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9 Best Internet Security For PC

Security is playing an increasingly important role in today's society, and it is talking about security on the Internet. Nowadays, as a user, you need to be careful not to download any unnecessary malware onto your own PC. But sometimes being vigilant is not enough. Viruses can now enter your electronic devices in a variety of ways, it is no longer enough to simply evade infected email attachments or dodgy websites. Malicious programs detect security holes in your operating system or other common programs and exploit them. Only the best internet security suites for PCs that know this trick and fend it off quickly can protect against such attacks.

Internet Security

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important that every PC user has the best Internet protection. Well-known software manufacturers such as Avira, Kaspersky, and Co. have known this for a long time and release new updates year after year so that PCs are always up to date. But as a layman it is often difficult to recognize which programs really suit his needs and which software may be a bit too expensive. For this reason, we have created this Internet security comparison, where we take a closer look at the newest and most popular products on the market. Find out which security plan is the most suitable for you and protect your PC effectively today!

9 Best Internet Security For PCs In Big Comparison

1. Norton 360 - Complete Antivirus

Norton 360 Antivirus is available in various versions: Standard, Deluxe, Premium and For Gamers. In this comparison we want to focus on the standard version, which offers excellent protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other malware and is also slightly more affordable than luxury or premium software. In terms of equipment, Norton offers the classic image of a good security suite with 360 and, in addition to a powerful virus scanner, has its own firewall, integrated password manager, cloud backup, SafeCam and Secure VPN.

Smart firewall replaces Windows firewall With its own firewall, Norton gives you more control over which programs can access the Internet, but with a good cloud solution, Norton also ensures that you, the user, don't have to make these decisions yourself. Only with previously unknown software, you as a user have to take matters into your own hands.

Norton shines above all else in the security field. Both virus and firewall protection meet the highest standards, which have been confirmed by many independent test laboratories. Norton 360 shines in the renowned AV test for the protective effect of its Internet security package with an outstanding malware detection rate of up to 100 percent. In testing, Norton 360 was always above average, especially in terms of "Protection against 0 days of malware attacks from the Internet, including malicious websites and emails". There are also few complaints about software performance, and Norton's virus protection is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. So the whole package is offered.

Downloading and installing the software is quick and easy, and the start screen is also very clear and intuitive. Even ordinary people could quickly find their way here without a long period of training. If any questions or problems arise, the German-speaking support team will assist you on weekdays from 9am to 8pm.

2. Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the absolute "high class" among Internet Security Suite and has almost no real drawbacks. In addition to a powerful virus scanner and reliable firewall, the suite of security suite services primarily includes a secure desktop for online banking as well as phishing, password and browser protection. Bitdefender Internet Security thus has a plethora of functions that are not offered in the mid-priced range. These functions also include good protection against so-called ransomware. In terms of equipment, nothing can beat this product so fast.

What does the term ransomware stand for? Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts data on a PC and only releases it again for some kind of "ransom payment". Malware infiltrates your PC via email attachments or security holes in your browser, similar to other viruses.

For many parents , child protection is also very important in the Internet security package and Bitdefender products can be reassured here too. The comprehensive youth protection function ensures that certain content can be blocked and Internet access restricted at certain times. Parents can also see how many hours their child has spent online and which pages they have visited - you are in complete control! In various test labs, Bitdefender Internet Security always occupies one of the top places in terms of security, so it has a very high level here.

In terms of performance, the software which takes up around 700 MB of storage space is also not to blame. The program runs smoothly and the computer does not slow down. Another plus point is the fast scan, which lives up to its name and is one of the fastest currently available on the market. The user interface is very clear, and in general the design is minimalistic and compact, which we see as an advantage. A 24-hour hotline and extensive e-mail support complete this offer.

Conclusion: Bitdefender Internet Security convinces thanks to its strong performance, good features and simple operation at all levels and is very suitable for Windows users.

3. AVG Internet Security

In terms of features, the AVG Internet Security package is not at the same level as the two previous products (Kaspersky and Bitdefender). A password manager is not included, and child protection - an important point for many parents today - is sadly not available. Apart from strong virus protection, this software also has a mandatory firewall. The program is convincing when it comes to encrypting personal data on the computer. Ransomware (described in the blue box above) and spying attempts by hackers are effectively blocked.

