireless

Most PC users prefer a wired keyboard. They offer more stable signal transmission, which makes them more reliable. Wireless keyboards are always a good fit when the PC isn't just for desk use. Another advantage is that the wireless variant does not occupy the USB slot. If you connect a lot of external devices to your computer, you have one more USB slot that is free by using a Bluetooth keyboard without a wireless adapter.


Which type of keyboard is most suitable depends largely on its purpose. Will the new keyboard only be used for occasional browsing the Internet or writing emails? Or often typed every day?
  • Occasional users: Those who do not work at the computer every day are considered occasional users. In principle, a cheap base model without additional functions is sufficient for this target group, namely a wired rubber dome keyboard.
  • Ordinary users: For everyday work on the computer, the keyboard should be of the highest possible quality. Depending on personal preference, it could be a mechanical keyboard or a mid-priced rubber dome model. Wireless keyboards are perfect for users who want to work flexibly without messy wires.
  • Typist or frequent gamer: If you work or play on your PC for a few hours each day, you should consider the longevity of your new keyboard when purchasing it. Many manufacturers provide information on how many million keystrokes their keyboard model is designed for in total.
Anti-ghosting feature

With the anti-ghosting function, the wrong entry by pressing a few keys can be better prevented. The keyboard software recognizes which keys the user really wants to press based on the release force. This can come in handy when typing fast or playing busy games.

Per-Key Anti-Ghosting: On gaming keyboards, anti-ghosting is often limited to specific keys mostly around the WASD keys gamers use for navigation. The anti-ghosting feature is mostly available for nearby keys such as E, Q, R, F, and C. If you need not only a new keyboard for gaming, but also for typing, you should make sure that the anti-ghosting function covers all the keys on your keyboard. button field.

Multimedia key

For most users, computers are more than just a work tool. In fact, it is often used mainly for multimedia content ​​photos, videos, and music. The multimedia keys allow, for example, fast forward and rewind the video or adjust the volume. For space reasons, many manufacturers integrate these keys into the F-key so that they can be triggered by pressing the CTRL key simultaneously.

Macro button

Macro buttons can be assigned the desired function. On most keyboards, they are an additional row of keys on the left side of the keyboard. To save space, macro keys are integrated into the standard keys on some models and can be triggered in combination with the CTRL key.


best keyboards

Some of the best keyboards have backlit keys. This not only allows typing in the dark, but also gives the keyboard an attractive appearance. A distinction is made between LED and RGB lighting. Keyboards with LED lights can light up in multiple colors, but only display one color at a time. RGB lighting is a further development of LED technology. This allows the keyboard to produce any color visible to the human eye. That's 16.8 million colors. The lighting for each button can be programmed individually using the software. This is how an RGB keyboard can be given a unique look.


There are two types of software programs for keyboards - driver software and configuration programs. The driver software ensures smooth communication between the keyboard and the computer. Most modern keyboards are plug-and-play capable. This means no driver software is required. The configuration program is only available for keyboards that have programmable macro keys or RGB lighting.

Keyboard software for free download: Currently, related programs are rarely included in the scope of delivery on CD. They are usually available for free download on the manufacturer's website.

Numeric keypad

Most, but not all, keyboards have two keys for each digit just above the regular letter keys and in the form of a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. If you work with numbers a lot, you should make sure that there are separate number blocks. This makes typing faster and more intuitive. Keyboards without a separate number pad are narrower and take up less space on the desk.


Ergonomics describes the possibility of adapting the keyboard to its own working conditions. Some ergonomic keyboards are equipped with a padded palm rest. It supports wrists and, with its ergonomic keyboard, allows for a soft position when typing. Those who experience frequent wrist pain after long sessions at the PC will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of a keyboard with a palm rest.

The adjustable feet, which allow the angle of the keyboard to be changed, are also advantageous for ergonomic input devices. Most computer keyboards come with an adjustable stand. There are several input devices that can be adjusted in several stages. This allows for better adaptability to working conditions.