This also brings us to the biggest advantage of the software and that is the high level of security it offers. as demonstrated by numerous tests by independent testing laboratories, AVG Internet Security can detect 100 percent of all threats after the latest update. The program also survives "attacks" with malware - overall it can be said that the malware protection of AVG Internet Security is one of the best the market has to offer. Software performance, on the other hand, is not completely optimal, there is a relatively large influence on PC performance, especially during installation.

Unfortunately no quick scan! Almost all the other products in this comparison have an option that makes it possible to quickly check the most important files for viruses, which is called a quick scan. However, this is not available with the AVG Internet Security plan, only a longer full scan (about 10 minutes) is available to you.

In terms of operations, AVG manages to strike a balance between simple operations for beginners and laypeople and sufficient complexity for experienced users. The user interface seems pretty simple at first glance, but you can use the settings button to venture into the software's deeper functions. Of course, design is always a matter of taste and stays in the classic green and black design. The support community helps with the most important questions, but it's only available in English.

Conclusion: AVG Internet Security is a very solid program that cannot compete with the elite in terms of features. Strong malware protection makes up for that too.

4. McAfee Internet Security

The McAfee Internet Security plan gives you a balanced all-in-one package. Not much to complain about, especially with regard to equipment: Malware protection (virus scanner) is available, such as parental controls, mandatory firewall, spam protection and online banking protection. Password managers round out a strong offering, even if the latter just wants to work properly on Microsoft Edge. You might say that McAfee's software includes everything a good Internet security service should include. However, our comparison shows that not half of all software has a complete package.

Given these various good functions, the protection and security of the program can be said to be high. Virus scanners effectively protect against viruses, malware and other malicious software, while firewalls protect against network attacks (network protection). Known vulnerabilities can be fixed with a quick update process. McAfee doesn't leave much to be desired in terms of security. Only the relatively slow working speed of the virus scanner can possibly be interpreted negatively.

AV test shows protective effect: The so-called AV test, an independent antivirus test in a testing laboratory, is important for assessing the security of Internet security. The McAfee program works well here and detects nearly 98 percent of all threats in real-time. However, the benchmark for true high-end programs is between 99 and 100 percent, so there's still room for improvement here.

In terms of performance, the low storage space required (only 170 MB) is striking. Other software likes to claim quadruple. However, full scan and fast scan don't always top the list in direct comparisons and, as already mentioned, virus scan isn't the fastest either. The operation is good, the program is simple and easy to understand. Almost no real confounding factor. Phone support is also always available during office hours, otherwise you should limit yourself to forums or communities if you have any questions.

Conclusion: McAfee delivers a security package that is rated very well in terms of features and operation, making it a strong choice for private users.

5. F-Secure Safe

Like many other manufacturers of our internet security comparison, the company F-Secure also sells its internet security packages on a subscription basis. As a customer, you can choose how many different devices you want to protect with F-Secure Safe. Thanks to the software's compatibility with almost all common operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), not only a Windows PC is included in the protection, but all your technical devices such as your own iPhone or tablet. Of course, depending on how many devices you want to protect, the more expensive the product will be - the price can vary between 30 and 50 euros.

In terms of equipment, unfortunately this product only performs mediocre compared to the actual "high end" models. This software has a good virus scanner and strong child protection, which is one of the best in comparison. But like Avira for example, F-Secure doesn't have its own firewall, you can find out why in the blue box just below this paragraph. Other interesting features like good banking protection, your own password manager, and many other extras round out the overall solid offering.

Why doesn't F-Secure Safe have its own firewall? Modern versions of Windows in particular have their own firewall, which already offers good protection against attacks from the network. F-Secure has refrained from replacing it. It's also not a bad solution, as Windows Firewall performs better than many comparable third-party firewalls. However, customers assume that they will receive their own robust firewall with a good security package.

There are no obvious drawbacks when it comes to software performance. Especially the ultra-fast fast scanning, which is true to its name, a big plus. Other scans are also performed quickly. Safety is also guaranteed, with F-Secure Safe getting a full score of 6.0 in the AV test (protection effectiveness test) described above. The blue and white user interface has a logical structure and is therefore very easy to use, even for PC beginners. German language support is available via chat and phone on weekdays during office hours, English forum helps with further questions.

Conclusion: F-Secure Secure Internet Security shines above all with its simple operation and powerful performance. High security, although unfortunately no firewall.

6. Avast Internet Security

Apart from a powerful virus scanner, the most important are the additional functions that make a good Internet security package. Avast Internet Security offers a solid offering with its own firewall, an included password manager, and extras like anti-spam functionality. The only thing missing is child protection, which is why equipment can only be rated "good" and not "very good". What is strong, however, is that the password manager is a direct piece of software. Therefore, there is no need to add protection for your passwords with our comparison of password managers.

Anti-spam function: Unlike its antivirus, Avast offers anti-spam protection with antivirus security, which works like a classic spam filter for email accounts. This effectively prevents you from falling victim to phishing attacks via email.

Avast scores very well in terms of detecting and defending against viruses and malware. In independent laboratory tests, the software shows that it can detect and block nearly 100 percent of viruses and malware. Only the slightly higher number of false alarms prevents Avast Internet Security from doing the best here in comparison. In terms of security, however, the software is still top notch. Due to its powerful performance, the program is also of interest to streamers or gamers, as Avast's background processes occupy only 50 MB of RAM and almost no processor load.

On the other hand, the high demand for hard disk space (996 MB) is not profitable, even if you don't have to accept any noticeable effect on system performance. Downloading and installing the software does not cause any problems, the operation is simple and uncomplicated. So, if you don't mind the bright colors of the user interface, you're in good hands here. Only Avast support could be better, no phone or email help. However, Avast has summarized the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ on the product website.

Conclusion: Avast Internet Security is a good program with an integrated firewall and is definitely one of the better products in our Internet security comparison.

7. Avira Internet Security Suite

The German company Avira may be familiar to all of you, Avira Antivirus is one of the most used products on the market. With the Internet Security Suite, the company from Lake Constance offers a virus scanner combined with a manager for Windows Firewall. In addition, there are several additional features such as banking protection, web protection or email protection. Password managers and other add-ins can also be installed with the software, but are not included directly in the package. Unfortunately, it is futile to seek child protection, which is playing a major role for more and more parents these days.

Avira manages Windows Firewall: Similar to F-Secure products, Avira does not have its own firewall, but only a firewall manager that comes pre-installed on modern Windows devices. This manager enables detailed firewall configuration, and you can also set specific rules for individual programs. As a novice or inexperienced user, you can also easily accept the suggested settings.

In another area of ​​our comparison, Avira Antivirus Security Suite performed very well, especially in terms of security. A score of 5.0 in AV Test shows that Avira detects and eliminates nearly 100 percent of threats in real-time conditions. We've already mentioned built-in email protection and web protection, which increase security on the World Wide Web even further. The product also has no relevant influence on the performance of your PC or laptop. A special quick test checks your PC for any issues in less than a minute.

It becomes interesting when you see the service. The individual programs are simple and clear, but you will need some technical experience to be able to use the manager's full potential. Those who are not very familiar with the technology may be faced with too many decisions on Avira. Any questions you may have can be found in the FAQ section of the product page or you can ask directly to the very active German-speaking community forum.

Conclusion: Avira Internet Security Suite is ideal for users who already have experience with security packages. They can fully exploit the potential of the software.

8. Panda Security

The Panda Security package is the optimal choice for those of you who want to protect your computer while surfing the World Wide Web without having to deal with too many technical details. With the exception of banking protection, Panda Security gives you the complete package: A powerful virus scanner protects you from viruses, worms, and Trojans, while the included firewall protects against attacks on your network. When we talk about the complete package, the effective child protection and anti-phishing aspect is not to be missed. Malware protection is also included.

Password manager in Panda Security: One important thing to note: Panda Internet Security Suite does not come with a password manager. You only get this when you upgrade to the next most expensive model, "Global Protection". Panda thus joins a large number of providers from comparison, who also only provide password managers for an additional fee.