Integrated USB port

High-quality keyboards often have an integrated USB port. This makes it easy, for example, to connect a USB stick or charge an external device. This is especially advantageous if the computer does not have a USB port on the front. This eliminates the hassle of plugging it in on the back of the computer.

Cleaning and maintaining the keyboard

best keyboards

Every keyboard is prone to dirt. It doesn't matter if it's dust, drool from talking or coughing, crumbs or spilled coffee - the keyboard usually comes first. The space between the buttons is greatly affected. There is an optimal breeding ground for germs. Some tests have found that an unclean keyboard can be dirtier than a toilet seat. Regular cleaning of the keyboard is not only recommended for visual reasons.

Dirt and dust

Loose dirt can be easily removed with a brush, microfiber cloth or small brush. Brushes work best for getting into small gaps. Alternatively, dust and dirt can be removed from the gap with a compressed air spray.

If the dust gets too deep, a hand or floor vacuum cleaner with a suitable connection can help. However, before doing this, it is necessary to remove all keys. This not only ensures better results, but above all prevents the vacuum cleaner from sucking up loose keys.

Assemble the keyboard properly: Before removing the keys, it is recommended to take a photo of the keyboard. This helps later when inserting the key in the correct position.

If a lot of dirt has settled, a mild cleaning agent that doesn't attack the keyboard's plastic will help. For this purpose, the material of choice is sprayed on the housing and in the space between the keyboards and then cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

How can you prevent the keyboard from getting clogged with dirt in the first place? If you use the keyboard intensively, you can protect it from excessive dirt with a protective film. Such a film prevents dirt from getting into the gap, but can increase the resistance of the lock. A film also prevents moisture from entering and protects the keys from wet or dirty fingers. This somewhat extends the life of the keyboard.

Overview of the most famous manufacturers

Razer, Logitech, Sharkoon or Roccat, the list of keyboard suppliers is long. The most well-known keyboard brands and manufacturers include:
  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Shark
  • Cherry

Frequently asked questions about the keyboard

Which keyboard is the best?

Most of the time, questions about the best keyboard are answered with models from Logitech, Razer or Microsoft. But there is no "best" keyboard that is equally suitable for all users. Every user has different individual preferences and budgets when it comes to buying their new keyboard. That's why the best keyboards are only for individuals.

Which keyboard is suitable for writers who write frequently?

If you write a lot, it is best to use a mechanical keyboard. Many mechanical models can withstand more than 10 million keystrokes and offer tactile feedback that increases typing precision.

What are special characters?

Special characters are characters that are not included in the letters or numbers in the number block for possible input. For example, periods, commas, dashes, or slashes. All punctuation marks - i.e. punctuation marks and word marks - and all technical symbols fall under the special character category.

What keyboard layouts are there?

There are different keyboard layouts for different countries and languages. The most common are the English QWERTY layout, the French AZERTY layout, and the German QWERTZ layout. Labels correspond to adjacent letters in the top row of the keyboard from left to right.

Which switch is the fastest?

CHERRY MX Speed ​​​​Silver is one of the fastest mechanical switches. They are said to be up to 40 percent faster than other MX switches.

What is the difference between a regular keyboard and a TKL keyboard?

TKL stands for "Tenkeyless". In German, this means "10 keys less". This is the name for a keyboard without a numeric keypad, which actually has more than 10 fewer keys, since the numeric keypad consists of 17 keys. While a regular keyboard without macro keys has 104 keys, the TKL keyboard sticks with 87 keys. The advantage: They are narrower and therefore take up less space on the table.

TKL keyboard for gamers: For the highest precision when playing, it is often necessary to set the mouse sensitivity low. The mouse movement becomes bigger, the accuracy is higher. TKL's narrow keyboard creates good conditions for this. It takes up less desktop space, leaving more room for large mouse movements.


After reading our review, have you decided what type of keyboard you want to buy? Deciding on the right keyboard can be tricky. You need to know the features that will help your work.

Therefore, don't forget to check the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Also adjust to the budget you have prepared. That way, you can find the best keyboard for gaming and work that fits within your pocket. Hope this review helps you!

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