In addition to a variety of equipment, Panda also gives you a reason not to worry about safety. AV Test, which specializes in antivirus software, gives Panda a 100% detection rate for malware attacks and therefore gives a maximum score of 6.0 points. Many other factors like Panda Cloud Cleaner significantly improve software security. Although Panda Security has almost no impact on your PC's performance in normal day-to-day use, according to AV-Test, a few significant performance flaws are evident when installing the program.

Service, on the other hand, is really reassuring again. The user interface looks modern and clear and is limited to essential functions. This makes the program very interesting, especially for beginners. On the other hand, the company's support is rated somewhat negatively, which does have phone support during normal business hours, but unfortunately doesn't offer much more than that. English forums can only be found by a quick search of your own and too many unanswered questions.

Conclusion: Panda Security delights in its user-friendly interface and a very high level of security, and the tools are first-class too. You can ignore the weakness in support and performance.

9. BullGuard Internet Security

Another product in our Internet security comparison is BullGuard Internet Security Suite, which offers comprehensive protection against viruses and malware. In addition to a powerful virus scanner, this package comes with its own firewall to protect against attacks on the network, as well as child security and PC TuneUp (PC optimization). On the other hand, like many other products, you have to do without a password manager. Finally, the premium BullGuard Premium Protection plan offers you the opportunity to take advantage of social media protection, which its providers are also known for. This way you will definitely be active on social networks.

This Danish supplier is known for the high safety of its products and achieved a score of 5/6 points in AV tests (protective effect tests) from renowned test laboratories. Classic system scan lets you check for threats across your computer. If it takes too long, you can use a quick scan, which works even faster. Software basically only has a small impact on the performance of a PC or laptop and hardly slows down a computer. This will definitely be credited to the program in a positive way.

The right spam filter helps: A properly functioning spam filter recognizes malicious email beforehand, which keeps the mailbox free of it. Apart from that, it also reduces the risk of phishing, which can always come from such emails.

In addition, the focus is on user convenience. The interface is already very classic and this is followed by all further operations. You can use multiple buttons to quickly navigate between different programs and quickly adjust settings to suit your individual needs. While you can't contact the company by phone if you have a problem, the 24/7 live chat will help with almost any question. However, most of the support functions can only be used with the premium version.

Conclusion: BullGuard's Internet security suite provides a high level of security based on a powerful and easy-to-use virus scanner, making it an excellent complete solution with many features.

Internet Security Suite is more than a simple virus scanner. This is an overall security package for your PC that you should not miss if you want to continue surfing safely and also ensure maximum security for sensitive activities like online banking or online shopping. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that there isn't too much of a difference between the various Internet security packages. But that's not true at all. In fact, there are many details to consider when buying the right software. In addition to equipment, this also includes ease of use or compatibility with the right operating system.

So that you always make the right choice, we have created this guide for you. In it we go into the reasons why you really need a security suite and tell you which functions really matter in a good overall package. In addition, we provide you with other important buying tips and answer other important questions briefly and concisely.

Why does every PC user desperately need a security package?

Anyone who has kept an eye on the news in the last few months and years has noticed that attacks on customers and data access have increased tremendously. Many well-known companies have been affected by data theft and new ones are added almost every month. Cyber ​​criminals are on the rise and you need to protect yourself from them. For this reason, effective protection for your own hard drive is no longer an addition, but a must for everyone who is actively surfing the Internet. A good Internet Security Suite checks at least once a week if the hard drive is infected with any viruses and it does that automatically.

Look out for regular updates! Product manufacturers regularly release new updates to keep the software up-to-date and secure. Only if you as a customer install this update, you will continue to enjoy the best protection. So don't hesitate, upgrade regularly!

Those users who are still using Windows 7 as their operating system should upgrade specifically. Although every Windows user had the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of “Windows 10” for free some time ago, more people still use Windows 7 than Windows 10. Such outdated systems naturally present your data on a silver plate and provide a gateway for evil. So the software acts for your own benefit to bring protection back to the highest level.

What are the benefits of good PC security?

We have listed a few reasons why every PC user these days should have a robust security package. At this point we would like to clearly list the further advantages that you can enjoy with the purchase:

  • Privacy protection: Intelligent anti-phishing tool protects user privacy and personal data. In addition to protection against ransomware (malware that encrypts data on a PC and only releases it again after paying the ransom), the best protection also includes a so-called virtual keyboard, which protects against keyloggers.
  • Secure payments: For most of us, online banking and shopping is a natural part of life. Therefore, security becomes more important in transactions where you send data over the network. Even with methods like SSL encryption, however, absolute security cannot be achieved. Therefore, users should protect themselves further with their own security suite, which protects data in a separate area of ​​the browser.
  • Strong child protection: As a parent, you can block certain content or websites for your children and not only monitor but also regulate their activities.
  • No performance limits: The best security packages protect your PC and only affect PC performance very, very little or nothing.
  • Security on WLAN network: When logging in to a third party WLAN, for example at a party, the Security Suite checks if the connection is secure.
  • Compatibility: Not all security packages are compatible with all operating systems. Especially for users of alternative operating systems like Linux, finding good software can be tricky.
  • License agreement: Most plans are only valid for one year and must be continuously updated to ensure maximum security. It could hit your wallet in the long run.
  • Free programs: This software often doesn't provide adequate protection, but still advertises with slogans such as "complete protection for you and your family". Always choose the paid full version if you want full security.
Are there any special requirements for your PC for antivirus security?

Internet Security

Of course there are one or two companies that set very high standards when it comes to memory requirements, but the products in our comparison are all reasonably sized. Nevertheless, it is important that you pay attention to the requirements placed on your PC when making a purchase. You should pay special attention to two points:
  • Compatibility : Not all software is compatible with every operating system. Concretely, this means that just because the program works flawlessly on your "Windows 10" PC doesn't mean that your partner with his Mac will also be satisfied with the software. In our product comparison, we have mentioned for each product which operating systems are generally compatible with the software. Also pay attention to the version in which the program is still usable (for example only up to Windows 7).
  • Memory : Most of the programs don't load modern PCs enough that you will feel the impact on PC performance. However, PCs can slow down, especially with older models (with older operating systems) combined with software that requires large amounts of RAM. However, usually, Internet Security Suite runs in the background without you knowing it.
The comparison clearly shows that many providers like Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Avira manage to provide their customers with less demanding programs on the computers themselves. A lot of positive things have happened here in recent years.

What kind of damage can malware inflict on a PC or laptop?

Internet Security

Now we've written a bit about why every active internet user should have a strong internet security suite, and we've given you some good reasons. But if you are still not sure, you should read this paragraph carefully. Because the damage done to a computer without a protective PC security varies but is not good for you or your PC.

The crash starts with a gradual slowdown but continues to increase in the computational process and can lead to a total system failure. We've summarized a small number of things that can happen to your PC without protection in this little rundown:
  • Data theft is an increasingly common problem in today's society
  • Aggressive spam that spam protection can prevent
  • Dangerous but significant computer slowdown and long term working process
  • Total system failure due to the destruction of the relevant system factors
  • Increasing volume of creeping outgoing data
  • Losing important data such as passwords
  • Encrypt important data with so-called ransomware
  • The dangers of a keylogger tracking keystrokes - the virtual keyboard protects you here
Another danger is called cyber attacks, which you sometimes hear about in the media. Hackers can also control private individual PCs remotely and then use them as part of a network of bots to send spam emails. As a PC or laptop owner, you often don't realize it. Reliable virus protection also prevents such attacks.

What functions are essential in a good internet security suite?

One of the most common misconceptions is to use the terms virus scanner and internet security suite as synonyms. Actually, the two terms are not the same thing, because: Virus scanner is only part of the overall "Internet Security" package. This scanner should have different scan modes - including a security scan that detects security holes in the system - as well as browser protection for safe browsing on the internet. A strong virus scanner is still the foundation of good Internet security, even if there are many other functions that separate the wheat from the chaff.

This includes special applications that monitor your email, for example, or give you the opportunity to control and regulate your children's activity on the Internet. However, any good software should have the important protective properties of extended virus protection. This includes the following factors:
  • Parental Controls: The parental control feature secures your computer so your kids can surf safely in your absence. Your kids just landed on a kid-friendly website. Many programs also allow you to block certain content based on certain keywords (violence, seks, ...). It's also easy to block search terms in search engines like "Google" or "Yahoo". This way, you can not only monitor your children's online activity in real time, but also manage it - an important aspect for today's parents, who often feel overwhelmed when it comes to educating them on how to use the Internet.
  • Real-time scanning: This antivirus is always on and monitors all activity, files and memory. If any suspicious action or something in this direction is noticed, the real-time scan reports this to the user and the software immediately proposes a solution. The whole process often happens completely automatically.
  • Own firewall: Many users find it important to have their own firewall. It monitors data traffic between your computer and the network and blocks access to the system in the event of a suspicious incident. In some cases, you as a user have to give your consent manually.
  • Anti-phishing function: Phishing protection prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data such as passwords or account information via dubious emails or fake websites.
  • Spam protection: Email protection monitors incoming and outgoing email traffic. Email attachments or links in emails are also checked. If anything suspicious is found, the user is warned and should not open the email.
  • Ransomware protection: Ransomware encrypts private files on the hard drive and only releases them again in exchange for a “ransom” request from the user. With this software gaining popularity in recent times, good ransomware protection is an absolute must.
  • Banking Protection: Online banking protection creates an environment isolated from other browsers where users carry out their financial transactions in a secure area.
A good virus scanner in an antivirus security suite should have all these components. They are absolutely essential and non-negotiable.

Which additional functions are still important?

While in the paragraph above we talked about the basic tools every good Internet security must have, this paragraph is about the additional aspects that can occur with one or the other software. The main components are:
  • Data Encryption: Data encryption is actually also a part of the important function. Here, the data is made unreadable by various algorithms and thus protected from unauthorized access. Only those who have the proper decoding code can decrypt the data back.
  • Data Shredder: Just moving the data to the Recycle Bin and emptying it is not enough to destroy the data permanently. With the right tools, such data can be recovered quickly. PC Security Suite data shredder overwrites the desired data multiple times with random data, making recovery impossible.
  • Password managers: Password managers are part of many of the products in our comparison above. It manages and protects all user passwords and can also generate secure and unique passwords (password generator).
  • PC Setup: Some security suites support computer performance, which can be slowed down a bit by programs running in the background. The software analyzes installed add-ons or toolbars and recommends disabling them if they affect PC performance.
These functions are of course not a must, but if you can't decide between two products, looking at the additional functions often helps the purchasing decision.

You should pay attention to this when buying a good PC security

So now you know what features a good software should have. Anyone who wants strong protection for their computer is recommended to use the Internet Security Suite. In terms of functional equipment, this program offers the perfect offer. But what else should you pay attention to when choosing the right security software? An indecisive buyer should read the next few paragraphs and maybe get an indication of which software is right for him.


The range of functionality of PC security packages can vary greatly, as you should have seen from the products compared above. Some products are impressed with the various features, while with other programs you feel that the manufacturer quickly added a few extras in order to be able to sell their virus scanner as "Internet Security". Also, as we mentioned above, not every function is as important as the others.

When buying, customers pay special attention to the presence of their own firewall and good child protection software. This is the main factor why customers choose PC security over simple virus scanners. If a password manager is also included perfect!

Extras that are nice, but not absolutely necessary, are things like backup solutions, like the ones you can find from manufacturers like Panda Security or Bullguard Security. While this certainly contributes to the improvement of data security, this functionality cannot be judged as essential. Also, a tool for safe removal or a system optimizer is good, but not essential for customers who are just looking for a solid and robust internet security package.


The most important task of a security package is to ensure maximum security for the PC system and the data on it. Therefore, you should always make sure to choose software that offers at least features such as anti-phishing or spyware protection. Email protection and your own firewall (!) are also important security functions. You can give plus points for products that also come with a password manager.

Evaluations by independent test laboratories such as AV-Test for the protective effect of internet security suites also provide a very good indication of the security level of the software. They check the latest products regularly and extensively.

However, in general, we can say that no product in comparison performs poorly in the area of ​​security. Even a rating of "only" four out of six points in the AV test guarantees a nearly 100% detection rate for malware and other threats. The levels on the market today are so high that testing labs are already assigning different values ​​for differences in the per thousand range.


To ensure uninterrupted PC protection against malware, viruses, and the like, Antivirus Security Suite is always running in the background. On the one hand, this is important and true, but the result is that the software permanently takes up part of the system resources. So, when making a purchase decision, it's just a matter of looking at how much the product consumes PC memory and how much it slows down the system in general. In this case, the unobtrusive virus scanner comes first.

Especially for streamers or gamers whose systems are already very stressed by these activities, very slow virus protection is not optimal. These people should definitely look for protection that doesn't overburden the system.

Here, too, security applies: manufacturers have realized how important this factor is to customers and are responding with high-quality programs that have little impact on device performance. Of course, technical developments in the field of computers also play a role here and make a positive contribution to development in general.


Another factor that should not be overlooked when making a buying decision is how easy it is to use a program. Because, frankly, all the cool functions and features are of little use to you if you don't know where to find them or how to use them. Therefore, the program interface should be clearly structured so that you can recognize all the important components at a glance. Manufacturers always struggle to find a compromise between complexity and simplicity that satisfies all customers.

There are several user interface trends to watch out for. Manufacturers mainly rely on designs with small buttons that are very comfortable to use. In addition, the manufacturer ensures that users in the initial interface are not overloaded with functionality. When it comes to surgery, the following often applies: less is more!

Serious differences can sometimes be found in foreign products and their German translations. While some products make an effort, translations in other programs seem callous and uninspired. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying!

Help and support

But you have to be aware of one thing: Even the best Internet security plans can sometimes cause problems or raise questions. In this case, it is important to have good support by your side who can help you immediately. It is interesting to know how customer service can be achieved at the manufacturer. Optimal support gives you the option of telephone assistance and the possibility of email support.

Good forums or communities that provide help with common questions can often help. However, many of these forums are only available in English, especially for foreign manufacturers. So always make sure that support is also available in your language if you have any problem with English.

Another plus is the clear manufacturer's website, which already provides you with the most important information. A well-designed FAQ can also provide quick help for the most common problems.

Antivirus security for smartphones and tablets

We have now written most of this guide on how to effectively protect your PC from malware. But in today's society, especially in the younger generation, smartphones usually occupy a more prominent position. And without security software, mobile devices represent a huge security hole. Phones are poorly protected and hackers and criminals know that all too well. Android phones in particular are becoming more and more victims of such attacks or attacks in recent years.

When you consider how many users manage their entire lives through smartphones, it's really incomprehensible why so few mobile devices still have adequate protection. With well-known manufacturers like Kaspersky or Bitdefender, you can protect yourself from mobile attacks, as their security suites usually include their own apps for both Android and iOS, namely Apple devices.

Nevertheless, one should be very careful while surfing the web with your own smartphone. Experts recommend always installing the latest software updates to get maximum protection from your own phone software. Update your app too!

Frequently asked questions about Internet security answered in a nutshell

Always at the end of our guide, in this section we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from users who do not find a place in our main text. Here you will find concise and concise answers to the most important questions about Internet security.

Antivirus Programs vs. Security Suite: Which is Right for You?

One of the most common problems that users face when making purchasing decisions is the difference between a good security suite and a strong antivirus program. In general, it can be said that the protective performance of the security suite goes beyond the mere detection and removal of malware that a pure virus program provides you with. Above all, the question arises of the added value of Internet security packages. The following table will provide you with important information:

Internet Security

Is freeware enough or should you get the paid version?

As you must have noticed, many of the products compared above are also available in a free version called freeware. It has the same level of introduction as paid programs, but is only suitable if you want to test the software before making a final purchase. We advise you not to use freeware programs permanently, as they do not offer adequate protection against threats.

You don't even have to dig deep to get good protection. Many powerful products from Internet security comparisons are available for little money and still protect very effectively.

Are there internet security suites for alternative operating systems?

Some of you may not be using Windows or macOS and therefore did not find a suitable product for your needs in this comparison. While it's worth noting that most attacks predate Windows and macOS due to their popularity, operating systems like Linux have also been the focus of cybercriminals more frequently in recent months and years.

The manufacturer is also aware of this and provides several products for Linux users such as "Comodo Antivirus for Linux" or "Endpoint Security for Linux" from Kaspersky. A Linux user should definitely look around for one of these programs so as not to fall victim to the attack itself.

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